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  1. pattste

    Your #1 couch rig.

    If the bigger model is in your budget and you don't mind the difference in size and weight, you will almost certainly prefer it to the Jr. I bought my Jr. used but would not have paid full retail/new for it. The Jr. is super light and portable. Build quality is very high. It is a fun little amp...
  2. pattste

    My Echopark Guitars Nightmare

    Probably "plays more in tune along the entire length of the neck than other guitars" too. I was watching Austin City Limits last night and one of the guys in The Raconteurs was playing his Echopark. I threw up a little.
  3. pattste

    How do you get your lead tone?!?!

    Hermida Zendrive; same answer for the last (probably) ten years or since I bought it from Alfonso. I do have another overdrive on my board for variety (usually a Sarno Earth Drive or Xotic BB Preamp).
  4. pattste

    KILLER firmware update bro!

    I'm guessing he'd like to see more substantial upgrades to a flagship product from a corporation worth almost 90 million dollars.
  5. pattste

    Your #1 couch rig.

    My Swart Atomic Space Tone Jr. is my couch rig. Also my jazz amp.
  6. pattste

    Who else made questionable COVID purchases they now regret?

    I've been very reasonable. I bought a Studio Slip clamshell bag for the Matchless Spitfire amp that I bought used just before Covid hit. I got a set of KZ ZS10 Pro in ears because I bought into the hype that they were as good or better than my Westone UM20Pro. Yeah right. They'll do as a cheap...
  7. pattste

    KILLER firmware update bro!

    It's only been 5 months since the last update. Give them a break. :cool:
  8. pattste

    Famous guitar players who use cheap\affordable gear?

    Marillion / Steve Rothery's main guitar is a Squire Strat. On the other hand, he does have a number of luthier guitars too.
  9. pattste

    Which Make And Model Pick Do You Use?

    Dunlop Jazz III red for the last 15 years probably. They last forever but I actually bought what should be a lifetime supply of them in case Dunlop stops making them or changes the formula. I use the Primetone variation on acoustic.
  10. pattste

    Hercules Guitar stands Beware!!!!

    One of my Hercules stands developed this problem. I contacted the company, which referred me to the Canadian distributor, Coast Music. They in turn told me that I could take the stand to any authorized dealer for replacement. I took it to my local Long & McQuade, even though I had not bought it...
  11. pattste

    Do you Know if Lovepedal is still operative?

    Impossible to answer as: Dumbles all sound different It depends on your amp Different editions of the Zendrive (red, etc.) also sound different I set mine with Tone and Gain at 1 o'clock, Voice at noon and Volume just above unity, around 9 o'clock-ish. Mine is an early Hermida.
  12. pattste

    Gibson R9s.

    I'm genuinely curious and not trolling. As the owner of two PRS Private Stock guitars, what was your motivation for spending $10K (I'm guessing) on a Wildwood Spec Murphy R9 which you consider to have cheaper wood and lower quality build, fit, finish?
  13. pattste

    How do YOU discover new music?

    Mostly SiriusXM in the car for the last 8 years. I've discovered many, many bands and bought a lot of music as a result. Unfortunately my favourite station, Jam On, went online-only last year and things just haven't been the same. What a stupid decision that was.
  14. pattste

    JamBand Amp - Smaller Vibrolux Reverb?

    I play the same styles and at bedroom level usually play through my Matchless Spitfire, a 15-watt 1x12 wide combo with reverb. I paid less than CDN$2K for mine used/mint. I also have a Swart Atomic Space Tone Jr. , which is a small 5-watt combo with an 8-in speaker. It's a fun and ultra-portable...
  15. pattste

    The most profitable guitar accessory?

    Haven't read the whole thread but definitely Big Bends Nut Sauce.
  16. pattste

    Two-notes Torpedo Live IR's heavily distorting earlier than an actual cab

    I've been a Torpedo Live user for about three years now and have not noticed this. It's possible I'm not driving it hard enough.
  17. pattste

    Anyone remembers Taku Sakashta?

    I agree, a huge loss. One of the greatest builders ever.
  18. pattste

    Humbucker SHOOTOUT - WIZZ vs ReWind vs Doyle Coils vs Righteous Sound vs Custombuckers

    Great video! Each one of these pickups pretty much was a favourite for one lick or another in this video. I voted Doyle Coils as I thought they were among the best more often than not.
  19. pattste


    PRS builds excellent guitars. But the greatest ever made? Not even close. Not even the best production guitar; that would be Collings. Many independant luthiers build better guitars in my opinion.
  20. pattste

    My Echopark Guitars Nightmare

    :bow :spit
  21. pattste

    My Echopark Guitars Nightmare

    What in the world brings these pro musicians to chose Echopark and Gabe out of all the builders out there? Similarly, I cringe everytime I see a rig rundown and an artist sings the praise of their Vertex pedal or even their custom pedalboard. Where did that reputation come from? How exactly do...
  22. pattste

    Do you have guitars that sound great but you don’t play them as much?

    I used to own this guitar, which I had bought used for a great price: Beautiful guitar and one of the best sounding guitar I've ever owned. I just couldn't get used to the wide-fat neck profile. It was also neck-heavy AF. I traded it even for a Two-Rock which looks like it will be my lifetime...
  23. pattste

    My Echopark Guitars Nightmare

    Which maybe for the best after all, lest @cholula69 ends up getting hit with taxes and import fees on a combo with a $6000 declared value, which he needs to send to his tech immediately so he doesn't get electrocuted or set the house on fire.

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