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    I'm sure this has been asked before....

    The Esquire control plate assembly is a bit pesty to wire up, but you could probably find a place that sells them prewired. I would have had an easier time wiring mine if I hadn't used 630V caps I had for amps. Regular ceramic caps would have worked just fine, maybe even better. I imagine...
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    TV yellow Gibson SG

    Nice I wouldn't pay that much. That finish probably only comes on a VOS.
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    Why does the STOCK TELE WIRING sound thicker/meatier?

    You don't say specifically what was done. If you don't want the sound of a guitar to change, don't change anything. Especially the wiring. If you need to upgrade parts because the originals aren't dependable, but you don't want to change the sound, then use better parts, with the same values...
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    Show us your Teles - with humbuckers (p90s come on in too)!

    Cool cabinet. I have to go listen to some Chambers Brothers now! Ooohh! They sensored their song to for Ed Sullivan! Cool performance anyhow.
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    Show us your Teles - with humbuckers (p90s come on in too)!

    Nice! Wayfaring Stranger was pretty cool. Is Rice Custom build some banjos sometime?
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    Show us your Teles - with humbuckers (p90s come on in too)!

    I was wondering why I couldn't find that one anywhere! I was wondering what that was, so I checked around some of the usual online places, and couldn't find it. Cool first electric! Way better than my first one. Mine was some horrendously bad SG knockoff.
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    Gibson Outsourcing necks, bodys????

    What's in that picture is a fake. If that matters to you. But it's not like that'll make or break the sound of the guitar. They're making copies of vintage guitars, not the real thing.
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    Gibson Outsourcing necks, bodys????

    Don't try to read that into what I said. This is a rumor, and nothing more than a rumor. It needs to be treated like one.
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    Gibson Outsourcing necks, bodys????

    That's interesting. I can't think of a good way to actually check up on this. I don't think asking them will do any good. If it actually is true, some hard evidence should show up. Much as I don't like the post/Norlin Gibson, this sounds like nothing more than a rumor.
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    Tele cap wiring ????

    I do it like this a lot with Telecasters. This one used 1meg pots, and a treble bleed cap. The tone pot was fed with the volume pot's input terminal. If you wanted to, you could use 250K pots. You could feed the tone pot with the volume pot's output terminal, and that'd help maintain the...
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    Where to buy a Les Paul style body & neck?

    That'd be fun. I can't recall anyone offering setneck bodies and necks. Someone in the Duncan forums came up with a link for a place that makes templates Warmoth offers bolt-on versions of Les Pauls, but that's a rather questionable way to build a Les Paul...
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    Show us your Teles - with humbuckers (p90s come on in too)!

    Cool bridge. That oughta have a good ring to it. Is that something that came off another guitar? I don't recognize that one.
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    I think I found a good one!

    That's one of those '57 reissues? Nice. I got to play one a few years back to test some amp repair work. Significantly better than my Les Paul. The neck was rather big. I was thinking, ok....... the amp sounds great now, but I wonder if I can negotiate some sort of trade. The thing was...
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    New guitar video lesson added: How to play Layla (unplugged)
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    Show us your Teles - with humbuckers (p90s come on in too)!

    A Gold Foil Tele's about as cool as it gets! I wish I had one myself.
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    The Tele: The most unforgiving guitar?

    Tele's are nice. I'm sure the Suhr has great pickups in it. I don't find Telecasters unforgiving. People who claim that you have to work harder to play a Tele, are just working too hard. Either that, or they need to get it set up properly. In a Tele situation, nothing beats a Tele...
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    Gibson Owners - How Do You Keep Up With...

    Both Fender and Gibson (and Epi) seem to do that. They seem to want to have a version of their popular models, for every market. Doesn't seem like they innovate much to me. They just specialize in repackaging popular designs from the '50s. Not that I've liked any new models they come up with.
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    Fender 150's Nickel Strings anyone likes them...?!

    I used to use them till Fender's QC for strings got really bad. I switched to the Dean Markley version of that set. Much better IMO.
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    Any particular year of Gibson Les Pauls to avoid?

    Probably. I'd avoid anything that's been played enough to have fretwear, or old enough to start taking on collector value. You shouldn't have to pay more for a used Les Paul, than they cost brand new.
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    Les Paul Lite

    That's odd. I didn't know Balsa was expensive. Or rare in large pieces. I think a 4-1/2Lb. Les Paul would be a bit neck heavy. 7Lbs. would probably balance OK. I'd love to hear how yours comes out.
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    Wax Potting Microphonic Pickup

    There's something at Stewmac about potting too. I've found that pickup covers are a large part of feedback problems with some humbuckers. I've done the magnet flip thing, and remounted the cover with a little electric tape isolation (see Specialty Guitars for instructions) and it fixed a...
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    How do these neck specs sound?

    Looks like this is still there after all this time! This might help a little: Personally, I prefer C, or soft Vs.
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    Over 1,000,000 video views...

    If you had a dollar for every view....
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    No Disrespect Intended, but

    No real fascination. I'm injured right now, and I have to use the Tele I built with a relic'd body because I'm constantly bashing my guitar into things right now. It's the only guitar I don't feel bad about doing that to. As far as I can tell, the only fascination is with people who hate...
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    Les Paul Lite

    I hope this thread stays civil. I never heard of a Les Paul Lite. Are you talking about this guitar?: This "Chromyte center block" concerns me, because people are saying that that's basically balsa wood, but I like the...

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