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    BEST new production 5751 TUBE ???

    Ahhh, I’m a dumbass!! Thanks,
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    BEST new production 5751 TUBE ???

    Thanks, looks like Kca isb out of stock unless I’m misreading. Thamks for the links!
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    BEST new production 5751 TUBE ???

    Hey all, any updates to the search for a good 5751 that won't break the bank? Thanks, love 5751s and 12ay7's to give me more sweep and less overall distortion in my amps. Kurt
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    FSOT Line6 DL4 Delay (Modded)

    Yes trades please!
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    FS Bunch of pedals please buy them all!

    Take it all for $280!! Xvive memory delay howard Davis designed to replicate a deluxe memory man footswitchable modulation with dual outs and expression pedal jack nice and dark, $95. Cusack tap a whirl V2 tremolo tons of cool wave shapes, 24 in all, $95. Loopmaster dual looper box $25. Source...
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    rumpelstiltskin black rope tele pickups wow!!!

    I use a santellan sounds solderless harness and the third wire helps act for a ground.
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    FS Modded DL4, PE Experience, Skreddy Screwdriver

    Dl4 still around? Would you consider trades?
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    FS Clearing out pedal sale, Cusack tap a whirl V2 and Xvive w3 E memory delay.

    In great shape some surface scratches, fully functional, $95 each or both for $180. Buy both I’ll throw in the loopmaster dual loop box! Also have a source audio trimod phaser $35, a toadworks redux delay $65, and a loopmaster dual bypass looper $25. Kurt
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    FSOT sell or trade me your DL4 or empress tape delay

    Hey guys, looking for an empress tape delayor a line 6 dl4, physical condition is not too important to me, as long as the pedal works with out issue. I do have some pedals I could trade, and would hope to work out a trade, I can add cash if needed. What I have, Cusack tap a whirl tremolo...
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    Question regarding mxr custom compressor

    Huh. Hope it’s not defective,
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    Question regarding mxr custom compressor

    When I say a volume drop, I’m not saying the pedal cuts out or anything like that it just seems like the last tiny bit of the turn of the pot brings on a significant volume boost compared to the rest of the range of the knob. Again, this is the internal trim part for brightness. The attack knob...
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    Question regarding mxr custom compressor

    Hey guys, hoping someone can answer this question about the MXR custom compressor. When I turn the brightness trim pot all the way up the pedal gets significantly louder even at minimal compression settings. If I back the trim part off even a little the volume drops way down and is low for the...
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    Recommend a head with tremolo lots of clean headroom and around $700

    Hey all, looking at Frenzel amps but I want to see what else is out there. Looking for nice cleans, and trem, and the ability to run 4 or 8 ohm cabs. Thanks for any recommendations. Kurt
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    FS Wampler reflection verb, xvive w3 delay, visual sound dual tap, toadworks redux delay

    For sale or trade, all work perfectly, have Velcro on the back. Looking for a dl4 or maybe echo park delay, or something that can get a nice tape delay with mod sound. Also looking for spring reverb hardwire supernatural or something else that gets a warm spring sound. Wampler reflection, nice...
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    Sold G&L s500 with Fralins Blues specials

    Oh man do I want this guitar!!!
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    anyone know what gear Duke Levine uses?

    I haven’t found those clips, gotta check them out,
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    fretwork and set-up south of Seattle?

    Maybe I’ll bite the bullet then!
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    fretwork and set-up south of Seattle?

    So, I’ve heard Lull’s shop is the place to go if Mike does the work but, as he recently passed, seems like maybe I should look around a bit more. Any other suggestions are welcome,
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    New pedal, built by our own Coltonius, dual zendrive with some tweaks!

    Colton was a super standup guy sad to hear he’s not around. Still loving my pedal!
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    fretwork and set-up south of Seattle?

    Thanks I’ll check him out,
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    fretwork and set-up south of Seattle?

    Bummer! Was hoping he’d work out.
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    fretwork and set-up south of Seattle?

    I did come across a guy named Richard at He's in Tuquilla, much closer to me, but I can't find much on his work. Anyone else have experience? Sad that nobody is down at this end of the area. My wife has to do the Redmond drive for work every day, and I don't think I...
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    fretwork and set-up south of Seattle?

    Hey guys, I have a tele that needs some work done on it, I think the frets need to be leveled and it neds a general setup. I'm visually impaired, so frustratingly, doing it myself is tough without being able to see if the neck is straight and the frets are level. Anyway, I live in the Renton...

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