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    TC Electronic Plethora X5

    Thanks for the help! It looks like I did do everything correct for the 4 cable method but my Plethora isn’t cooperating. I do have the latest firmware installed. Looks like I may have a defective one. All of the effects work fine in front of the amp without cables in the send and return jacks...
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    TC Electronic Plethora X5

    Initially that's what I did, then I saw a video where the TC guys talk about the loop. So I added it but got the same results. It's entirely possible that I still did that wrong. Without a manual, it's all a mystery. Thanks for the help!
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    Odd issue with a Mark V 25 loop

    Hi All, I just got a TC Plethora pedalboard and plugging it into my amp via the 4 cable method. It seems like it works on the clean channel but when I switch to the dirty side, the sound is the same. No difference whatsoever. My other pedals have no issues in the loop. Another thing that I...
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    TC Electronic Plethora X5

    Hi All! I just got my Plethora and am having an odd issue. It's plugged into my amp (Mark V 25) via the 4 cable method and seems to work on the clean channel. When I switch to the dirty channel, I see the amp switching channels but the sound is the same clean that I had on the first channel...
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    Anyone fully converted to bass?

    I owned a bass that I bought for recording but it mostly sat in my closet for years. A band that I tried out for asked me if I owned a bass. I told them “yes, but I’m not a bassist.” They asked if I would sit in anyway. It was so much fun that I got addicted to playing my bass and haven’t had...
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    Thinking of ordering a Dingwall J

    I’ve been eyeing a Combustion but I think the J is what I’m looking for. Dingwall’s low string articulation impresses me but I’m at home with a Jazz bass. This model bridges the gap. Thanks for posting!
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    New Emerald X7

    Another benefit of this guitar is that I can pop a ToneWood Amp in and out without having to use the adhesive for the magnets. The offset sound hole makes it relatively easy.
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    NGD..EBMM Monarchy Majesty

    That's gorgeous! Looks purple on my computer though. Hey, I have both and am sure that you'll be happy with either. As far as comfort goes, I think the Majesty edges out ahead slightly, imo. Soundwise, the Majesty is a bit brighter (not harsh) and has a bit more volume. The differences can be...
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    Why are used Analogman Sunfaces so expensive?

    Wow! As much as I love my NKT275, I'd let go of it for those asking prices! I wonder what they really sell for though...
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    This is how I feel these days after ordering through Sweetwater

    My rep rarely calls me which is fine as I’m not always looking for gear. When I do order, I recall getting “a better price” once, and I’ve ordered a lot of gear from Sweetwater. Those of you who have reps who offer discounts are lucky.
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    Things I Like

    I'm currently loving the JHS Little Black Amp Box. Since I'm not playing in a loud band at the moment (currently doing the acoustic duo thing), it's nice to be able to play my amps at a volume that doesn't require ear plugs.
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    New Amp from Bogner - Ecstasy 25 Lunch Box Head

    Nooooooooo!!!! You guys had me all excited at the 2K price point. I miss my XTC but it was a bit too much amp for my needs. This new model is perfect, but not at $2844.
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    Anyone have the Ritchie Kotzen tele?

    I don't have big hands but I find the neck incredibly comfortable. The weight of the guitar feels about the same as a solid Les Paul. It's easily my favorite Tele but like others here have mentioned, I'm going to mod the controls. While the stock guitar sounds excellent, I prefer having a tone...
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    New Emerald X7

    Hahaha, cheers and congrats! Right now, I'm in the very fortunate position of having too many guitars. Yeah, I typed that right. :-)
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    New Emerald X7

    That one has always caught my eye but I've never seen one locally.
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    New Emerald X7

    I hear ya. Wood guitars still have an edge on tone to my ears too. But since I'm not recording right now, the X7 is an absolute joy.
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    New Emerald X7

    I didn’t know those were available options or I would have chosen the same. Since getting my X7, I’ve barely touched my other guitars (acoustic and solid-body). Looks like I’ll be selling off a few soon. There’s something to be said about not having to worry about humidity and temperature...
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    New Emerald X7

    Even with the new size increases, it's still a small guitar with a large sound. I wish Emerald would have kept the old X7 design as an option as I think I would want one as well.
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    Congrats! I had a 2005 that's a lot of fun to play.
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    New Emerald X7

    One of the main reasons that I looked for a carbon fiber guitar is the low maintenance factor. I'm happy to say that I really like it's sound too. Mine has the Anthem pickup. I didn't know about the K&K option but I'm pretty happy with the Anthem. Emerald really put all the bells and whistles...
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    New Emerald X7

    Thanks! I am extremely happy with the X7 and have hardly put it down since I got it. It's the most comfortable acoustic that I've played and it sounds wonderful. Not having to worry about temp/humidity changes or fret wear just completes the experience. Congrats on your new X7 on the way! Amber...
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    New Emerald X7

    I just got this over the weekend and can’t stop playing it. Sorry about the lame photo, it’s been raining all day. I put it next to my Taylor 322 12- fret for a size comparison. The specs on the X7 are; 12-fret body join Stainless steel frets 24" scale Beveled arm rest Body beveling on back...
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    Introduce ONE band/artist that people should hear

    Glad you like them! You’ve got to check them out live. Their songs are much better represented when you can see the intensity that these guys put into their music. Cheers!
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    Introduce ONE band/artist that people should hear

    Badflower. I saw these guys as an opener and they left a huge impression on me. They’re one of the few bands that translate their lyrics and music into raw emotions for me, and I’m usually one who doesn’t listen to lyrics.
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    Let's talk cheap acoustics

    I was pleasantly surprised by the Washburn Comfort series. They have the arm contour which I was curious about so I picked one up out of curiosity. Now I wish all of my acoustics have that feature! It's incredibly ergonomic! Overall, the guitar played and sounded well. It's not a high end guitar...

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