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  1. fataxeman

    Tidal fans?

    I use Qobuz sparingly. I listened twice to "Aftermath" which is the new Elizabeth Cook album; it was released today.
  2. fataxeman

    What are you listening to right now? Elizabeth Cook! She's far out, yet down to earth. Otherworldly, even. I regret that I'll likely never get to hear her perform these songs (or any other ones) live.
  3. fataxeman

    "Symptom of the Universe" (Black Sabbath cover)

    I feel BS would dig it....and that's no bs.
  4. fataxeman

    Old Guys Who Still Make New Music

    Deep Purple has a recent album out. "Whoosh!". With exception of Steve Morse, everyone is in their 70s.
  5. fataxeman

    Yoyoka and friends play Ozzy Osbourne ...

    She is incredible! I've watched several Satsuma covers and every one of them is pretty much note for note (and tonally) perfect. He's apparently pretty good with a spatula as well.
  6. fataxeman

    What are you listening to right now?

    Steven Wilson's "Personal Shopper" from the (scheduled) 2021 release The Future Bites. Sadly, I have a feeling he's on to something here. (TGP would not let me imbed it).
  7. fataxeman

    Been a lot of talk about Tull lately

    I like the seminal older stuff of course, but think "Catfish Rising" is a very solid album. There are some beautiful melodies on that record.
  8. fataxeman

    Suggest speakers to pair with Naim Uniti Atom

    That would be fun! I heard some Tympani 4s about 20-25 years ago and they were incredible.
  9. fataxeman

    Suggest speakers to pair with Naim Uniti Atom

    Rogue Audio M-180 monoblock tube amps. These aren't mine but this is what they look like: For a short time I was driving the R3s with a Hegel H160 integrated amplifier that I hadn't been using for a while. It is 250 wpc in to 4 ohms. I only had it connected for about 3 weeks and just...
  10. fataxeman

    Suggest speakers to pair with Naim Uniti Atom

    Golden Ear BRX - $1598 per pair. Add some high quality steel (not wood!) speaker stands and that will consume, but stay in, your budget. These are rated at 90 db efficiency. Two reviews: I have a pair of the Aon 3s that they still sell...
  11. fataxeman

    Suggest speakers to pair with Naim Uniti Atom

    KEF R3. I love mine. I know that Naim power is known to be "robust" with their PRAT (pace, rhythm and timing....I think), but the R3's may require a bit more power. They are 2K per pair but certain Best Buy Magnolia stores carry them and you should be able to get a discount on them. Also...
  12. fataxeman

    Blue Oyster Cult - First New album in 19 years

    Yes, Richie Castellano on the left close to the guitar rack. He is awesome as is the Band Geek. His wife is a great bassist and singer. Check out "Paradise By The Dashboard Light" or "Ballroom Blitz.
  13. fataxeman

    Help a Neanderthal out. Tire kicking on streaming.

    Lots of info, and lots of possibilities I'm sure. Not the best sounding, but buy a couple (meaning how ever many you need) of Bluetooth Apt X HD receivers. The Quobuz streaming service is $15 a month although I don't know that you can have 2 people using it simultaneously (may have to go to a...
  14. fataxeman

    Upgrading hi-fi stuff

    I have a Hegel H160. It's a great sounding and powerful integrated. For a little while, I had it in the basement sound room/home theater driving KEF R3s and it sounded excellent/superb. It is now upstairs driving KEF LS 50s and doing a great job there as well. I am not familiar with your...
  15. fataxeman

    Two guys in Pub playing Boogie Woogie music...amazing!

    If that didn't put a smile on your face, just what WAS the cause of death? :cool:
  16. fataxeman

    I'll admit it, I'm a Bose fan.

    I won't weigh in on this "debate" other than to tell a short story. Back in the mid-70s I heard Bose 901s and they were the best thing I had heard at the time. The owner drove them with some kind of Marantz integrated amplifier; I have no idea the model number but I'm guessing 35-50 watts per...
  17. fataxeman

    Post Malone - Cliffs Of Dover

    What's going on with the neck...of her shirt and she could brush hair at least once a week.....not to speak of her TONE (or lack thereof)??? But , yeah, seriously....that was pretty awesome. Here's one that is just an intro/lesson of the same song that I like better:
  18. fataxeman

    Guthrie Trapp and Kenny Greenberg

    I saw Ashley Cleveland/Kenny several years ago. At the merch table, I asked her if she had any of her music on record. She said no, so I bought a CD of course and had her sign it; I believe it said "If it ain't vinyl, it ain't real." Cool!
  19. fataxeman

    What are you listening to right now?

    From what little I've listened to Stevie, he reminds me a lot of Jimi. Thanks for posting this.
  20. fataxeman

    A little bit of jazz rock ...? - Un poquito de jazz rock...?

    Very nice! You, sir, are quite talented. Thank you for sharing your playing with us.
  21. fataxeman

    I bought a Fluance...

    I bought a RT82 for my daughter. I had it for a couple days before she got it. Seems pretty well built and sounded good. I think you will like it.
  22. fataxeman

    What are you listening to right now?

    King Crimson - "Projection (Project Four) Live 1998 San Francisco (from the Elements 2015 tour Box set).
  23. fataxeman

    12ax7 or another

    Hi Alan, Welcome to the Gear Page. I have plenty of 12ax7s in guitar amps and a couple in stereo equipment, but I don't know the answer to your question. You may get more response posting this in the Amps and Cabs section as well. I'm sure someone will have an answer for you. Good luck!
  24. fataxeman

    Don Kelley Band.... lots of great guitarist

    Check out Porter McLister. Me and the missus saw him there with Don and Joe Fick (bass). I may have put a couple more videos up, so just search for him here and on YT. Was going to include a video but don't know how to on this new format. Search for Porter McClister with Kelley's Heroes...
  25. fataxeman

    Songbirds closing

    I live about 45 minutes away from Songbirds. I visited the museum once and it was great. What I'm really going to miss is the concerts. They had a Songbirds North stage (smaller venue - maybe a couple hundred people and an early show time of 7:00 p.m) and Songbirds South (slightly larger...

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