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    Debate: Expensive (Read: Quality) Guitar & Cheap Amp or visa versa...

    He always plays through a good amp
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    Chad Kroeger

    Moderators please weigh in... I think this might warrant a lifetime ban from TGP ;)
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    Am I missing something here? 436$ Gibson

    The guitar in the photos is a real Gibson. Of course, thats not what you'll receive when you order.
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    NGD - Veillette Jazz 14" Archtop

    pardon my asking but what is the deal with the headstock? The end looks to be a different species of wood, oddly grafted on.
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    Gig money question

    This. No details on the gig means it aint really happening.
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    Debate: Expensive (Read: Quality) Guitar & Cheap Amp or visa versa...

    I know... I've already given my opinion, but I've been drinking and have thought about it some more. For perspective, I have a stable of several Tylers, Suhrs and Collings.... For amps I've got a PWE, Friedman Naked and a Morgan. Pretty nice stuff. If you told me I had the choice of playing...
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    Debate: Expensive (Read: Quality) Guitar & Cheap Amp or visa versa...

    AMP. All day long. A $600 mexican built Tele is going to sound like a $2000 amp, when played through a $2000 amp. A $2500 Tom Anderson is going to sound just like that Tele when played through a Marshall Haze. The guitar is about the feel, the tactile response in your hands, the playability...
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    if he picks erratically, he might poke his eye out!

    I think he's got some fans, cause I trashed him in a youtube comment, and have already been flamed back :)
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    if he picks erratically, he might poke his eye out!

    Totally, its not like he's pulling off Petrucci licks and needs the guitar up to get his shred on. He's just doing it to be ironic, along with with his 2 sizes too small pants and little brothers t-shirt.
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    AGED Nocaster 51 custom shop pickups - how to get em?

    Do they have to be Fender pickups? Seymour Duncan will wind you 'Aged' pickups. John Suhr will do this as well.
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    Which Les Paul has the "fastest" neck?

    The only thing an R9 looks slim against is an R8. The LP classic has the thinnest neck. R9 is pretty meaty
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    Shimmer: Blue Sky vs Verbzilla

    Thats only cause you haven't been a TGP member very long ;) couple more months on here and your pedal board will be worth more than your car.
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    Gibson Midtown Custom... Oooh, me likey

    We actually had this experiment already. Remember the 2007-ish Vegas series by Gibson. It was basically this guitar, but with a unique offset body, and a trini lopez style headstock. They were pretty cool, but didn't sell well and were gone in a year or two. This is that guitar, only in a...
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    A Telecaster?

    Exactly. That Thorn is beautiful, but there is no way in hell it sounds like a Tele. I'm sure it sounds wonderful, but that has much more in common with a Les Paul than it does a Tele.
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    John Petrucci KILLING it! (warning: lots of shred inside)

    This! Petrucci sounded good, but like he was channeling Satriani, go to 4:20, he does a little lick that 100% straight out of Raspberry Jam
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    Who was the best musician in Kiss (original members)?

    Paul, that sonofabitch is like 60, and still sings like a banshee. What a showman too. Ace was always too inconsistent, and now days he's a big joke. As others have said, Gene's bass work in the 70's was pretty slick, but Paul is the complete package... the completely effeminate, slightly...
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    Gibson Midtown Custom... Oooh, me likey

    Read the whole thread please.... Customs are still made with ebony boards, just like they always have been, The new guitars are called Classic Customs....they are built off the new LP Classic platform which has a baked maple board. The classic customs have 5 ply binding on the body front (not...
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    Asterope Cables

    bought one at NAMM last year. Played it against a mogami, the difference was immediate, even at the noisy NAMM floor. Nice cable, solid bass response. Nice and flexible as well, unlike some super premium offerings
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    Gibson Midtown Custom... Oooh, me likey

    Of course it is still true. Just did a search on ebay for completed auction on Carvin. Guess how many sold between $700-$1500. Exactly zero.
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    Gibson Midtown Custom... Oooh, me likey

    ^ Gibson gives you neck and body/headstock binding, which Carvin does not. Oh, and Gibson gives one other thing. Resale. You'll take a bath if you try and move that Carvin, if you're even able to sell it.
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    Is this Les Paul worth $2k?

    that guitar was not $2800 in '93, maybe list price, but not selling price. I had one just like that in tobacco and I paid well under $2K in '92 That guitar is worth about $1300 in that condition. a 3pc birdseye top is nothing special. Unique, yes, but not enough to command any premium
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    Just ordered a PWE Standard from Ted Stevenson

    yeah, what he said. What up with the pictures?
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    What guitar should I buy on a trip to Japan?

    Unobtanium, we all must have it.
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    What guitar should I buy on a trip to Japan?

    A Japan only sig model Fender, maybe a sig model ESP (though the Japan only market ones can be weird to say the least) I'd probably look for a lawsuit strat headstock ESP

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