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  1. GregoryL

    Chord Grip question - how would you play it?

    For solo guitar, I’d want R 3 7 b9 With a bass player, I’d leave out the root. With a band I’d usually leave out the b9 as well and mainly cover the 3 and 7.
  2. GregoryL

    RIP Justin Townes Earle

    Sad. We play his ‘Harlem River Blues’ record in our home all the time.
  3. GregoryL

    Fender American Professional series to be discontinued...?

    Fingers crossed for stainless steel frets unlikely, I know, for this series
  4. GregoryL

    mastering software recomendations

    Izotope Ozone is excellent.
  5. GregoryL

    Recommend my next purchase

    I like the larger monitor reco as well. Think about your current workflow - what are you spending more time doing, which could be reduced: - fiddling with mix decisions, then monitors or headphones. - latency issues? Then your interface. - pecking out keyboard parts or drum edits on the midi...
  6. GregoryL

    Online emulations of famous delays?

    Definitely check out Soundtoys Echoboy
  7. GregoryL

    Any love for Mudhoney around here?

    ‘I’m Now’ is a great documentary of the band, and is streaming on Prime.
  8. GregoryL

    NGD: Collings I-35 LC

    Congrats - love my I35LC as well, just amazing instruments in every way.
  9. GregoryL

    Morningstar question

    Thank you!
  10. GregoryL

    Morningstar question

    At 6:55 in this video, there’s a great walk-trough on how to toggle a parameter for Reverb mix from 30% to 80%. Is it possible to toggle in this way, but to change two parameters - Mix AND Decay? I’d like to go from a fairly standard reverb to an ambient verb, using the same HX Stomp reverb...
  11. GregoryL

    HX Stomp

    #1 - No, I’d suggest building presets based on unity gain, setting the volume knob so the signal is the same when the Stomp is bypassed and when individual blocks are bypassed (except for blocks intended to boost volume). #2 / #3 - Sorry, can’t help w these as I don’t use an effects loop. #4 -...
  12. GregoryL

    Reliable Dealers outside the USA

    12th Fret and Folkway Music in Canada.
  13. GregoryL

    Suhr Classic T Antique - Suitable for hard rock?

    Well it’s a single coil in the bridge, so inconsistent with each of the bands mentioned. But, Tom Morello plays a single-coil tele primarily and gets plenty of ‘grunt’. So, I think it comes down to whether or not you like it.
  14. GregoryL

    What's the oldest piece of gear in your current rig?

    ‘74 Princeton Reverb Only had it for about 15 years - bought cheap before prices went through the roof on old PR’s. Main amp though for a long time now and still love it every time I plug in.
  15. GregoryL


    I played this CD and only this CD in my car for more than a year in my early 20’s. Still love it and play it regularly - desert island pick for me, without question.
  16. GregoryL

    Usefulness of keyboard

    Keys are one of several components of solid musicianship. You could make a strong argument for focusing on reading, drumming, or singing, over keys, but ultimately they’re all important.
  17. GregoryL

    1966 Fender Princeton Reverb - Father's Day Present

    Really nice - looks like it’s in great shape.
  18. GregoryL

    Who is actually paying 8k for a i-35?!

    Respectfully, the issue with your posts isn’t wording, it’s that opinion is being put forward as fact. Perfectly acceptable to have strong opinions (most of us here do), but stating as fact is likely to ruffle some feathers. I’m admittedly a Collings fan, and have purchased and kept 4 models...
  19. GregoryL

    How do you like the new Harmony Guitars?

    I think these look fantastic. The price seems pretty reasonable to me for a U.S. made instrument with a Mono case included as standard.
  20. GregoryL

    Less talked about iconic strats

    Lowell George
  21. GregoryL

    Well, I finally got the Great River ME1NV

    Preamp vs preamp on one track is one thing - wait til you use the GR to build up several tracks, compared to your previous preamp. That’s where the difference will shine through. Love the GR.

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