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    What Was Your Most Problematic Amp?

    Mine was a Bad Cat Tone Cat. I think I got it in 2007 or 2008. Being in Canada getting the amp and then getting service was next to impossible. I wanted this amp so bad. Any way I finally got one and if I recall it was almost 4,000.00 Canadian. It had power tube rattle the first time I...
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    Burst D'Addario Humidity pack

    Thanks for the reply J Klotz. They are new from Sept this year. I buy new ones every 4 months. I just found a link to Taylor Guitars to see their thoughts as well. I'll post back when they reply.
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    Burst D'Addario Humidity pack

    Hi Folks; I just opened my guitar case pulled out the packs and one of the packs has burst and has spilled inside the guitar. Should I simply just let it dry out or is there some chemical in the mixture that is damaging to wood. If this is the case should I try and whip it out with a moist...
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    Celebration Day Amps

    Thanks for the info. brianf
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    Celebration Day Amps

    What are the two heads between the Orange stack and Marshall Stack? Thanks brianf
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    Pickup Rewiring

    Oppps. Forgot to photograph a before photo. I am changing pots and caps in my R7. I am using Wagner Fillmores. There are three wires coming out of the grey pickup cable. There is a red, a black and a uncoated multistrand wire. What to do??? I know the bridge pickup gets wired to the third...
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    Victoria 5E3 20112 vrs Fender 5E3

    I did some searching online and it looks like the Fender was within 100.00 of the Victoria when it was avail. brianf
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    Victoria 5E3 20112 vrs Fender 5E3

    We used the 12AX7 in 1st position and 12Ay7 in the 2nd position on both amps. brianf
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    Victoria 5E3 20112 vrs Fender 5E3

    That is a nice You Tube clip. Funny thing is they both seem very bright but my guess is it's the Tele's brightness and my poor computer speakers. brianf
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    Victoria 5E3 20112 vrs Fender 5E3

    That we did not get a chance to do although it would not have taken long at all. The Fender was plugged into the Vicky cab. We used the Victoria's Jensen as it has a fair bit of use. The Fender looked like it had never been played and we thought the sound would be nicer and a bit more real...
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    "Vox in a Box" for black face amps

    I have an 8 knob TBIAC from Menatone. It is the one with the pinkish finish and the picture of a spring popping out of a can as a graphic. Also have the Tech 21 Liverpool. Now I have never played a vintage Vox of any type but have played (not owned) a couple of re-issues like an AC 30 and the...
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    Victoria 5E3 20112 vrs Fender 5E3

    This topic has been debated here time and time again but last week got to do the side by side test over a couple of day period. The Victoria is mine and has the Jensen 12" P12Q. The Fender was the recent reissue tweed and the dealer that loaned it to me got it on trade and thought it was about...
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    Fulltone GT500

    Other than color is there a difference in the Grey vrs. Red GT500? Thanks brianf
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    General Tube Question

    I hear you. I hate tube rattle. Short of new tubes try the Criatura Tube rings. They sell them at the Tube Store. These REALLY Work. They are expensive though. I have bought them in several sizes. I guess that is the problem with combo amps. You...
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    New Victoria 5112

    I have owned a few Victoria over the years including the 518 Champ. I only have the Bandmaster 3 x 10 (35310) now. The Victoria Champ is stellar with the 8" so yours with the 12 must be A1. You are correct about the workmanship. These amps are truly built so well. The covering is...
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    Most Expensive Amp You've Ever Bought?

    Badcat Tone Cat Combo brianf
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    Strobo Clip Users

    Are any Strobo Clip users having problems with their unit? I'm on my 2nd one. Dealer exchanged the first. I'm getting very different results when I test it against my Strobostomp. Both settings are the same. A 440 , Guitar Temperment, Strobo clip on either the Norm or SUS setting. Brand...
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    Line 6 MM4 in an effects loop

    I read on another forum that the 4 button Line six stomps cannot be put in an effects loop? Is this true? I have been placing mine in a loop for years. Thanks for any info. brianf
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    Taylor 614CE sounds like a dead banjo

    Wow. Talk about strange things happening from such a simple little event!!! I did not know but my son had replaced the batteries in the expression system the night I had last played it. Since the batteries do not fit very tight and can rattle around I always do a wrap of paper around them...
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    Taylor 614CE sounds like a dead banjo

    Out of the blue I have developed a problem with my 614CE . On the A string from the 7th to the 10th fret it sounds like a dead banjo. This is also on the D string from the 1st fret to the 5th. Just dead. I have replaced the strings with the same Elixers as always and even tried a set of...
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    Street Fightin Man Tuning

    Let me know. Thanks!!! brianf
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    Street Fightin Man Tuning

    Is this song Open G capo'd at the 4th fret? Thanks brianf
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    Open G Tuning

    Excellent. Thanks brianf
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    Video Lesson: Can't You Hear Me Knockin' (KEEF)

    Lots of fun. Many thanks for doing this!!!! brianf
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    Open G Tuning

    I am just starting to get my son into some alternate tunings and since I play a lot of Stones tunes started him on open G. Is there a chord chart anywhere on the web that shows open tuning positions for minors, 7ths, 6ths etc. I cannot find any at all. Thanks brianf

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