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  1. TravisE

    FSOT Scott Walker Jimson

  2. TravisE

    What tuners would you put on this?

    There’s another photo that shows the back of the headstock if you swipe the above photo. To answer your question, there’s no indication that it’s ever had other tuners - though, I’ve never removed the current tuners. There could be some under the plate.
  3. TravisE

    What tuners would you put on this?

    Care to explain why? I’m guessing that’s a dig at the guitar, no?
  4. TravisE

    What tuners would you put on this?

    The old ones just haven’t been doing the job and they turn backwards so kinda odd to use, anyway. I’m not trying to stay original or anything. I’m thinking Grover minis but I’m looking for suggestions.
  5. TravisE

    how would you record drums using these mics?

    A lot of it depends on the tune and the type of sound that you’re going for. If it’s a hard-hitting rock or metal song, you might want close mics on toms, hi-hat, etc. Personally, I never do that. I’d rather have a room mic than take up channels with a tom or hat. That said, I don’t generally do...
  6. TravisE

    Cheap pedal thats knocked an expensive one off your board.

    I picked up an FD2 MOSFET recently for $75 and it knocked off some more TGP-approved ODs. I can’t say I’m a big fan of the man, but his pedals just work.
  7. TravisE

    Your most unique?

    It’s a blueprint of a B-Bender that just has a pic of JL stuck on it. Nothing important.
  8. TravisE

    Your most unique?

    Just wondering what some of your more unique guitars are. I tend to gravitate toward things that are off the beaten path - and am interested to see your’s. Here‘a mine. It’s a late 50’s/early 60’s Danelectro/Silvertone U1 with an added TV Jones Classic Filtertron and Jeff Senn bridge. I plan to...
  9. TravisE

    FSOT Pigtronix Class A Boost - $65

    Got a few pedals kicking around that could use a new home. Both pedals come with original box and work perfectly - both have Velcro on the back and the Bearfoot has the typical chips in the paint that are inevitable with these pedals. Bearfoot Model G - $120 SOLD Pigtronix Class A Boost - $65...
  10. TravisE

    An OD without the fizz?

    I did. It’s very “tight” feeling to me. I couldn’t get into it, unfortunately.
  11. TravisE

    An OD without the fizz?

    My amp does not sound fizzy. The pedals sound fizzy. I play mostly at gig/rehearsal/recording levels.
  12. TravisE

    An OD without the fizz?

    I have owned the Barbershop and really enjoyed it - it’s been a while though.
  13. TravisE

    An OD without the fizz?

    I’ll check out some of those. I know the Acapulco won’t work - it’s got way more output than I need.
  14. TravisE

    An OD without the fizz?

    My rig is difficult to describe as it’s made up of some pretty rare and random stuff. One amp is kinda like a bassman output with a matchless front end - volume, tone, master. It stays fairly clean. That goes through a Tone Tubby Alnico in a 50’s Ampro cabinet. The other amp is a ‘61 Premier...
  15. TravisE

    An OD without the fizz?

    I’ve been trying to land on the proper OD and still haven’t quite gotten the right one. Some that I’ve tried are close but have a “fizz” to them that can’t be dialed out. I may just go back to the Blackstone MOSFET as it’s been my favorite so far. I also thought a POT might be a good option...
  16. TravisE

    Proanalog Devices out of business?

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. :rolleyes:
  17. TravisE

    WGS G8a - alnico 8”

    I wish I had known about this. I just bought a pair of Jupiters. That said, I’m not displeased with them, I just prefer Alnico overall.
  18. TravisE

    Brownface Princeton vs. Swart AST vs. Allen Brown Sugar

    I had an original brownface princeton that I sold and replaced with an AST. They were very similar but the AST had “more”. The brownface tremolo is fantastic but those Princeton’s are not a favorite of mine. It’s rare that I prefer a black/silver over a brown but, in the case of Princeton’s, I do.
  19. TravisE

    Sovtek Amps, Redbear, other Russian Amps

    I used to have a Red Bear 120 watt head and 4x12 cabinet. I don’t recall much about the tone but I’m pretty sure I still have some hearing loss from it.
  20. TravisE

    A great vocal mic that happens to be good for a bass cab too?

    The M-88 is a winner. Vocals, Bass, Kick, guitar. It does a very good job on all of them. It’s my favorite kick mic. As much as I’m a fan of the RE20, I sold mine after getting the M-88 and I don’t miss it much.
  21. TravisE

    Hum that goes away after warm up?

    I’ve got an amp with a fairly significant hum that goes away after the amp warms up...say, 5-10 minutes of playing or so. I’ve been through and changed all of the tubes. Would you say it’s likely a broken/cold solder joint? This is an old amp (1961) but has had the caps changed and been 3...
  22. TravisE

    why are guitar amps so ugly?

    Wow. That is some straight classist B.S.
  23. TravisE

    Whats Your Favorite Alnico Speaker

    I’ve been using a Tone Tubby Red Alnico for a while now and can’t say enough good things about it. It’s big, warm, full, never harsh, smooth highs, nice tight low end. I have no complaints.
  24. TravisE

    Radiohead....I'm I the only one?

    I loved them until they started sounding like a dial-up modem.
  25. TravisE

    Sold Analogman Bad Boob Mini

    There’s no such thing.

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