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    Best under the radar cheap guitars that really work?

    Korean made Brian Moore i2000 series is my main guitar and it really works for me.
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    Did you find THE amp?

    I know it sounds stupid but being a poor working musician I sold all of vintage amps and vintage guitars I collected for last forty years to support my gambling and other addictions so I have been gigging with Fender Cyber Champs for last five years with midi channel switching pedal and never...
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    zenkudo - I want one but do I need it?

    I own a Zenkudo and I used to own a Zendrive. Zenkudo is much quieter. I use a booster pedal (Bad Bob in my case) in front of Zenkudo and it makes much full and fatter sound.
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    Non-Tube Amps Under 35 Pounds for Small Gigs

    I have been gigging with Fender Cyber Champ for last 7 years without any breakdown. 30Lb, 65W, Celestion 12" speaker, still available on used gear market for around $200. Loud enough for medium size venue. Great Fender tone and more.
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    Combo with 1 EL84 and a 12AX7 - does it exist?

    Epiphone Valve Jr combo
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    Post your solo guitar playing!
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    Did you ever buy an amp that sounded so good...

    Fender Cyber Champ did that to me and I have been gigging with it for last 7 years. All I use is midi switch (Rocktron midixchanger and Hex volume pedal). I know it sounds stupid to many in this forum but I am just being honest to the question. I love pedals and I own many of them but for...
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    tell me about the Bad Bob

    Bad Bob > Zenkudo overdrive > cheap tube amp = Poorman's Dumble:) I love my Bad Bob to drive my Zenkudo to it's full potential.
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    Solid States Live?

    I have been gigging with a Fender Cyber Champ with a Fender midi foot controller for last four years and I am so pleased with this amp so I own three of them now and they are always less than $200 on ebay or craigslist:)
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    PRS for Blues?

    PRS guitars just don't look like blues guitars to me even though they are fully capable of sounding like blues guitars if that makes any sense. Also they are too pretty to be played in smokey blues bars.
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    "box of rock"-type pedals

    If you are satisfied with BOR why not stick with it and look for different sounding type of overdrive pedal such as Dumble style overdrive pedal so you can get more variety ??
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    Why do "working musicians" leave their boutique stuff at home?

    I am no longer a touring musician but I play every weekend at local clubs usually a month engagement so I leave my amp at the club all the time so I would never use boutique stuff for my gigs. I use Fender Cyber Champ amp with all effects built in so I don't need any pedals except midi foot...
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    Synth solution?

    This thread is over a year old but it just popped out so I like to explain regarding my statement of using Cyber Champ for synth guitar. I use Cyber Champ for my electric guitar and I really like it so I bought two more Cyber Champs for a back up and a spare since they are sold so cheap. I am...
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    Selling off vintage gear and not missing it

    These are vintage gears I sold in last five years. 68 Stratocaster 68 Telecaster 59 Stratocaster 56 Les Paul jr. 74 Fender Twin Reverb 66 Fender Deluxe Reverb 65 Fender Deluxe 59 Fender Deluxe 57 Fender Vibroluxe 66 Ampeg Gemini G12 80's Ibanez effects including ts808s Now I own these. 96 Brian...
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    Brian Moore

    I have USA made C90P.13 and Korean made 1.13. Both are excellent guitars. Korean made one is slightly noisier but neck through body is better than USA bolt on neck. USA one comes with Wilkinson vibrato bridge and graphite nut while Korean one comes with cheaper vibrato bridge and plastic nut. I...
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    Iconic Fuzz Recordings

    Yardbirds / For your love Iron Butterfly / In a gadda da vida
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    Seriously. Solid State or Tubes?

    I love tube amps and I always own some but I have been gigging with Fender Cyber Champs exclusively for last five years and I am very pleased with them. It does not matter tube or solid states to me as long as it sounds good.
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    Increasing low-wattage amp loudness?

    How about just adding a booster pedal ? I use a 25 watts tube amp (Frenzel) with a Bad Bob booster in front and it just make my amp sound much bigger and louder without coloring tone.
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    Low gain tube preamp

    Electro-Harmonix LPB 2UBE stereo tube preamp may be what you are looking for.
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    electroharmonix lpb 2ube stereo preamp

    I own a LPB2UBE. I played bass for a while and I was using it to boost and add tube tone to my Ampeg SS bass amp and it worked well but now I play guitar only so now I am trying to sell it. If you are interested in pm me. I put in matching Groove Tube 12ax7s in and in good condition. $120.00...
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    Chorus users, where?

    compressor>overdrive>CHORUS>delay for me.
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    instead of an OCD?

    Why can't you just take your current overdrive pedal off the pedalboard and take that to rehearsal instead of purchasing another pedal just for rehearsal:nuts
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    OK fellas......what is your favorite OD pedal?

    I love Bad Bob also but I use it to give an extra boost to my favorite overdrive Zenkudo. These two pedals can overdrive single coils or humbuckers extremely well.
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    What was your first effects pedal?

    Vox Tonebender back in 1968.
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    Share your favorite OD/Dist stack pair!!

    RGW Bad Bob>Tanabe Zenkudo=Poorman's Dumble:)

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