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  1. sonofspy

    ...but it's Japanese

    Jackson /Charvel stopped making guitars in Japan, the quality was as good or better than the US San Dimas guitars. I know. I own two.
  2. sonofspy

    Is natural "relic" really possible?

    Wow. Rory Gallagher only mentioned once and it was about his strings! His '61 Strat: Any questions?
  3. sonofspy

    What do you consider to be Jeff Beck's finest work?

    His next. Always.
  4. sonofspy

    I played a gig yesterday. My back is killing me.

    Carpets for Guitar Players! Save our backs!
  5. sonofspy

    Your Prettiest Guitar

    Beautiful! What brand/model is that?
  6. sonofspy

    Your Prettiest Guitar

    2005 Parker Hornet Mappa Burl Mahogany back. Note the unbelievable cutaway, you can see the scoop out in the shape of a triangle... Enjoy!
  7. sonofspy

    Prince Playing

    H8ters and R@cists shut up and listen.
  8. sonofspy

    "Anacostia Delta" *Danny Gatton documentary*

    What was the song? Maybe a link?
  9. sonofspy

    Tim Who?

    I submit that if he did the vocal arrangements as well then he IS a composer!
  10. sonofspy

    Who stayed great, late?

    joe walsh still rips it up... Nils Lofgren still alive 'n kickin'...
  11. sonofspy

    Converting a Fender Princeton Reverb to a 12" Speaker

    Plug the speaker out from the Princeton into a 12" cabinet. Find out.
  12. sonofspy

    The most immediate instant DISAPPOINTMENT with a new amp purchase ?

    Seymour Duncan Convertible 100. Bought it used, turned it on and it blew up a tube (literally blew the top of the tube right off), cost me $350 in repairs... half paid for by prvs owner so couldn't bitch too much.
  13. sonofspy

    Have you ever had 2+ compressor pedals on at the same time?

    Oh you mean just like this amazing product! Not just for slide...
  14. sonofspy

    Who else made questionable COVID purchases they now regret?

    No Regrets. Bought an Origin Effects SlideRig.
  15. sonofspy

    Dark Side vs Abbey Road

    If you look up what album stayed on Billboards chart the longest: that would be DSotM. It fell off once (1976?) and millions of people went out and bought another copy.
  16. sonofspy

    I'm over tuners taking up space on my board

    LOL Relabel it "Space where there used to be a..."
  17. sonofspy

    I'm over tuners taking up space on my board

    Oh for heaven's sake. :huh Leave it off your board. Bring it with you. Have a battery in it. Check your tuning before you plug into your board... and at breaks.
  18. sonofspy

    Where will music evolve to in the next 50 years?

    Sorry no logs will be left. We will be banging on discarded USPS mailboxes with rocks.
  19. sonofspy

    I know old guys play slow, but this is ridiculous. The sad boomer probably actually thinks it’s good. LOL

    You think THAT's slow? hahahahahahaha! THIS IS SLOW: Robin Guthrie can play slower than ANYONE... This takes SKILL.
  20. sonofspy

    First microphone

    Audio technica for sure. I own BOTH a Shure 57 and 58 but my AT mic is much MUCH Much better at half the price A Pro engineer made me AB them and it was NO CONTEST! Much clearer, much more accurate rendition of a voice. $59 New. Manufacturer's web page.
  21. sonofspy

    I Lightened My Les Paul by TWO POUNDS!!

    That depends entirely on the thickness. I have a pedalboard made from 3/8" and I use 1/8th as storm windows. Jus' sayin'.
  22. sonofspy

    I Lightened My Les Paul by TWO POUNDS!!

    Uhh, The body is made of mahogany, with a spruce top that's NOT "inferior wood". How nice you can afford a 'Paul, not all of us are so wealthy or so inclined!
  23. sonofspy

    Stop Mini Pedal Wobble on Pedalboard?

    If a screw is an option then a small hole is an option. One black cable tie around pedal. Cheap, easy, problem solved.
  24. sonofspy

    If you could only have one...

    A Parker of course, nihil conntendere!

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