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  1. sahhas

    Most unique 90’s guitar tone

    Started listening to janes addictions ritual de la habitual yesterday.... wow Dave navarros guitar playing is so good on that album!!!!!!
  2. sahhas

    It's back! EHX Green Russian Big Muff

    I love mine!!! It’s awesome!!!
  3. sahhas

    Most unique 90’s guitar tone

    i suppose I like Tool as much as the ave person, i have undertow and Aenema on CD, been meaning to get the others to fill out my collection, just haven't gotten around to it...the other day i decided to listen to some of Opiate, and when i got to Cold and Ugly: i was like: HOLY SH*T, that...
  4. sahhas

    Steve Vais new look? (Cut his hair, and grew a beard)

    he looks pretty good for 60!!!!!
  5. sahhas

    Headstock Decal Ideas for Partscasters

    i've always wanted to build some type of replica and mangle "fender Stratocaster or Telecaster" in some way....never have done it yet... always trying to think of some funny way to recombine the words.....probably more of a mental game than something i would do...but maybe someday......
  6. sahhas

    Tom Jones is spectacular

    Tom sang a song that was written by a friend of mine:
  7. sahhas

    Let's talk about the 80s again....

    i will have to go through this thread and listen to some stuff.... i still love to listen to Living Colour's "Vivid" and Tin Machine's 1st those albums and still listen to them often!!!!!
  8. sahhas

    Brian Eno's essay "The Studio as a Compositional Tool"

    thanks for posting this, have saved it and will read later! was thinking of Eno this week when someone posted the thread about Frippertonics.....
  9. sahhas

    50 years since Jimi died.

    in the pop music world, 5 years is forever!!!!!
  10. sahhas

    Is my strat body a goner?

    Reeves Gabrels prototype Parker NiteFly the body broke when they were on tour (Bowie) in South America back in '1997, right down the middle, and his tech just glued it up overnight....i think he thought it would last a bit longer and then fall apart....but he still has it, and have seen some of...
  11. sahhas

    50 years since Jimi died.

    weird to think it's been 50 years....he would have been 77, turning 78 this year.... i would have been 6 at the time....discovered him when I went to college in '82! love his music....
  12. sahhas

    One of Zappas best performances!

    thanks for clarifying , i couldn't remember the exact details....just remember some FZ interviews of him talking about it....
  13. sahhas

    One of Zappas best performances!

    for some reason on the last tour everyone ganged up on the bassist, and made things unbearable, so FZ pulled the plug on the tour.... short story as I remember
  14. sahhas

    Let's talk about the 80s again....

    i'm currently reading the Simon Reynolds Book: Bring the Noise. it's not entirely about the 80s, but it starts in the late 80s....and honestly it's kind of interesting to read b/c he's got more of an "English" side of things....not so USA-centric....but I mean i did just read his review of...
  15. sahhas

    Who was the best MTV VJ?

    Martha Quinn, hands down.
  16. sahhas

    One of Zappas best performances!

    i just recently found out there is a book about Zappa's last tour....and how it derailed....i've been meaning to get it to read!
  17. sahhas

    What is the longest guitar solo?

    just looked it up, b/c i was curious, Quora says this: On The Song Remains The Same, Jimmy Page’s guitar solo is effectively 28 minutes, as the song is just a frame for it. However, I’ve known bands where the lead guitarist would have gone on all night if the other members had let him. I...
  18. sahhas

    What is the longest guitar solo?

    wow, i wonder, never really thought about it....wonder what it is???
  19. sahhas

    Is Frippertronics possible with the FX we may already have?

    i used to have a DD-20 years ago, that had 23 sec of delay, and i know at the time there were plenty of folks who could mimic the Fripp stuff using one. I also have a digitech DL8, and the 8 sec of delay works fine for doing such things. my current set up is a Digitech Obscura (2 sec of delay)...
  20. sahhas

    Is anyone here still listening to the 80s Shrapnel releases?

    i used to have this on Vinyl: and listened to it a lot in the 80s!!!!! i really loved the pic of the Kramer on the back cover!!!! so wanted one of those!!!!!! did get one in the fall of '92 for cheap!!!! edit: here is the back cover: at the time i had 2 so-so off-brand super
  21. sahhas

    Is anyone here still listening to the 80s Shrapnel releases?

    Craig Erickson is from my hometown, Cedar Rapids, IA, i used to see him all the time when i went to the music store his parents owned called "the music loft"...and i had taken guitar lessons there back when i was in 5th grade for the school year (long ago). but Craig was always nice, and...
  22. sahhas

    Hendrix best live tracks

    i will say back in the late 80s at a midnight movie showing, i got to see Hendrix at Monterey in a theater, and they had the little documentary before it with Paul McCartney talking about Hendrix playing Sgt Peppers on a Sunday night in London after the Beatle's Sgt Pepper album had been...
  23. sahhas

    Fender, uh, mistake?

    maybe you can get it cheaper since it's missing the "R"???
  24. sahhas

    What do you consider to be Jeff Beck's finest work?

    i like all the Beck albums that i have: Guitar Shop Who Else? You Had it Coming Jeff i also really like Flash, i know he's kind of written it off, but there is some great stuff on there. I still listen to it. Used to have: Truth, Beck-ola, and There and Back, and liked them too!
  25. sahhas

    Mark Knopfler's tone on "So Far Away"

    wow, never knew that...always liked that song!

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