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    Sad, Death by Microphone..

    In the US, the AC line going into most homes and small businesses is 240v. Normal business and residential panels create 120v circuits by taking from one "side" of the 240v, relative to ground/neutral. Going from top to bottom, each breaker in the usual two columns of breakers in the panel is...
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    Jeff Sipe Trio, Mike Seal on guitar--great album!

    Thanks for the heads-up. I just ordered the CD. Check out their version of "Oleo" posted on Jeff's website.
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    eric johnson + stern... new cd

    Who plays which role? Do they switch roles? Just curious!
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    ZOMG! This guy is amazing...and creepy as all f#ck.

    He? No, a SHE in fact.
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    Live music industry in the toilet?

    I agree. What exactly does a bar offer anyway? Even assuming the band is really good (not typical, in my experience), why would anyone want to go to a bar which in most places is still full of harmful tobacco smoke (I live in GA), pay 3 times the price for a beer that you can buy at the...
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    Gugun Power Trio

    Bump for this great band!
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    New Jazz Guitarists!

    Thanks for the Youtube clip. I befriended Jonathan Kreisberg around '96 when he toured the SE with his fusion trio, stopping in Atlanta each pass. I would help them setup/teardown and we'd go out to eat after the gig. I took a lesson from him in my house once. We passed his ES-175 back and...
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    Learning to Solo: Your one tip

    Tell a story with a beginning, middle and end. Play your guitar as if you were talking, begging for forgiveness, giving them advice, making love to them, etc -- make up your own frame of mind and let that guide you. Talking means you have to inhale and exhale and can't constantly play notes...
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    Kansas Bassist new album.. awesome!!!

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Great music. I have ordered the CD.
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    Levon Helm Documentary- "Ain't In It For My Health" Glorious and Depressing..

    Just watched it last night. Levon was quite a character and reminds me of some of the Florida and Georgia rednecks I grew up with. I mean that in a good way! I especially liked the scene with him and Billy Bob Thornton sitting around the table, getting stoned and drunk, talking about the...
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    Robert Palmer

    I prefer the earlier Robert Palmer to the more slick 80's version, though some of that is cool, such as Style Kills from Maybe It's Live. Be sure to check out some Vinegar Joe, with Elkie Brooks singing alongside Robert Palmer. This is soulful R&B/Funk/Rock more like what Palmer did early in...
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    Need computer advice-NAS device

    I have been running a Netgear Business Pro NAS for a few years. If you are going the NAS route, get one with at least 3 drives installed (4-bay min.) so you can setup a distributed RAID array with two striped data drives and one redundant drive. If any one of the drives fail, you can...
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    What was the deal with Eric Johnson dropping from G3 tour?

    Simple. Vai and Satch are Italian and drove Eric nuts with their outsized personalities. Plus, being from Texas, Eric prefers Tex-Mex and got tired of eating pizza and spaghetti... :rotflmao
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    What's Your Favorite Solo Using a Wah Pedal?

    After reading all of these great suggestions (thanks all!), I still think White Room is my favorite.
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    Bands like Thin Lizzy

    Yeah, and what other band has a black irish bass player/leader that will kick ass on anybody who tries to give any friends or band members any ****? :BluesBros
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    Best way to improve your electric guitar bending vibrato?

    I would add Robin Trower / James Dewar (v) as a guitar/vocal pairing with great vibrato. To the above list, listen to Paul Rogers amazing voice with Paul Kossoff in Free. Then, of course, there is the one and only, B.B. King on guitar and vocals!
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    Movie sound : solution to decibel disparity between dialogue & music/effects

    Your A/V processor may have a Midnight/Loudness setting that adds compression and perhaps raises rear channel effects for low volume listening. I set my center channel about 2db louder than reference and make sure I don't have excess bass EQ in the "chesty voice" region. Tinnitus and age...
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    Searching for Sugar Man

    The life and story of Sixto Rodriguez is amazing and sad at the same time. I never heard of him until watching this documentary. Besides living a life of dignity as a construction laborer, he also managed to raise three beautiful and apparently well-adjusted daughters. From what I heard on the...
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    Denver guitarist Mitch Chmara melted my face

    Excellent player! Thanks for posting these videos. He knows his arpeggios and I like how smoothly he slides into notes.
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    Atomic CLR for Home Theater

    I'd love to hear this CLR audio/video setup... with a 3rd CLR for the center channel. Since it is a coaxial design, the off-axis response from the center channel should be excellent for those listeners not seated in the center. Better yet, a set of five CLR speakers for full surround...
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    Its a bass trap!

    Nice panel, but you gotta get it tight to the walls/floor/ceiling creating an airspace behind it to get the most attenuation at lower frequencies.
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    What would you consider the defining song of the 20th Century?

    Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong.
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    Some recent thoughts on the Axe-Fx II after selling it six months ago

    This is outside the question of whether the Axe-FX can be used musically. Obviously, it is a very power tool. I have a couple of reservations about trying/buying the Axe-FX based on past experiences with musical gear having computer style interfaces and near-infinite parameters and...
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    Beck's Blow by Blow Released 38 Years Ago

    Blow By Blow is probably the most influential guitar album that I've heard, certainly my favorite Beck album, followed closely by Wired. I bought it when it first came out. Not sure I want my survivors to play Diamond Dust at my funeral, but I have fantasized many times about playing that...
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    Picks with the least Chirp

    Try Wegen picks, available in many sizes and thicknesses from They have one specially made for them shaped sort of like the Dunlop Jazz II-III called the BigCityPick. Besides being really quiet, the sides are angled in a way to allow for faster picking. King of expensive...