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  1. Pietro

    2 voice guitar thread (ie hybrid, electric acoustic, electric w piezo )

    Crowdster in the the video above is still the most amazing tool I've ever found. But I'm really digging on my JTV Variax 69s.
  2. Pietro

    So the G&L dual fulcrum trem is pretty awesome

    It's a lot like a strat tremolo.
  3. Pietro

    Are Suhr guitars really worth the asking price?

    One thing I have learned... finally... in the past decade or so (played guitar since late 1970s). When you find an amazing guitar. Stop looking. Only have two guitars (both Andersons -- just as nice as Suhrs), one a Crowdster Plus 2 that has been my main squeeze since 2006, and the other a...
  4. Pietro

    Talk me in or out of a Line 6 Helix family device

    Moved from HD 500 to Helix (Rack) over 4 years ago. Not only are they not in the same league, it's a different freaking sport. It really makes sense in your case.
  5. Pietro

    NGD: P&W guys, you need to check out Axe FX III!!!

    Whatever is hot to one person is based on which TGP threads they just read... and to the next guy... well... you get it...
  6. Pietro

    Anderson Appreciation Thread

    It probably depends on the guitar, tho... You wouldn't want basswood on a Bobcat or Cobra I would think.
  7. Pietro

    other Line6 news at NAMM? cabs, guitars...

    I think FX is still by far the best choice with an amp. Unless you sometimes need modeling... then Stomp.
  8. Pietro

    Line 6 POD Go

    Those ears would have raised the price by $75US
  9. Pietro

    Line 6 POD Go

    This. This. This. A great reason to choose ANY Line 6 product, imho.
  10. Pietro

    Line 6 POD Go

    Buy a Stomp. put it on your desk. Done.
  11. Pietro

    Line 6 POD Go

    We're ALL stupid.
  12. Pietro

    Line 6 POD Go

    Stomp gives you the ability to put ANY FX block in ANY block... in ANY order, and gives you parallel paths. POD Go will not do that. Very fixed and limited order. Appropriate for the price. I will bet no. this product is intentionally limited and simplified. That is awesome for some folks. For...
  13. Pietro

    Line 6 POD Go

    Eric mentioned "some caveats" with regard to the HX models available. 10am Pacific time that will probably be explained. Patch compatibility? That would be sweet. We'll have to see.
  14. Pietro

    Line 6 POD Go

    Not happening at that price point, tho.
  15. Pietro

    Line 6 POD Go

    I play more acoustic than electric these days. This would be AN ASTOUNDING acoustic processor (with the IR capability), and if it includes the looper (no reason to believe it won't)... WHOAH... it will work better for me than Stomp does and maybe fit in my guitar gig bag even.
  16. Pietro

    Luthiers' thoughts on Buzz Feiten Tuning System

    almost all the difference is on the lowest frets. Your F chord, for instance, is in tune like never before
  17. Pietro

    Luthiers' thoughts on Buzz Feiten Tuning System

    I think you can ease your mind. I have NEVER sounded out of tune with the band with my BFTS equipped guitars. I have also never had a problem using them with a standard tuner when one without the offsets is not available.
  18. Pietro

    Helix 2.8?

    Do not even care what it does. It just became an essential part of my tone.
  19. Pietro

    Helix 2.8?

    This is why it should have been called the WhizBang 2000 XL+Mk II
  20. Pietro

    Helix Floor vs LT question

    I actually think for most guys this limitation is a non-issue... but... for me... when I'm using Helix, I use all 10 switches, so it'd be a deal breaker for me.
  21. Pietro

    Helix 2.8?

    As soon as they are imported into the unit in 2.8, they will never again work on an older firmware, which shouldn't concern you if, like me, you upgrade and don't look back.
  22. Pietro

    Helix 2.8?

    Just to reiterate and clarify. Practically speaking, if you go to 2.8 (which most everybody should imho), and you change your presets... THERE IS NO GOING BACK! It's been "sorta" true before, but it is REALLY true now.
  23. Pietro

    Helix 2.8?

    Downgrading will be possible. I suspect it will be unnecessary and unwise.
  24. Pietro

    Remastering. Do you like it?

    It depends. A lot of the very early digital mastering on CDs done in the early 80s was done with tools that are far far below the capabilities of what is available today. But occasionally they nail it the first time. Like Who's Next. Other than the distortion in the screen in Won't Get Fooled...
  25. Pietro

    Helix 2.8?

    The DR. Z is another amp I could live with easily if it was the only one available... that was true on HD 500, too.

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