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    Portable Speaker

    I've bought my wife a couple of pairs of Tweakers. They work pretty good but the connecting cable is thin and wears out. Soundwise they are decent for little tiny speakers.
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    Whats your favorite Elvis movie?

    A lot of the King's movies were so similar. Pretty standard formula, hot chick, goofy sidekick, nemisis of somekind, and a race to win. That said, I love Clambake. Viva Las Vegas is a close second. Scott
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    Anyone using a Blues Junior live???

    I've gigged with mine a lot. I just did an outdoor backyard Halloween party with mine. It wasn't micd or anything. Just crank the drive and use the volume knob to vary the gain. I hit it with a clean boost for some solos. It's a great little amp. Scott
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    What's your #1 modulation or "flavor pedal" for in front of an amp?

    I have all of the main swirly pedals in my bag at all times as well as a delay,boost, and distortion. I find myself using a vibe most of the time in front of the amp. Phaser would be second for me. I usually like chorus and delay in the loop though. Scott
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    Mesa Boogie now has pedals once again! (MERGED)

    It seems everyone is getting into the pedal game. Bogner has a line and now Mesa/Boogie. These are not tube like the bottle rocket or v twin. I checked out the video samples and they sound pretty good. Strange things are a foot...
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    Lenny Kravitz performance at Pats vs Jets game

    I don't think any performance at any major sports event is ever live. There are just too many potential issues to deal with. They have to pull out a stage and set it up in a short amount of time. There is no way that they would get the whole thing up and running, mic'd and all. It's been...
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    What is a cover song you never want to hear ever again ?

    Damn that's half of our first set :) I agree with most of these although Tush and Really got me don't hurt me too much. Scott
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    Do you find you're naturally much better at one thing on guitar than another?

    I find that playing poorly and out of tune just comes so easy. The playing in tune and tastefully is a struggle. :dude
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    Who here has tried to like modelers but ended up going back to tube gear?

    I live in both worlds. I gigged a Line 6 spider for a few years. I went back to tubes when I got a steal on a Boogie MKIV combo. Prior to that my tube rigs were all head/cab or rack and cab setups. I bought the spider because I wanted a quick grab and go set up for a cover band I joined. I...
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    Guitars you've regretted selling

    I had a 69 SG when I was a teenager. I sold it in 89 to fund the purchase of an amp. It was the 80s and I didn't think I had much use for it. :jo:jo:jo:jo:jo:jo:jo:jo:jo:jo:jo:jo:jo:jo:jo:jo:jo:jo:jo
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    DOD Overdrive Preamp 250 OD Please stop arguing now. :jo
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    Curiously strong?

    I guess I get the whole storing picks in them thing. I personally prefer 3 or 4 in my handy dunlop mic stand pick holder and a few more on top of the amp for safety. I guess it makes sense to stock it with picks so you always have them at a gig. scott
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    Pick Punch - Make your own Pics

    I have one. Most gift cards are about the same thickness as a fender medium. I've gigged with Pick Punch pics. Scott
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    Things that drive you bonkers in gear videos...

    OK so everyone here who posted their complaints is gonna put their money where their mouth is right? Post up some of your own gear videos otherwise just appreciate the ones you like and move past the ones you don't. It's not like your paying to see these. Scott
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    A fellow TGP'er stuck me with a bad guitar? But he hasn't posted here for 6+ months

    Sorry. If you didn't take the opportunity to go over it, plug it in, and check it out first, you're loss. He's kind of a douche for trying to sell a crappy guitar without discosing anything but still, I would never hand the cash, guitar,whatever until I was certain the piece I was getting was...
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    EVERY delay I have tried does this! ugh...

    I have the same problem with my Flashback but it's intermittant. When the LED is lit, I get this delayed sound. When it's not lit, it sounds fine. Kinda strange.
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    What would a Guitar Center bankruptcy do to the music retail business?

    Guitar Dave, sorry to burst your bubble and call ******** but I worked in the Clareton drive offices. The company was not run like a 3rd world country. The company grew faster than it could acquire proper office space for. You can't just up an leave when you have a lease. The only option was...
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    EJ tone in a pedal - surprise

    Ok so the guy says he gets EJ tone, pretty damn close in my opinion. But why the reverb comments. EJ's tone is slathered in delay and verb all the time. Just sayin, sounds convincing to me. Scott
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    Blown away by a cheep OD pedal today

    Yeah Demarco can come off a little cheesy but he's got some talent. Check this one out.
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    Drew Zingg's amazing cd on band camp.

    I agree that the price is prohibitive. The pre-sale higher price works with big name artists who usually pack that pre-sale with extras for the higher price. $20 for any one CD/MP3 album is a bit much for my tastes.
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    What's more important - your sound, or your look?

    It's all important. You can't look great and sound like crap. On the other hand, people see you before they hear you so you have to at least look somewhat appealing. Even in a weekend warrior cover band situation. Tan shorts, sandals with socks,and a t shirt just seem a little off. Scott
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    Best Album of 1986

    Master of Puppets is definitely up there. I really liked Cinderella's Night Songs. That was way more rockin than their image led you to believe. Scott
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    Randy Rhoads, VH and Boston tone matches

    Those would be just fine for the cover band gig. Nice work. Scott.
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    Self-Taught Home Recording Need Feedback/Advice

    Screw the pitchy vocals crap. If it's an honest performance and has soul don't fix it with autotune. That's just my opinion. I agree that the strings sound a little synthetic but that may be because the rest of the song is so organic. I like it. I like the vibe. I can hear all the...

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