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  1. paulscape

    Compression on master bus or during mastering?

    When do you start 'gluing' your mix together? I've searched around a bit and it seems a lot of mixers will add master bus compression whilst mixing as well as during mastering. I do have a compressor on the master bus to use on different songs or to test what I'm doing but generally I glue...
  2. paulscape

    so I posted my new tele on FB tele tuesday

    It's a melted Tele
  3. paulscape

    Modern Marshalls.. all junk?

    I have a modded 1987x, used to own a JCM2000 and have played a bunch of JCM900's, JVM and Vintage Moderns. They all sounded great to me!
  4. paulscape

    Favorite Plexi Clones under 50w?

    I've never really gone the low wattage route. I've always preferred a 50w or 100w with good PPIMV.
  5. paulscape

    Tube Advice Please.

    I've had good results with EH tubes lately. Made in Russia.
  6. paulscape

    Marshall with 6CA7 tube's

    It's a MJT reliced strat - the neck is unusual in that it has Gibson style frets, tall and narrow. The humbucker is a Seymour Duncan '78.
  7. paulscape

    Marshall with 6CA7 tube's

    I installed a resistor to use the 6CA7's. I'd like to get a stock early 70's plexi or even a JCM800 at some point!
  8. paulscape

    Marshall with 6CA7 tube's

    The EH 6CA7's are more saturated yet less aggressive and tight than the EL34's. They have a richer bass and top end. The EL34s have a stronger mid focus. More beige than brown? Haha. At least thats the difference I can hear.
  9. paulscape

    Marshall with 6CA7 tube's

    I am going through a pedalboard but only the Chasetone secret pedal and a mild delay is on and a Mooer Pitchbox is on during Dirty Movies.
  10. paulscape

    Marshall with 6CA7 tube's

    Yes you're right, although I'm playing only older stuff...Dirty Movies, Act Like It Hurts, Eddie Jamming In The Bedroom '74!
  11. paulscape

    Marshall with 6CA7 tube's

    Tried some EH 6CA7's in the Plexi and they sound pretty brown!
  12. paulscape

    Van Halen Pedalboard

    I'm going to try do some videos soon!
  13. paulscape

    Van Halen Pedalboard

    Just 1...for now. My pitchbox is not noisy in the loop but does have slight drop in volume. The noisiest pedals are the MXR 6 band (expected) and the MXR micro chorus.
  14. paulscape

    Van Halen Pedalboard

    Yes just Plexi...the secret preamp is awesome...if set to treble EQ it can actually be too much sizzle! Highly recommend it.
  15. paulscape

    Van Halen Pedalboard

    Finished a new build today from scrap wood, paint and velcro. I will clean up the wiring soon. Sounds great with my Plexi and 6CA7's! Chain is: Micro buffer>EVH flanger>EVH phase90>MXR micro chorus>loop switcher with Boss 10 band EQ and vintage MXR 6 band EQ>Chase Tone secret preamp (Echo Plex...
  16. paulscape

    Show Your Pedalboard: 2020

    New board build completed today! A Van Halen dedicated board! Strictly for use with Marshall Plexi that I just had re-tubed with 6AC7's! Other boards in order of size are rehearsal/gigging board and the 'master' board that runs a full on stereo midi rig!
  17. paulscape

    THE Marshall Head

    '68's are getting damn expensive! I have a Bray modded 50w Plexi and it's my favourite amp, although I have been scouting a few early 70s metal faced plexi's recently!
  18. paulscape

    Best way to get a volume boost on an already dirty amp?

    Best solo boosts I've used are either dual master volume amp or putting a clean boost at end of chain (after preamp distortion) or in loop. Currently I'm using a buffer boost last in chain and it works really well.
  19. paulscape

    1979 Boss Eq pedal

    Would be a great solo boost. By boosting the mids you get a fluid distortion, for legato runs, without the bottom end being too muddy and without the treble harshness. It distorts those mid frequencies in a really pleasing way. Plus it sounds gnarly the opposite way scooping the mids on a high...
  20. paulscape

    1979 Boss Eq pedal

    It's at end of video...basically how Eddie Van Halen used it with a frown curve to shave off the bottom and top end, gain boosted a little.
  21. paulscape

    1979 Boss Eq pedal

    It's just a boss DD6 in front of the amp, level almost zero, delay repeat at 150ms...maybe 2 repeats for ATBL. I've swapped it now for a wampler faux echo!
  22. paulscape

    Slaving Plexi into Elmwood M90

    A really easy way to slave if you have 2 amps with FX loops. The plexi' s FX send goes into the Elmwood FX return. Both amps loaded. The advantage is you get one amps preamp characteristics with another amps power amp stage. In this case the Elmwoods power section is much cleaner and darker than...
  23. paulscape

    1979 Boss Eq pedal

    They are great Eq's....I couldn't find a 220/240v so I'll just be using it at home via a step down transformers. Mine only has a little hum....hardly noticeable!

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