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    My long-winded explanatory tome about my life's journey.

    RussB, I remember those days. You do great work and are more of a tech than you give yourself credit for. I don't consider myself a tech and am a parts swapper most days, but have had my share of successes, due to good technical and mechanical abilities. As you know, most of the jobs don't...
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    how long is too long? waiting for amp repair/mods

    I agree completely Mike. Nothing wrong with calling one a month, but weekly takes too much time away from work when multiplied by X customers. Ultimatums don't work well either, the tech was clear that there would be a wait. Either wait until it's done or pick it up and find someone else.
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    My long-winded explanatory tome about my life's journey.

    Good luck in your latest venture. As you're getting out of amps, I'm getting in. It started as a hobby about eight years ago, fixing for friends, then friends of friends... Well, you know the rest. My story is much like yours, interest in electronics at a young age, some formal education along...
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    Good Daw and interface

    I use Reaper and a Focusrite Liquid Saffire 56 interface with a MacBook Pro and haven't had a single glitch, even with about 100 tracks and plugins open. Reaper works great, I came from Cakewalk and Pro Tools, and is very reasonably priced. I chose the Focusrite interface after trying a...
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    Whirlwind Director plus vs Radial Jdi

    They both work for their designed purpose. The Whirlwind is about half the price of the Radial, the Radial has a couple more features. I feel that the Radial is a better unit overall, if you can afford it, get it.
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    Marshall 2204/2203 owners- Need some input, please

    You might be able to find the combo version for a good bit less, 2104&4104, then put it in a headshell if you don't want to lug a 212 combo. I have an unmodified 4104, even has the original GE 6550 power tubes which still test at 100%, probably because they were biased at about 20 mA from the...
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    Inexpensive but decent Tele-style guitar?

    Another vote for Classic Vibe 50's Tele. Out of the box it was set up perfectly, in tune, plays and sounds great. Totally satisfied my jones and saved me a couple thousand bucks.
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    How To Get the 'Summer Heart' Sound?

    Maybe you could friend him on Facebook and ask directly. To me, after researching him, I'd guess that he used whatever was available in his computer DAW. Sounds kind of generic clean, with tons of reverb.
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    Unknown amps at every show

    Pedalboard and modeler. Use the board with Good/decent tube amps. Modeler with Solid State or direct.
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    Best value inexpensive Workstation?

    How about using a MIDI keyboard controller and virtual instruments. I think Logic has them already. A controller can be had for well under $300, for the most part. There's also EZ Keys, by the creators of EZ Drummer, which allows you to drag, drop and edit samples of a variety of styles. Hope...
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    JCM800 red-plating problem: I'm stumped. Need some expert advice.

    Thanks again!��
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    JCM800 red-plating problem: I'm stumped. Need some expert advice.

    Thank you Mr. Aiken, that's a great start!
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    JCM800 red-plating problem: I'm stumped. Need some expert advice.

    I experienced similar symptoms in a THD Flexi 50 a few years ago, turned out to be a bad P.I. tube. I was on the verge of digging into the amp to fix it, and realized that I didn't change it out in the scheme of basic troubleshooting, it is part of the power section after all and I was REALLY...
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    how good can a $80 homemade amp be? listen?

    Digging track 2 We are Letters, amp sounds great. Good songs, from what I've listened to so far. Not bad for $80 bucks.:) Nice job capturing the tone.
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    best marshall set up

    I have a TSL and sometimes run delay in the effects loop, that's it. The three channels and the volume on the guitar are plenty for covering everything from the 50's to current day. I run the speaker emulated line out to the P.A. if it needs to be mic'd up. My cab choices range from a 112, 212...
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    Best Marshall low watt amp

    I know you said 40 watts or less, but my vote is for a 1987 with PPIMV. It will give you from clean to scream in one package and you'll never be wishing for more if you're playing with a band.
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    Suhr - WTF?

    That's a beautiful guitar. I've been dying to get a Suhr, and with the Kramer beak style headstock, brings me back to the good old days. I have three original, now vintage I guess, Kramer's. They were my favorite guitars in the early 80's due to the Floyd trem, hotter pickups and excellent...
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    Sweep Pickers--- what is your favorite piece of sweep picking?

    +1 for Yngwie sweeps. Musical with clarity.
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    Seeking NOS 12AX7 recommendations for single-channel JCM 800

    My 2 cents, V1 Tungsram, V2&V3 Sylvania. I'm running this in my 4104, with RFT EL34's in the power section, it's dead quiet and sounds awesome. If you have a spare, known good tube, current production or old stock, try substituting it for each preamp tube, one at a time, to isolate if one tube...
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    I want to know your 2204 tips and secrets!

    I have a 1983 4104. Stock Celestion G12M-70 speakers, converted to EL34's. - What's your favorite way to boost the front end, and what pedal do you love do use for that? Menatone Blue Collar(much like a TS), Boss SD1, Time Machine Boost(Modern Clean Boost Side mostly) Just about anything can...
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    Clicking/Ticking Noise Coming From Marshall

    Swap V1 preamp tube with a new one and see if it goes away, if not then go down the line to rule out the pre tubes. I had a similar problem with a Groove Tubes Mullard reissue 12ax7. It's easy and worth a shot.
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    Bias on the Dunlop Eric Johnson Fuzzface

    The stock bias is about 3 volts. I set mine to 4.5 and like it more there. Bias pot is on the back side of the pcb.
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    The Unofficial THD Flexi, Univalve and Bivalve Thread.

    Wow, I wasn't aware that all this stuff happened. Maybe the cage amps will become collectible.
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    Audition for a dummy

    The Mbox should work with just about any DAW. Get the right drivers for it and you're set. Audacity and Reaper will do what you are looking for and cost nothing to very little. Which Mbox unit do you have?

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