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    Show me all your pedalboards! (number 18)

    I'm a drive whore..:phones
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    Boss EQ

    What about the newer MXR 10 and 6 band? Are they quieter ? better?
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    Come on! What is the lowest gain tube screamer pedal available???

    as said earlier I dont want to compare this to a TS...but it has a slight mid warmth described somethng along the lines by David as string thickening and very,very low gain if you want. It has been my favorite light drive for years and I just have the black LTD version 1. I'm a drive whore...
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    What is actually NEW in the world of Overdrives?

    correct me if im wrong but isnt the KoT based on the bluesbreaker thing? long waiting list, so you might consider used.
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    Holy Crap, I just finished building my lava mini ELC cables!

    Did exactly the same...very pleased as well.
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    New Klon Centaur Sometime In 2010

    Sweet..glad we got to the bottom of that.:dunno so anybody got anything?
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    New Klon Centaur Sometime In 2010

    July 29 bump.......anything? I'll take a rumor at this point!?
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    Zink Bit o' Honey
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    Greatest piece of advice ever. ;-)

    Yes.....This should be a sticky at least.
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    Greatest piece of advice ever. ;-)

    cyber ferret (and many others) beat me to it..................BEST POST I'VE READ HERE... and kinda inspiring...thanks jgm.
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    Right angle plugs other than Lava and GL's

    cheapest I've found here:
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    Photos from the Gibson Acoustic Shop here in Bozeman

    great pics,thanks for taking the time and sharing..always love these kind of threads!
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    What's the funniest excuse you've seen for selling gear?

    If i see " my loss your gain" one more time:messedup
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    my wedding guitar

    very cool...amazing idea!
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    NEW YORK AMP SHOW June 5&6 (Lord Have Mercy)

    This looks great! Just checked out the ampshow site. Forgive the ignorance can I buy tickets now online? I see that the Austin show was $20? I never seem to catch one of these "gear fests" close enough to me to be able to afford to go. This would be so fun. If Loni happens to read this...
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    Menatone custom shop!

    Yeah this is bad ass..The blue collar is such a great pedal..Brian's work and take on things is very unique. I'd love a combo unit..say a foxy and blue collar.
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    Zendrive: does it colour the sound?

    welcome to the forum! Excellent post...I would've said butter..but velvet is way better..more sexy:aok Alf should use that in the description on his page...HAHA Awesome pedal,the options of color are many and all good.
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    The Jimmy Page Picture Thread

    This is a fantastic thread guys! We should do more of these with other artists...Clapton etc.
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    Keeley Blues Driver vs Barber LTD Silver

    As said above different pedals. From what your are describing in your OP that would be a LTD. My leave on drive for years now for that low gain but clear light drive..
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    Tell me about Menatone!

    blue collar owner here old ptp one. a killer pedal.. huge range of gain and tones. You don't hear much if any bad stuff about any of Brian's pedals.
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    Anyone Use TWO Pickup Systems in Their Acoustic? Explain!

    Interesting. As I'm reading from you and their website I can just solder this guy right into my/any endpin preamp (2003 J45 with fishman enpin is what I have.) So no need for any blending as its setup for %20-30 signal wise? How does that work..the blend of the quackbuster?
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    Anyone Use TWO Pickup Systems in Their Acoustic? Explain!

    Bump..some nice posts here guys,helpful. been doing alot of research on this topic. B-Band get any love?
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    Antelope Effects Lovelight Overdrive

    nice to hear.this thread has had some live a few times here. I still just cant't even get past how much I like the look..but by almost all reports a great sounding pedal. Hope things can work out for Brian and can keep making these..its on my short list.

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