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    Pod hd pro with isp decimator question

    Actually, I don't know that. I have no problem finding noise gates that work great, when needed. Many of my patches don't include a noise gate. I first try to get the amp to sound great without a gate. Then add a gate is necessary.
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    Jimmy Page's new remix project: LZ mixed with rap!

    I'm not offended. I still can listen the original. It was OK for a bit, but it didn't offer anything that made it worth recording. Almost like playing an old rap song over the Zep song, with little thought to making the mash up interesting. Maybe there will be better tunes.
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    This Adam Rogers solo...Jeeezus!

    That was more to my liking.
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    This Adam Rogers solo...Jeeezus!

    Same here. I can only listen to that a short while. Awesome skills though.
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    People who can't really play, offering their expertise on tone

    I don't base my opinions about tone (or anything) on what unknown people on the internet post. I listen for myself. Either I agree with the person or not. Also, they may or may not be a good judge of tone (from my perspective) whether they have guitar skills or not. Before I started playing...
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    Having hit 45... my favourite band is...

    Approaching 52, I have always had music I reach for more than others (long-time favorites), but I am with David. I just like music. So many types (classical, jazz, heavy metal, rock, blues, etc.) and choices to fit my mood. I could never pick a favorite. If it is good, I like it. How do I...
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    Larry Mitchell video (Axe-Fx II)

    I actually would prefer hearing his music in elevators over the usual stuff. Not sure I would classify Larry's music as elevator music though. :confused:
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    Is it me or is Joe Bonamassa boring?

    Eric posted what I would have. There is no wrong in what you like or dislike. He has vastly more chops than what you described, and as Eric said, Gilmour would never enter my mind in any comparison. I can listen to Joe, but most of his songs don't excite me.
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    Couldn't Bond With V Picks? Try again!

    I really liked the feel, tone, and speed of all the V-Picks I tried. But the chirpiness was the one feature I couldn't get past. The Screamer was the least chirpy. Some change of techniques and different amp settings did minimize some of the chipping. But, it would not go away. And after 3o...
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    "box" - (semantics)

    I first heard/saw the term "box" used in a book 33 years ago. If you look at a neck diagram with dots for the notes of a scale (such as the A minor pentatonic scale at the fifth fret), and draw an outline (box) around it, I beleive that is where the term comes from. If you break the pentatonic...
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    Anyone know who the guitarist would've been in this Tom & Jerry clip?

    You have to watch at 2:40. The guitarist is Uncle Pecos. ;) Someone here probably will know the answer to your intended question. My guess is there were a handful of know studio guitarists who worked on cartoons of that period.
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    Any more info on the Fractal Floor unit?

    I would be interested in a floorboard AxeFX. But, I would also be interested in a AxeFX combo amp. That is an option that targets a different group of buyers. Small, great amp modeling, enought effects for most, great power amp and speaker(s), and direct outs too. I would jump on a combo as...
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    How Long Did It Take You To Get Good?

    For me, 35 years or more to get good. I have been playing 34 years. So, it's a never ending process. People said I was good within 6 months to a year. But, I didn't think so. Being self-taught, and focused on rock left me with much to learn. I was very good at some things within 3 to 4...
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    Just sold my original Artist version with updated chip to a friend. Sad to see it go, as it is a great unit. But it is in goods hands now, and my friend really likes it.
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    I wonder if the original HD500 patches will be transferable to the HD500x. If they haven't changed modeling or other things that make them incompatible, that would save some serious time in working up new ptaches.
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    Anders Miolin, 13 string guitarist, exquisite!

    Thanks for posting and making me awaqre of him. Excellent!
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    Andy Timmons Brilliant or what??

    That Was Then, This is Now
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    How to amplify modellers for home pratice

    In case it wasn't clear, I am using the Yamaha THR10 as a stereo FRFR powered speaker for my HD500. Not that I dislike the THR10 itself as a modeler, but it works great as an FRFR for low volume playing.
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    Yamaha THR10C Questions

    I don't have that problem with the clean models (with single or humbucker pickups). And as another option, try the acoustic and flat models. But, just noticed you have the THR10c. I have the original THR10.
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    How to amplify modellers for home pratice

    I've been very happy with the Yamaha THR10 for some time now. Plus it is its own modeler too. Before that, I used various studio monitors.
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    Footage of Satriani's band (6/6/2013)

    Alien surfer dudes age much slower than humans.
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    The Lick.

    Big thread on this a year or so ago. It must have taken some time to put all those in a video.
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    Making a Complete Guitarist

    This is true. After 34 years of playing, I find weaknesses or areas of interest and target learning. When I started there weren't many book resources for what I wanted to learn (TAB was rare or wrong), and there was no YouTube or internet. I also didn't have access to teachers. I had some...
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    a couplafew alternative picking-"bowing" techniques

    Thanks for posting this, and all that you share in these threads. I enjoyed that.
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    Your favorite SCORPIONS album? Why?

    Those are my two favorite as well. Why? They are good. I got Love Drive when it came out while I was in high school, then got into the rest of their music. Animal Magnetism came out about the time I started playing guitar, and we played a bunch of the songs in my first band.

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