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    Helix 2.0 vs original Helix

    You guys are gullible consumers, buying the latest thing on the market. True mojo came from the original POD 1.0. So many classic records were cut from that gem. You're going to have to pry the three I own from my cold, dead hands.
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    Please help a cultural ignoramus: Jazz Ballads?

    Hey guys, I'd like to enlist your help with regards to discovering a new genre for me. I asked a question about The Black Crows earlier, and ya'll were extraordinarily helpful, so I'm sure you guys can help me with this: I bought Oscar Peterson's "For Lovers" album a while ago, and I've always...
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    So why are good quality IRs only available in high end modellers?

    There are many on this forum who say the L6 HD cabs are no good. I respectfully disagree. The cabs in the HD units are perfectly fine and sufficiently tweakable. If you cannot get a good tone out of your HD unit, yes, you can tweak the tone with 3rd party IRs. But the unit itself has plenty of...
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    iLoks are a hassle - are they worth it for the software developers?

    But it's really a one-time purchase (depending on how many computers you use). I'm fine with paying $50, one time, to ensure that the plugins makers I like are able to stay in business. I much prefer the ilok to cloud-based or computer-based authorisation, especially when going from computer...
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    Marshall Plexi Super Lead Plugin

    hah, that's what's great about TGP: the variety of opinions. I am in love with the Jimi pack. :red I love the silvertone. I love the fuzz face. What would you recommend for a plexi model?
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    Marshall Plexi Super Lead Plugin

    I'm going to place my vote, as an Apollo user, for no, the UAD stuff isn't worth it in my mind. Do they have outstanding plugins? Yes. But the cost of entry to use the plugins is just too high compared to other offerings out there. Your DSP will run out very quickly if you have a duo. A quad...
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    Anyone gigging with a HD500 and Stagesource Speakers

    Keep us updated! I'm interested as well.
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    Line 6 2.6 Model Packs

    The clipping in that video (I'm not sure if it's yours or not) sounds a bit different, more akin to bad gain-staging during the recording. Perhaps too much gain into the DAW or into the I/O. I could be wrong :-\ I will agree that the sound clips in the thread linked has a very noticeable clip...
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    Line 6 2.6 Model Packs

    Same here. I just got myself an HD Pro, and adjusting the Master has given new life to some amps that were head-scratchers. I used to remedy the problems with cab and mic changes, but doing so makes me compromise the special character of the original amp and cab combo. Also, the cab and mic...
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    Line 6 2.6 Model Packs

    Hah, I deleted my response, seeing that three of us responded to your question at the same time. Hooray, internet!
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    Line 6 2.6 Model Packs

    The Fawn AC is not like the AC30TB in the older generation stuff. It's much cleaner, so the light-picking-clean to the hard-picking-dirt probably won't be there (as far as I remember). I was a big fan of the old version AC30TB too, and I frequently use that model when recording with plugins. The...
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    Line 6 PODHD Screamer overdrive is really really good

    I've said this several times before, and I'm sure some of you are sick of me saying this, but... Back then I paid a whole lot of money for an Analogman True Vintage Mod TS-808. I was sold on the NOS "mojo" parts and marketing. At that time, I already had an m13, and when I brought the two to a...
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    Pod Vintage Models - Peter Anderson

    How does it sound/play? Do you like it?
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    New to Black Crowes: What's your favourite album?

    I just looked at the price of the Lost Crowes album. It's fetching for $40 used. That's insane!
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    New to Black Crowes: What's your favourite album?

    I am new to the Black Crowes. After watching the performance on Conan (By Your Side), let's say that I'm a fan. What is your favourite studio album in their discography? Why? I'm planning on buying two albums, and I'd like to see what you guys think. Thanks!
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    It happened again - POD HD500

    Another voice for the quality of the fx in the m-series. The most noteworthy is when I compared the Analogman Modded True Vintage TS-808 with the TS in the m-13. I expected the TS-808 to blow away the model, after all, AM put in the "mojo" with all those NOS parts, right? Well, the m13 sounded...
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    pros and cons of the different JTV models

    Does anyone think the 69's piezo response is a bit "plunk"-ier with the modelling than the fixed-bridge 59's? Though I haven't tried a 59, I do find the Twang and Spank models to be "plunk"-ier than the pickups. Will a trem-el-no help? I should also note that my model has a maple neck and...
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    Line 6 and Yamaha at NAMM 2015

    In my experience, adjusting the Rez and Thump really makes a significant difference. I had been doing that for a while now, and then decided to buy into the "3rd party IR" hype. I do not consider 3rd party IR's a good investment, as the problems with the HD cabs are remedied via the Rez and...
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    Guitar Rig, Amplitube, Revalver, softTube, line6, scuffhamamps.......

    For software sims, I use Amplitube. I have the entire suite, outside of the individual amps/pedals/mics you purchase from the Custom Shop. It's been my main home and studio rig for a year now. It's got good feel, great selection of tone-shaping tools, and a great GUI. I highly recommend...
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    Line6 POD HD500X owner questions

    The HD500 is an excellent product. It's convincing sound, flexibility, and form factor make it a must-have unit for my needs. To answer the OP's questions: Yes, pickup characteristics come through with the new models. Yes, the cleans are very good. I haven't had any "fizz" problems from my...
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    Pod HD

    I've been going direct for years. This way is very dependent on a good monitor/sound engineer. If I had a choice and more money, I would add my own FRFR. I was a small-fry at the performing group I was in, so all I could bring with me in our tours was one guitar and the HD500.
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    Variax and HD500(x)

    1) Did you get rid of any other guitars? How many did it replace? Yes, an SG. The other guitars I own are irreplaceable. 2) Did it scratch your itch to have one of every guitar known to man? Yep. It's amazing how the Strat feels like a start, and then switch to a 335 and it feels like a 335...
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    Line6 JTV Variax Guitar blowout

    I never thought I would love my 69 as much as I do. It's really fun to play this guitar, because I will be jamming with the mag pickups, and then think, "I want to jam with an acoustic guitar." Just flip a knob, change a couple amp settings and I'm there, with another hour of inspiration. Then I...
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    Kinda miss my old M13..

    I miss mine as well. Even with an HD500, the m13 is one helluva great multifx board.
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    Sound engineer has issues with AXE--suggestions?

    I think you've said enough. As the sound engineer it's up to him to work with what he's got. He has someone playing from the axe and wants to use the direct out, he better work with it.

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