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  1. janosfia

    What is with the headstock on this Strat? Obvious fake?

    I remember those one-of-a-kind Strats from the '60s, the ones with the gaping hole between the neck and the back of the neck pocket.
  2. janosfia

    Is there a difference between these two guitars?

    Other than the figuring of the top, they are pretty identical. Marketing wizardry at it's finest: Take two things that are basically the same, give one a snazzier name, and charge more for it.
  3. janosfia

    The Gibson hologram

    Several years down the road, should these models ever be worth anything substantial, would the lack of the hologram devalue the instrument? I'm just wondering because if I ever got a 2015 Gibson the first thing I'd do is remove it. I'm not even sure it would be able to naturally stick to the...
  4. janosfia

    Pink Floyd - Animals pics

    I would have loved to have seen them on that tour (or on any tour). I've always liked the t-shirts they wore on that tour:
  5. janosfia

    Why I like Black guitars

    Love it. A perfect compliment for my black Strat.
  6. janosfia

    Is this a hoax? What the H*ll is going on with these frets???

    Hold your tongue! Don't give Henry any ideas.
  7. janosfia

    Ibanez makes some funky guitars

    There's only so far you can go with innovation before you cross into the utterly ridiculous. Looks like Ibanez has crossed that line.
  8. janosfia

    POLL - Tele w/ a Rosewood Board, Yea or Nay?!?

    I could go either way, but I wouldn't say that one is better than the other.
  9. janosfia

    List all your current guitars...

    Too many, at least more than I need. Fender Classic Series 50s Stratocaster Strat-style partscaster (2 humbuckers) Harmony Bobkat Epiphone S-310 (Stratocaster style) Rogue PRS Knock-off Taylor 110 Guild F212NT Ovation Celebrity Deluxe Rogue lap steel Kala Ukulele
  10. janosfia

    Who wants to watch me build a guitar?

    Subscribed. Very nice looking project! Makes me want a new guitar.
  11. janosfia

    This is a REAL botched nut job...

    Oh my. I once saw a self-proclaimed guitar tech do that with an acoustic guitar saddle, too. The action was too high, so instead of sanding down the bottom of the saddle he cut slots into it. :messedup :facepalm
  12. janosfia

    Anyone bought one of these ebay tele guards from china?

    I bought a one-ply black pickguard for a Stratocaster from eBay seller 'eyguitarpartsforyou' and the pickguard was of decent quality and fit my guitar perfectly. It was less than $5 and had free shipping. No complaints from me.
  13. janosfia

    Fake Jaco bass for $20,000 or is it real =)

    I noticed this, too. That's one way to get around any questions, but I guess he's not bright enough to realize that only serious buyers are going to ask those types of questions.
  14. janosfia

    Custom Luthier Tele Build (Pic Heavy)

    Wow. That is awesome! Congrats!
  15. janosfia

    2015 Gibson SG Standard impressions

    LOL, obviously not. All the little micro adjustments it kept making every time I played a note or strummed a chord was very weird. And about the hologram, can't it just be taken off?
  16. janosfia

    2015 Gibson SG Standard impressions

    I tried a Les Paul Jr. at my local GC and yes, this was the case. It was quite annoying so I turned it off during the rest of the time I tried it out. Like the OP, I felt the neck was just a bit too wide and uncomfortable in my hand.
  17. janosfia

    NECTNGD: Not even CLOSE to new guitar day: How long do you love guitars?

    Hell no! Acoustic distortion to cover your ass.
  18. janosfia

    Here's the thing I don't like about metal concerts today.

    Well, at least they're kind of the same genre of music. I saw U2 in 1992 and their opening act was Primus. I liked Primus, too, so I was cool. Most people were like "WTF?!?!?!"
  19. janosfia

    Fake PRS on Ebay....with bids ...

    I reported it, then added it my watch list just to keep up with what happens.
  20. janosfia

    New member NGD! strat content

    I hope you like it. Nice Strat!
  21. janosfia

    Thoughtful wife

  22. janosfia

    does this EC strat look genuine

    Looks legit. I hate it when this happens. Only option, really, is to replace the guard.
  23. janosfia

    NGD: John Mayer strat

    What happened to the stripe?
  24. janosfia

    NGD: John Mayer strat

    These are great guitars for sure. Fender should keep the exact specs but just call it something different.

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