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    NGD: Whitfill T Style Blackguard!!!

    congrats .... just two weeks ago i bought the same tele as yours from Charles. and I couldn't describe the tele any different or better than you did if fact it just gets better every day
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    Guitar strap recommendation

    i have 3 Italia Straps.. i love them.. i have others that cost twice what the Italia does and i enjoy the Italia over them all
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    beautiful... the last few recording you have posted shows you have stepped up your game
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    Quilter Overdrive 200 Speaker Recommendation:

    i had a tone block and moved tp a pro block 200 .... both amps worked great with evm 12L
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    Tuttle Classic S

    I agree with Morpeli
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    Greer Black Tiger delay is insane!

    I have been using a Black Tiger since they first came out think mine is in the first 100 made came in a coffee or oil can what i like best is how it respondes to how i pick,,, very inter active
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    Your best/favorite wah wah pedal?

    i have played a few whas that Joe Gagon built and I have a Faux Boomerang he built and I think his pedals are what wha pedals are all about
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    DT Jazz

    you always have nice tracks to play over your tone is always point on ... your playing is always a pleasure to listen too but this brought all that to another level
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    Amplified Nation Amps - What are your experiences?

    just a few weeks ago i got a Wonderland Overdrive 50 watt took me several days it learn and get to sounding to my likes i have been lucky to own some very truly amazing amps over the years, each was great for what it was, this amp is my game changer. i can dial it in to give me just any...
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    Quarantine Jazz (archtop content)

    this the music I love most,,,
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    Who plays Swamp Ash Strat?

    i have had strats and teles in ash and alder i like ash bodies best, for me ash is more vocal and has a wider tonal quality alder does project more, so i just turn the volume up a little
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    Ronin Foil Bucker(s)

    I have a Mirari, and I really enjoy this pickups,,explaining how they sound is not easy that are unique...the first year i had the guitar I only played it in single coil mode, now i only play in humbucker mode.. not really sure why that is. the output of the pickups are low. very close to my...
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    Guitar Brands & Models that are so consistent you can buy online, sight unseen

    I have to agree with most of the guitars listed so far, but I dont see LsL on the list strong contender
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    Is there a word to describe the sound of the Strat neck pickup tone?

    to me ,, the neck pup is "vocal sounding and throaty"
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    Live session I did

    I'm in with all the comments above,, as good as it gets
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    Your favorite guitar saying/quote...brief!

    Tone is in the Hands most popular saying on TGP
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    B'day Party for 1. Strat with gold foils and flat wound 12s

    I think the worlds needs to have and hear your music
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    NGD! And this Byrdland can sing...

    o yes that Byrdland is way cool in the early 70's I had a L5 and i flipped my neck pickup reason why... was because Wes Montgomery had his L5 neck pickup flipped truthfully it was a pain to do and I didnt notice any tone difference
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    No tone control on Strat bridge pickup

    even having the tone pot wired to the bridge pup,, many times, i still cant get the bridge pup dialed in to my taste now I do like the middle pup not to be wired to the tone pot, actually prefer this way
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    Tres Flores / Fusion

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    Which Dr Z for me?

    I have a Dr Z Therapy and play it thru a 1x12 cab with a Evm speaker i just plugged in my most powerful hum bucker pick up guitar dialed down the Z's master 8 0'clock and volume to 7 o'clock the amp still sounds great with and with out pedals i can talk over the amp at volume if that helps...

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