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  1. Structo

    speaker hum from pro reverb

    Double check soldering on the new sockets and grounds. 120Hz hum many times is the power supply. Can also be the tubes as well.
  2. Structo

    Am I sanding the body right?

    The problem with aging a poly finish is, it is usually very thick, so dings and dents will not look that great with that finish.
  3. Structo

    Am I sanding the body right?

    It probably has a thick clear coat which is what you are sanding. I have only relic'd a Strat that I painted with nitro lacquer. On that one, I used some fine steel wool and a green Scotch pad.
  4. Structo

    Why Do Old Tubes Sound Better?

    Didn't read all but a few that seemed to say something similar as I. Something that is sometimes forgotten about tubes is, as a tube ages, they will lose their treble response over time. Especially preamp tubes. It happens slowly so you may not notice the change or if you do you just turn the...
  5. Structo

    What does the DC resistance of a pickup mean?

    The DC resistance of a pickup is kind of a lay term, because a pickup which is an induction device will vary in impedance along with the frequencies. DC resistance is simply the resistance you would read with a Ohm meter. The more wire wrapped around the core, the higher the DC resistance. So...
  6. Structo

    Electrical wiring for music room/studio...

    You should run 12-2 romex on 20 amp breakers, like a kitchen circuit but minus the GFI. Place the receptacles about six foot apart. I suppose if you ran the 12-2 through conduit (which is grounded) would be a good way to shield the power wires.
  7. Structo

    Sometimes I wish it was simpler...(speaker content)

    Sometimes I wish is was simpler
  8. Structo

    WGS ET-65 Too much bass?

    Also depends on the location of the spkr cab. If it sits in a corner, then yes, more bass. If it is back against a wall, more bass.
  9. Structo

    Being in tune

    Having grown up playing in an orchestra, I have a hard time listening to anything out of tune. But we always tuned by ear with the reference tone (A) coming from first chair violin. And that violin was usually tuned to a piano or tuning fork. Anybody ever notice how much Jimi Hendrix's guitar...
  10. Structo

    Is it possible for electrolytic caps to break-in/burn-in?

    I would be more apt to say that if the tubes are new in a new amp, they will sound the worst when first used. Tubes tend to lose their high frequency response first as they wear. Maybe what we are hearing is just the tube wearing a bit at first then settling into what they will sound like from...
  11. Structo

    Playing Solos "like the record" IS important!

    Let's not forget also the importance of a good front man or woman. If they can't sing a reasonable facsimile of the song, then there are more problems than the notes.
  12. Structo

    Great Bands You Saw Before They Got Famous

    James Gang, ZZ Top, Fleetwood Mac and probably more I can't think of. These shows were at our local armory.
  13. Structo

    Playing Solos "like the record" IS important!

    I agree that cover bands should try to match the recording so people attending can recognize the song and dance to it. I remember reading a story about Ronnie Van Zant, that he required the guitarists to play note for note the same as the record. He wanted to satisfy his fans with the best...
  14. Structo

    Humbuckers in a Strat

    I like the Lonestar Strat setup. Humbucker in the bridge and single coils in middle and neck.
  15. Structo

    Help Idenifying this Amp Cabinet?!

    What does the label inside say?
  16. Structo

    My guitar is out of tune when I use a capo

    Up close to the fret with the capo. If you put it in the middle between frets it will make the strings sharp. Especially with jumbo frets. Many different capos available these days. If you have jumbo frets, it is even more important to have the capo near the upper fret.
  17. Structo

    Vibrato. Does it prolong or shorten sustain?

    Vibrato or tremolo?
  18. Structo

    Any Clever Ideas for Organizing/Storing Tubes?

    I use the white boxes too for my NOS and lightly used tubes. I have many more preamp tubes than power tubes so I only catalog my preamp tubes. Then I mark them with the test results and assign a number to that box and tube. So at a glance I can see the tube designation and if it is a short...
  19. Structo

    Any tips on tuning a guitar with a Floyd Rose?

    I always used some type of wedge, like a Popsicle stick or similar to put under the rear of the bridge plate to maintain the bridge angle. Do that before removing the old strings.
  20. Structo

    Mark V rattle

    It's probably filament rattle. But hearing it at idle is strange. Take a known good preamp tube (12ax7?) and substitute it for each tube to see if you can pin it down. What brand of tubes are you using?
  21. Structo

    Fender strat 1958 relic scraping noise issue

    Static electricity. Wipe it with a dryer sheet and it will subside.
  22. Structo

    Amp noise

    Most amps that are high gain will hiss more than other lower gain amps. Pros learn how to ride the volume knob on the guitar to cut hum or hiss.
  23. Structo

    9 Biggest myths about cables musicians should know about

    I heard a similar story except the testers used coat hanger metal for speaker cables. I think the story has moved into folklore territory.
  24. Structo

    Vintage amp safety question here...

    Don't use a screwdriver to short out caps unless you want to arc weld.
  25. Structo

    How often are you using individual monitor mixes with wedges?

    Yep, pro players don't need too much if they are tight with each other. The more monitors, mixes and volume on stage, the muddier the sound will be in FOH.

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