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    AC15C1 - how I have missed you!!!

    I just bought an AC30. Done buying amps forever. Vox for me, please.
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    Best 5W 1x8" tube combo with good clean tone for jam sessions, practice, and home recording?

    Used Gibson GA-5 or VHT Special 6 will both be perfect. Both sound excellent and have some great cleans with great natural dirt.
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    When Running into A Clean Amp, How Many Dirt Pedals Do You Use to Get All of Your Sounds?

    AC30C2 using top boost or both inputs with a single OCD. Ride guitar volume. Works wonderfully. Sometimes use a Joyo Sweet Baby pushed by a Soul Food. Either setup works great. I think British voiced amps require fewer overdrives.
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    New GC opens in South Carolina. Implications?

    I noticed the staff in the new store were extremely helpful and were able to answer any question quickly and correctly. It was a nice change from being ignored at other stores in the past because I'm not some kid with his mom who is clueless and an easy mark.
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    Decent back line solid state amp that wont break the bank

    Tech 21 Character pedals or FlyRig into their Power Engine 60 are by FAR the best solid state stuff I've ever tried. Not super expensive and with the Character pedals you can choose your amp "brand". The XLR out on the Power Engine is also VERY good. I use a Liverpool into the PE 60 for some...
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    New GC opens in South Carolina. Implications?

    Well, I was at the grand opening and there were 936 people in line when they opened the doors at 7PM. They probably had well over a thousand customers the first night. The Columbia store is quite nice with mostly decent gear. Lot's of n Fender stuff, some Gibson guitars, the typical Marshall...
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    NEW - Vox AC10 10W 1x10 Tube Guitar Combo Amp

    I agree with hacinador. I'm STOKED for this amp. I HATE master volumes on Vox amps. This little bad boy will be perfect for my pub gigs. Turn it up and rip!
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    Cover Bands..Why do you do it?

    I play in 3 bands, 2 of them do nothing but covers. Do it because I don't see a downside. 1. I make lots of spare cash to spend on gear, vacations, nights out with the honey. 2. I get to watch beautiful ladies dance. 3. I get to make music with wonderfully talented musicians. 4. Don't get bored...
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    Looking for affordable solid state amp for home use

    Get a Tech21 Power Engine and then collect their Character series pedals to cover all the legendary amp sounds. They sound GREAT and you can play a different amp every night. :)
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    Love me some Norlin!

    1971 Goldtop Les Paul Deluxe here. Weighs just over 9lbs. Plays and sounds wonderful. The only Les Paul I would NEVER sell.
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    Other Than Gibson; Fender; Gretsch; Rickenbacker; PRS, Your 3 Favorite Electric......

    Played? About everything Own besides Fender and Gibson that I like? REVEREND
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    A surprising turn of preference...

    Former Strat/Les Paul guy here too. Once that Tele sets it's hook you're not getting away. Welcome to the club. Still have the others and play them some but the Tele has become the solid number one.
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    Weirdest gigs you've played?

    Waaaay too many to mention but one comes to mind that also includes Elvis. I used to play for a seriously good Elvis impersonator(best paying gig I ever had. Always at least $225 per man per night, usually more.) Anyway we played the Out Charlotte dance. Nothing is more surreal than watching...
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    Fender Pro Junior

    The Pro Jr. is the only amp I've ever sold that I regretted later. Great little amp. Clean to mean with guitar volume, takes pedals wonderfully and is very loud for it's size. Easily gigable in most situations.
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    New wood... Can u ID this LP deluxe?..

    If it has the 6 digit serial number it's most likely pre 1975. I have a 71 and it has the best feeling neck I've ever played on a Les Paul. The neck is 3 piece mahogany.
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    GFS Pickups: How do they compare to Gibson and Fender?

    I've got the GFS Premium Alnicos in my Strat. They sound better than every other pickup I've tried and I've tried at least 4 different brands in this guitar. Not naming any names (Big Name Manufacturers). I was going to sell the guitar but it sounds so good now I'm keeping it. I don't know about...
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    Backup amp strategy

    I don't use many pedals so I added a Tech 21 Liverpool to my small pedalboard just in case. It's direct tone is very good. Started not wanting to take my larger rig to rehearsal so I bought a used Tech 21 power engine cabinet for $150. On a whim decided to try the pedal as a preamp through the...
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    EH Soul Food amazingly average

    I run two very Voxish rigs so that may account for my disagreement but the Soul Food is FRIGGIN' MAGIC through my rigs. ONE of the best light overdrive/boosts I've ever used.
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    The "I can afford more" but this setup kicketh @ss thread.

    The Bad Monkey is a GREAT sounding pedal if you use it right. I've been doing gigs lately with a tuner > EH Soul Food > Tech21 Liverpool > Ibanez DE7 delay > Tech21 Power Engine. I've got About $350 in the whole rig and it sounds FANTASTIC. I haven't taken my heavier MUCH more expensive tube...
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    If you could only use 3 pedals - which would they be?

    Tuner MXR Custom Badass Distortion (through clean amp) or EH Soul Food through a (dirty amp) Wait, do I have to use 3? ;)
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    I'm primarily a Tele/Strat guy but I have a Sensei HB that I LOVE. Yes, it feels very different from my usual fare but it is EXTREMELY light, plays great and sounds as good as any off the rack Les Paul/SG I've owned. TRY IT before you say no. You might be very pleasantly surprised. The contour...
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    Which tech 21 character pedal for cleans direct to PA in a live setting

    I've used the Liverpool and British direct with very good results. I like the Liverpool cleans a little better. I'm a tube amp guy all the way but the last couple of "quickie" gigs I've used a EH Soul Food into the Liverpool with a post LP delay into my Tech 21 Power Engine and the tone is...
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    Backup pedal/amp simulator

    Tech 21 Blonde, Liverpool or Leeds will do very nicely.
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    Why do a lot of guitarists who play Gibsons eventually move toward Strats?

    I started on an SG, moved to a Les Paul then Strat and Tele. These days my Les Paul sits for the most part. Strats and Teles are SOOOO much more expressive in my hands. They just make the sounds I want to hear. Nothing wrong with the Les Paul, it's just that Gibsons don't appeal as much to me...

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