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    8 Budget effects all guitarists should have tried out

    Surprised about the comment on the E-Lady above: I have one and it sounds quite good. Some other budget pedals that in my opinion can compete with many boutique products: Joyo Tremolo Modtone Aqua Chorus: actually one of my favorite chorus, and I had some of the best (providence, tortuga, ...)...
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    Less efficient Princeton Reverb speaker?

    The Jupiter 10SC is great and has a pretty low sensitivity.
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    Show Your Pedalboard: 2020

    Prepared this pedalboard for rehearsing with my jazz fusion band. 335 -> Xotic wah -> rockboard 3.1 pedalboard (koko boost with buffer on -> Octron Octaver -> Randy’s Revenge Ring Mod / tremolo -> Dover Drive -> Hybrid Fuzz Driver -> Timmy -> GE-7 modded -> Belle Epoch -> Slo Reverb) -> Korg...
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    So I bought a Xotic Wah - it's great...BUT

    One of the strangest thread I read since joining TGP 10 years ago... I get the point of the OP, yet it wouldn't cross my mind one second to complain about the wrong box for a used pedal (particularly not a collectible one). By the way, if think the Xotic Wah is one of the greatest wah ever. It...
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    Any fans of the mighty Broadcaster bridge pickup?

    I don't know if the bridge pickup of my 2000 Nocaster is a "broadcaster", but that pickup is a perfect combination of bite and muscle, I love it.
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    Boss LS-2 Line Selector with Marshall Jubilee

    I owned a LS-2 for a few months some years ago. The pedal wasn't transparent enough to my ears to keep it (I was hearing quite a loss of sparkle and high frequency with the LS2 in my chain). I've been using a One Control tri loop with better tone and transparency IMO.
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    Skreddy screw driver secret setting

    "Sharpness" on the Screwdriver and "Bass" on the Timmy do exactly the same thing: filter out some bass frequencies before going to the gain stage of the pedal; as you can hear it yourself, it changes more than just the bass amount of the output.
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    Skreddy screw driver secret setting

    Well the « sharpness » control, if that it is what you are talking about, is less a tone control than a setting of the distortion character of the pedal. The manual says that all the way back you will get « thick, fuzzy breakup », I guess that’s what you’re hearing. I would consider the «...
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    Fun Overdrive Shoot Out (Klones, Timmy, POT, Boosts, etc.)

    To the OP: great post ! I totally agree with you; I'm a fan of the Timmy since my first purchase of one 10 years ago. I own a TS mini since 2 years and it was quite a shock for me to realize how good it is. For around $200 you can have 2 of the best ODs on the market...
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    Greenbacks G12M, Creambacks M65 or Vintage 30 in a 2x12 open back cab?

    The creamback 65 is not dark at all. I love this speaker and that would be my recommandation.
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    Skreddy Screwdriver: what a beast

    On the HFD the pre-gain control acts more like a mid-range boost, so you can choose to set the HFD quite transparent or push the mids and gain. For me it makes it even more versatile than the screwdriver. But honestly i own a screwdriver, a HFD and a lunar module: they are absolutly brilliant...
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    Skreddy Screwdriver: what a beast

    Love it! Love the hybrid fuzz driver even more.
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    Timmy first? Timmy last?

    A timmy is a great booster of other pedals when used before them, but I think it is really unique and special when used at the end of the chain.
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    Timmy vs RC Booster?

    I owned both a Timmy and an a RC. To me, with gain low, the Timmy was more transparent and its EQ more effective than the RC. I thought the RC killed a little bit of the top end and added a bit of midrange. I still own a Timmy, it's a pedal more difficult to setup than the RC, but to my ears its...
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    question for Walrus Audio reverb experts

    I have both the Fathom and the SLO. It's worth having both...The SLO is fantastic, but it's a bit difficult to set it to be subtle and not obvious. I would say the Neunaber WET (I also have one) is in between.
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    Tube and Speaker recommendations for a PRRI

    Had a PRRI for 10 years, and went through a eminence copperhead (nice but a bit nasally in the midrange), a weber 10f150T (stayed almost 6 years with that one: very loud, balanced and thick sounding speaker) and put a Jupiter SC 2 years ago: I love the Jupiter, it brings more details and nuances...
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    R&B and Funk Players - Pick Preference

    1.5mm Gravity Classic Pointed. I sometimes use the rounder corner of the pick for really fast strumming (example: "I'm coming out").
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    I'll never sell my________pedal.

    I buy and sell a lot of pedals. But i never considered selling those since the day i got them: My Tim and Timmy My 3 skreddys (LMD, SDD, HFD) My Dawner Prince Boonar My Basic Audio Throbby
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    Show Your Pedalboard: 2020

    I really like the RDC, the blend control in particular opens a multitude of semi clean tones, that’s a big strength of that pedal. Yet I think it’s an overpriced pedal, as my skreddy HFD or my Keeley 1962x can offer tones just as good as s the RDC. Money aside, it’s a very good pedal.
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    Jetter GS 124 vs (original) Zendrive?

    I have both the Zen and the GS124: I like them both. The GS124 is way gainier, is fatter sounding: it's a very specific tone but I love it with a bridge humbucker. The GS124 is quite compressed, but it cleans up with the volume knob better than the zen. To me these 2 videos show particularly...
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    What is the best amp you have ever played??

    1964 Vox AC 30. Magic.
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    OD pedal with 335

    One of the great innovation of the Timmy was to provide a bass control before the gain section. Tube screamers do this, but the bass rolloff is fixed, not controlable. Those circuits give a less fuzzy overdrive tone by filtering bass before the drive section. Same for the skreddy screwdriver...
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    OD pedal with 335

    Pedals that provide a pre-drive bass control are great with 335s, particularly to get a good lead tone from the neck pickup: Timmy, Skreddy Hybrid Fuzz Driver, Skreddy Screwdriver are good examples. A tube screamer mini is also great in that setup.
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    Show Your Pedalboard: 2020

    Had to put back a Belle Epoch on my board, can't live without it for lead tones in particular (really adds a thickness and 3D quality to leads IMO): Other comments: 10 years with the Timmy: nothing gets close, really. That Korg volume pedal is great, I love it. The Walrus SLO reverb makes me...

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