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  1. beatcomber

    Is owning autographed stuff still cool - even if *you* didn't get the autograph?

    One of my most precious possessions is an LP that Charles Mingus signed in 1966 not once, but twice, and he also hand-numbered the labels - mine is #31. The album was initially only available by mailing a check to Mingus' NYC apartment. I found it for 75 cents at a charity sale in San Francisco...
  2. beatcomber

    Best picture of you when you were young, playing guitar

    Congratulations! You actually look cooler now.
  3. beatcomber

    Venue: "Please re-book... with a different drummer."

    It sounds like a dangerous situation on numerous fronts, not the least of which is the health risk of gigging in bars right now. I personally would be uncomfortable with all of this.
  4. beatcomber

    Best picture of you when you were young, playing guitar

    Back when I was still cool as f**k.
  5. beatcomber

    Who stayed great, late?

    Neil Young, Duke Ellington, Caetano Veloso, Mose Allison...
  6. beatcomber

    Martin 000-15M owners chime in

    May I suggest trying Thomastik Infeld Jazz Swing flatwounds? They cost more, it's true, but they usually last around 12 months, so they do offer good value. They also have round cores, making them more pliable, and their tone is superior.
  7. beatcomber

    Martin 000-15M owners chime in

    Or Martin Retro monels, if a more fundamental, old time-y character is your goal.
  8. beatcomber

    "We're letting you go" reactions.

    In other words, singers are inherently more limited than players, LOL.
  9. beatcomber

    Adam Neely YT video on Bossa Nova/Girl from Ipanema = really great

    Portugal is a beautiful country too. Someday I hope to visit Brazil too.
  10. beatcomber

    Biggest "WTF is that?" record company reaction?

    From wiki's page on "Are You Experienced": [Hendrix' manager Chas] Chandler had agreed to audition the finished LP for Polydor's head of A&R, Horst Schmaltze, at 11 a.m., so after a few hours of sleep he prepared a suitable vinyl demo and traveled to Polydor. Chandler recalled: "As Horst...
  11. beatcomber

    have you ever considered giving up guitar completely?

    I think a lot of us are experiencing this. On some days I need to force myself to pick up the guitar just so that I don't lose my dexterity. Sometimes it feels satisfying and refreshing to play, other times it feels like an aimless chore.
  12. beatcomber

    Martin 00-15M incoming..

    That's a common opinion, and one I agree with. I adore my 000-15SM! If you're buying a brand new one, don't be surprised if it sounds constricted; mahogany takes a while to open up. A year from now it will be amazing.
  13. beatcomber

    Becoming More Musically Diverse With Age.

    "There are simply two kinds of music, good music and the other kind." ~ Duke Ellington
  14. beatcomber

    Naive Youth Guitarist

    Wisdom is a double-edged sword, eh?
  15. beatcomber

    Suzi Quatro still rocking at 70

    MUST HEAR: Suzy Quatro's teen garage band, the Pleasure Seekers. Well I love you baby I'm telling you right here But please don't make me decide baby Between you and a bottle of beer Baby come on over Come on over to my side Well I may not live past twenty-one But WOO! What a way to die! Your...
  16. beatcomber

    Old guys, what was BOSTON when they came on the scene?

    My first rock concert was Boston at the old Boston Garden in late 1978. The Sammy Hagar Band opened.
  17. beatcomber

    Ladies and gentlemen, my modded SL-1200MK2

    A few months ago, a clean 2002 Technics SL-1200MK2, already modded by KAB USA to add 78 speed, fell into my lap for FREE. (It's a long story.) In its stock form, its performance was unremarkable - imaging was pretty 2D and there was a metallic harshness to the treble. I had owned (and foolishly...
  18. beatcomber

    Any Jam fans out there?

    I purchased my 330 brand new in the spring of 1984, due in large part to the Wellerian influence.
  19. beatcomber

    Thoughts On Returning to Gigging

    Where you are in your process of returning to gigging? Are you just starting in person rehearsals socially distanced, gigging outside only, inside, going on a tour, not worrying about social distancing, wearing masks or not pre or post gig, etc. And if you gigged, how did it go, good crowd...
  20. beatcomber

    Any Jam fans out there?

    Yeah, they never played anywhere close to where I was living at the time. I did get to see the Style Council at their peak, in August 1985 at the Roskilde Festival in Denmark, during a moment when they had the #1 album and single in the UK.
  21. beatcomber

    Any Jam fans out there?

    That's me on the right in 1983:
  22. beatcomber

    How is rehearsing going?

    We rehearsed on an outdoor patio, with plenty of space.
  23. beatcomber

    Tele Talk: 50's vs 60's pickups, Saddle Material?

    Steve Cropper is my main man, so I bought a MIJ '60s Tele and put Fender US Vintage '64 PUs on it, and it has Fender US threaded steel saddles. I've never owned a maple-necked Tele, but I have experimented with brass barrel saddles and hated them; they sounded too soft and warm. I much prefer...

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