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  1. shuie

    Sold 2013 Fender AV reissue 1965 Stratocaster Shoreline Gold

    $1000 shipped in the US48, or would trade for a Vox AC15HW or Marshall 2061x
  2. shuie

    Sold 2013 Fender AV reissue 1965 Stratocaster Shoreline Gold

    SOLD AND SHIPPED 29323475164_747409b2d5_b by shuie posted Sep 26, 2016 at 4:42 PM 29323472484_df928d6354_b by shuie posted Sep 26, 2016 at 4:44 PM 29916491456_3f57e816d3_b by shuie posted Sep 26, 2016 at 4:45 PM 29323470274_4ccfe5704b_b by shuie posted Sep 26, 2016 at 4:50 PM...
  3. shuie

    Spitfire vs. 2061x

  4. shuie

    Spitfire vs. 2061x

    Can anyone here do an apples to apples comparison of a Matchless Spitfire and a Marshall 2061x? Anybody own both or have experience playing the same guitar through both? How do they compare? TIA
  5. shuie

    Dayton, OH shops

    Definitely!!!! Very cool shop. Thanks again everyone
  6. shuie

    Dayton, OH shops

    Thanks, guys. What else do you recommend between Cinci and Columbus? I fly into CVG or CMH every week and drive to Dayton to go to work. If there are other good shops between Dayton and either Columbus or Cincinatti I can check those out too. Im not really looking to buy anything. Maybe a...
  7. shuie

    Dayton, OH shops

    Im wrapping up a project in the Dayton, OH and I want to make sure I don't miss any good shops in the area befor I leave. I know about Mike's down in the Cincinatti area and I've been to the shop on Main in Fairborn (next to Foy's). Are there any other good guitar shops in this area? TIA
  8. shuie

    Scalloped Necks?

    I used to put scalloped Warmoth necks on all of my strats. That was when I liked really huge bridge cable strings and big frets. 10 years later I like small frets and small strings. Weird.
  9. shuie

    who is making 59 LP Clones

  10. shuie

    who is making 59 LP Clones

  11. shuie

    I need big bold LOUD cleans

  12. shuie

    Blackmore - "Lazy" tone !

    The part at ~2:18 where the guitar comes in is my personal most best favorite strat tone ever. Subscribed. I've always though it was just a great player with a big Marshall and a period strat.
  13. shuie

    52 tele with original case now worth 25k

    Arlington should be interesting this year.
  14. shuie

    Don Mare pickups for '62 Tele partscaster?

    I've had 10 different versions of his pickups in various guitars. I don't care what he has ever called them, if I ever need another tele pickup, I'll buy whatever Don Mare pickup I can get my hands on.
  15. shuie

    In need of a Black Limba neck blank

    Not sure how different the PRS scale is, but I'm pretty sure I could get two Gibson blanks out of it. Anyway, I think I got that board from a place called 'Imperial Tonewoods' (IIRC). It's been several years, but I think they were in Maryland, or maybe Virginia?!?!? I tried to Google them for...
  16. shuie

    In need of a Black Limba neck blank

    I've still got it. It's a nice board. Enough to make two necks. It's white limba, tho, and I don't really want to separate from the other boards.
  17. shuie


    I couple of months ago I bought a Clark Beaufort and a '57 Deluxe reissue and was able to A-B them a good bit using the same set of tubes and speaker. The Clark was much nicer looking inside. The Fender was A LOT easier to get my money back out of. Both amps really sounded great, IMO. I...
  18. shuie

    Anyone Else Tired Of Sunburst LP's?

    Yes, but I don't lose sleep over them.
  19. shuie

    Look at this Ebay ad ( $1,000,000 collection )

    Cheap advertising.
  20. shuie

    Who repairs old Fender Lap Steel PUs?

    I'd call Don Mare.
  21. shuie

    Show me your Black Les Paul!

    Same guitar. It was a B6 or B5 Bigsby, IIRC, no holes in the top. Cloud 9, also. Very cool Historic.
  22. shuie

    Show me your Black Les Paul!

    It had a Bigsby. Probably the same guitar you saw. I have no idea how many they made, but the guy I bought it from ordered it with this finish. Cool guitar. Resides in the UK these days.
  23. shuie

    Show me your Black Les Paul!

    not mine anymore, but here you go...
  24. shuie

    Acronym Hell!

    Too many TLA's. JMO. YMMV.
  25. shuie

    How many vintage guitars do you own?

    How many? More than I need, but not as many as I want :)

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