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    The "It's not a 412 but it is a big sounding 212" Thread

    I have this cab also and really dig it for what it is, a mid focused cab with a slight slant front, real wood and not mdf construction. It is not big and full but it is a very musically woody cab with the right speakers. For me that is the Celestion G1265 or the WGS ET65. When it comes to big...
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    Question for speaker Guru's

    Eminence FDM
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    Question for speaker Guru's
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    Marshall SL5 Combo vs Class 5 Combo - school me....

    Both really good years for music and tone!
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    Marshall SL5 Combo vs Class 5 Combo - school me....

    These are very different amps and the only thing they have in common is that they are both Single Ended Class A. From there the differences are obvious- C5 is a 1x10 - SL5 is a 1x12 C5 uses an EL84 - SL5 uses an EL34 C5 is a simple TMB non Master Volume single channel circuit with no FX - SL5...
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    Celestion Creamback 65

    new speakers are not broken in, especially celestions and some amps sound great right of the top with a new speaker, some dont I would play them hard and loud for weeks before making a decision
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    The crystal-lattice is for real

    Enlighten us, by all means :munch:drink
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    The crystal-lattice is for real

    I am in total agreement with you on all of these points, the circuit architecture is as important but I was just keeping it simple and included my comments were generalized. But is it not interesting that a tube based amp uses less componentry and therefore those designs are simple in comparison...
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    The crystal-lattice is for real

    It was a joke, the freedom comment especially when I said "with liberty and tone for all" Tube tone is not solely because of the tube in the circuit path, the OT plays a large part in shaping the tone along with the type of rectification. Finally there is the speaker/cab which imparts its...
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    What's the next step up from a Class 5?

    Very cool product and pricing!
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    The crystal-lattice is for real

    well there you go but if it wasn't/isn't, then its no different than a non true bypass pedal on the floor in front of the amp
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    What's the next step up from a Class 5?

    2 Class 5's and more efficient speakers for an incremental bump
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    The crystal-lattice is for real

    If this SS input on Dumbs and clones be it JFET or MOSFET is at the input, then is it a safe assumption it is not tasked with being an OD stage and I will assume is acting as a buffer/line driver/booster, no different than some pedals that do just that. Im guessing its primary purpose is to...
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    Cats Don't Like Tube Amps?

    Conclusion, CATS KNOW TONE
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    The crystal-lattice is for real

    Fragile Harmonics dont like collisions :stir they want to propagate freely with liberty and tone for all Old news, we tabled this yesterday, try to keep up
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    Marshall JCM900 MK III is????

    The 900 MKIII MV and the SL-X share this- Op Amp Buffered FX Loop Op Amp based Dual Master Volume Sensitivity control which dials in pre-amp saturation Where they differ- JCM900 Hi Gain Master Volume is short a gain stage and has diode clipping that is not switchable SL-X of course does not...
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    Slight warbled sound--what the heck is wrong with my amp?

    Any updates for us? Always curious about how these electrical system issues get resolved
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    Slight warbled sound--what the heck is wrong with my amp?

    The fans are putting noise on your homes electrical system branches because a fan is an AC motor and you are hearing its cycle as it draws current. You have a few options and this will require an electrician. Since each home has 2 distinct "legs" or branches of 120VAC that are delivered via...
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    JCM900 SLX Mods

    Here is that speaker plot thread and I forgot to mention, G12H55 hz That is the speaker with a lower resonant peak that is gonna be darker with more low / low mid emphasis. Also notice the Creamback 75 on the low end.
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    JCM900 SLX Mods

    Maybe you can audition a friends cab with something other than the GT75's just to get some perspective. I remember when this amp came out and at that time the Dual Rec came out. One had slash and grind, the other beef, so this just may be the nature of the beast and depending on how much more...
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    JCM900 SLX Mods

    SL-X owner reporting for duty. I have a '93 with EL-34's and can tell you the following- difficult to mod due to the PCB but changing a cap value here and there may not be so bad these amps bring the grind and are also more compressed tonally given the design where you have a Pre-Amp gain...
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    Have you ever played through a truly bad amp?

    I think its a rare occurence to have a flat out bad experience because to me that means unmusical but it does happen. I typically am successful at eeking out something useful from an amp but more importantly, in many situations changing speakers/cab can rescue a situation to where you have the...
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    NAD: JCM900 SLX

    What I dig about my 100 watt EL-34 SL-X....IT GOES TO 20
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    WGS is releasing an ET90

    my buddy has been playing my alchemist through my old marshall 1936 loaded with 2 ET-65s and am really liking what I hear. Am thinking the ET-90 will give that amp some beef that is lacking but yet retain the sweet mids and top end projection. I see a pair in my future
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    Classic Marshall circuit question...

    Thats a good point about Vol 2 and I find it to be useful when the input is not used between noon and 2:00 and I like a stepped approach to going from clean to rock to hard rock etc Clean is no pedals engaged and the guitar vol dialed back a bit Classic Rock with light to medium OD is either...