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  1. Taller

    Mojotone NC 30/15 Kit Build

    Yes, there's room. You can see just the edge of the choke in my build photo above - far left side of the photo. The chassis is aluminum and easy to drill through for mounting holes.
  2. Taller

    New track - MEL9 pedal featured

    Just finished up this new track. All the orchestral bits were done with the EHX Mel9 pedal. Hope you enjoy it!
  3. Taller

    Republic Resonators - What's Up?

    These were recent purchases? Dissatisfied with the quality of the instrument or with the service?
  4. Taller

    Republic Resonators - What's Up?

    Thanks for all the info. I have no idea how passionate the son is about the company, hence my questions, as Frank (from all counts) was a good fellow and cared about what he was shipping out, albeit with a rattle here and there.;) Music Villa has a good selection of Republics, so I've reached...
  5. Taller

    Republic Resonators - What's Up?

    Anyone have more detailed info as to Republic's status since the owner passed? A family member is now running the show? Same passion for the instrument, or do you have the impression the brand is withering in the original owner's absence?
  6. Taller

    Republic Resonators - What's Up?

    Thanks - worth considering.
  7. Taller

    Republic Resonators - What's Up?

    I've read nothing but good reviews of these guitars, but my recent research tells me that the original owner has passed and Republic is now being run by a family member? Evidently, the owner, Frank, was passionate about these instruments, thus the great reviews. I checked out their Web page, as...
  8. Taller

    The Rolling Stones - Steel Wheels

    Saw them in NC on that tour. I somehow managed to get pretty good seats, too. It was in a football stadium and I was sitting on the field, at about the 50 yard line, right near the sound board, so it sounded great, too!
  9. Taller

    FS Pedals for sale - zendrive, rubberneck, holy grail, others

    PM'd - interested in the Holy Grail.
  10. Taller

    New song - instrumental

    This one was written quite by stream of consciousness. All guitars (aside from obvious bass and drums) - no keys! The keyboard sounds were created with a couple of E-H pedals. The MEL9 and C9. Solo sections are as follows - lap steel, 'organ', fuzzed out guitar via JHS Colorbox 2, and solo...
  11. Taller

    New song of mine

    Thanks, y'all! Yes, that's my Gretsch Player's Edition (I think that's what they call it) in the photo and playing the main riff of the song and the solo. The other guitar on the track is a '62 Hot Rod Strat. Bought that Gretsch from someone here in the Emporium - great guitar!
  12. Taller

    Short legged S-D pickups?

    I'm considering some Seymour Duncan pickups for a PRS. Typically, the mounting legs on these pickups are pretty long, and the cavities in my PRS aren't that deep. In the past, I've heard of the ability to custom order a set with shorter mounting legs. Anybody hip to this? Does it take forever...
  13. Taller

    New song of mine

    Finished this one up recently. Fairly pleased with the mix. Hope you enjoy it. :)
  14. Taller

    NGD: 1966! Telecaster

  15. Taller

    NGD: 1966! Telecaster

    The bridge pickup being microphonic - it might not need to be potted. Check out the video below. This guy buys vintage guitars and restores them (seek out his Mary Kay restoration - stripping the finish to reveal the original Mary Kay, for an idea). He bought this '75 Tele and the bridge pickup...
  16. Taller

    Audio/Recording Experts - Does absorption = mitigation?

    Hey, thanks for all the responses. My initial post left out a lot of details in regards to my personal situation. ;) I have a detached 2 car garage that was built sometime in the 70's, I think. I'm having it taken down and plan to build a new structure on the site, which will expand to a 3-car...
  17. Taller

    Audio/Recording Experts - Does absorption = mitigation?

    Thank you. Yes, I'm aware that low frequencies are bound to escape. The gentleman in the video owns a company that designs and sells sound absorption and diffusion devices. After watching a number of his videos, I feel he's quite knowledgeable about the subject. As to your query, "Where does the...
  18. Taller

    Any fans of vintage drums in here?

    I love drums and watching a great drummer! I ended up pursuing guitar, but always wanted to have a drum kit of my own. This doesn't count as 'vintage', but I hope you'll let me slide - my Ludwig Legacy Maple kit in Black Oyster Pearl. They make the Legacy's like they did 'back in the day' - 3...
  19. Taller

    Audio/Recording Experts - Does absorption = mitigation?

    My 2 car detached garage is in rough shape and as soon as this crazy virus thing feels a little safer to me, I'm going to have a contractor come out to look at remodeling/rebuilding with a thought towards creating a jamming/recording space. Being that I'm in a neighborhood, I want to mitigate as...
  20. Taller

    Were the old Danelectro pedals any good?

    I found this interesting (as I do all of Josh's vids):
  21. Taller

    Stern & EJ

    :rollI thought this was going to be about Eric Johnson appearing on Howard Stern's show, and couldn't understand why EJ would be on!:roll
  22. Taller

    Homeskoolin' with Tom Bukovac

    Cool dude, great player. He was in Trigger Hippie for a minute.
  23. Taller

    Klon clone comparison

    Apologies if this has been posted. Premier Guitar does a pretty good job comparing Klon clones. Spoiler alert... the Way Huge Conspiracy Theory and JRAD Archer are tops to my ears.
  24. Taller

    5E3 Covid Build

    WOW! Mojotone really stepped up their game on documentation! I built their 5E3 a few years ago and all I got was a wiring diagram, schematic, and a parts list. The only problem I encountered with my build was the 68K (grid stop resistors?) picking up stray voltages from the eyelet board. Had a...
  25. Taller

    DI for recording bass

    Yup - that's exactly what I use. Sounds great!

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