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  1. joek86

    What makes U2 a polarizing band?

    I don’t like their political stance, and that they use there popularity to put it out there. I’m also not a fan of the music
  2. joek86

    If you could only have one...

  3. joek86

    Bogner Telos

    Surprisingly enough, I ended up liking the 20 watt setting the most!
  4. joek86

    Bogner Telos

    Love the amp and would rebuy one if I had a situation where I could play louder. The only amp that comes close is the Carr Mercury V, and it allows for lower volume with tone still in tact
  5. joek86

    Sold LOWER PRICE ***High End Leather Straps: Anthology & Cordey ***

    These straps are super high quality and in perfect condition! Choose from the following: •Black (Anthology) “Walk the Line” 3” wide with long tongue $69.00 PP Plus $5.00 shipping •Saddle (Chantel Cordey) beautiful antiques leather, hand made in...
  6. joek86

    Should I get a Carr Mercury V ?

    Glad to see you are enjoying the amp! I have one and also love the clean and dirt tones! I’m not currently giging but definitely would use it on stage in a heartbeat. It’s an amp that I haven’t had to tinker with, and that says a lot! Normally, I’m changing tubes, speakers.... I haven’t...
  7. joek86

    Sold ***NEW PRICE ***Durham Sex Drive, Anniversary Edition ***

    This is my Anniversary Edition Durham Sex Drive for sale! It’s in mint condition and will ship in the original box as in my pics. It’s an acclaimed light boost/dirt pedal that is extremely useful with single coils or HB
  8. joek86

    Sold Way Huge Saucy !!!!!

    For sale is my Way Huge Saucy! Perfect cosmetic and functional condition. It will ship in the original box and packing as my pics illustrate. This is a great dirt or boost pedal for any pickup style! plus $15 for shipping will take PP!
  9. joek86

    No Matter What : Badfinger : A Restored Live Version

    Jim, I think we played that tune when we were in AJ!
  10. joek86

    Has anyone changed string gauge after Beato video?

    No I haven’t and have no plans to. I’m used to 10’s and the string control that I have with them. Even going to 9’s feels terrible!
  11. joek86

    The most beautiful Guitar I have ever seen.

    Like the Blue and Collings in general!
  12. joek86

    Favorite Ritchie Blackmore Solo?

    I love Blackmore and his unique style! One of my favorites is his outro solo on “ever since you’ve been gone”!
  13. joek86

    Sold ^^^roland Edirol R-09^^^New Price!

    Mint condition Edirol, used less than 6 times! Will ship with original power cord, computer hook up cord , manual, SD card, and packing/box. Great for recording any volume performance. Pic is on my Reverb ad: $75.00 Shipped and PP in the lower 48 ONLY
  14. joek86

    Sold ^^^Bogner Telos Head^^^NEW PRICE!

    Telos is one of Bogner's best sounding and most versatile amps to date. Great Plexi vibe and even fender and AC. 2 volume level controls that are foot switchable, a very useful boost and effects loop switching at your foot! Scitzo control that has 6 different tone shapes make this amp...
  15. joek86

    Bogner Telos

    Yup, I think this the longest I’ve owned and amp, lol! Plus I haven’t touched the tubes.... no need, sounds great out of the box.
  16. joek86

    Bogner Telos

    I am!!!
  17. joek86

    Bogner Telos

    I like the boost and 2 volume set up. I can do a better job of adding eq, od, drive, and compression with pedals.
  18. joek86

    Bogner Telos

    Love mine! Had it for a couple months or more and use it exclusively. with the addition of a Timmy, Saucy Box, and Sex Drive, I can do everything I need on the fly. Bottom line is the the basic tone is fantastic.
  19. joek86

    Sold ^^^Celestion G12H30 8ohm 12" single or pair^^^ New Price!!!

    I have a fresh pair (less than an hour on them) of Anniversary Celestions for sale. Will sell single or as pair. Sale Price: SINGLE- $75.00 Shipped in the lower 48 only and PP PAIR- $140.00 "
  20. joek86

    Sold ^^^Belle Epoch Deluxe by Catalinbread^^^

    Mint condition Belle E. Deluxe with original box and box candy. Will ship same day as full payment! Sale Price: $260.00 Shipped in the lower 48 only and PP No trade offers please....
  21. joek86

    Sold ^^^Keeley Compressor Plus^^^

    3 months old and in mint condition! Ships in original box with pouch and manual card. Sale Price: $99.00 shipped in the lower 48 and PP. No trades please!
  22. joek86

    Sold ^^^Boss WAZA Craft CE-2w Chorus^^^

    6 months old and in mint condition! Will ship in original box with associated paperwork. Sale Price: $155.00 PP and shipped in the lower 48, only. Will ship within 24 hours! No trades please.
  23. joek86

    Sold ^^^Collings I35LC Cherry Burst^^^

    Sorry, looking for cash....down sizing

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