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  1. Birddog

    Neal Schon plays TOO fast

    Thank you for the clarification. Perhaps I read the comment comparing him to 'other anonymous shredders' incorrectly? And the use of "tearing to shreds" was a play on the whole discussion of shredding. I'll refrain from further discussion in a discussion forum.
  2. Birddog

    Neal Schon plays TOO fast

    I've read this whole thread with interest because I started playing guitar right around the time Escape came out and NS was one of my early influences. I saw him live back in the heyday, and more recently with the new singer. When I saw him recently, he played the hits almost note-for-note...
  3. Birddog

    What is the point in loveless reunions... Van Halen?

    As a die-hard VH fan since the early 80's, I didn't mind seeing the reunion shows. I don't think that the smiles between Dave & Ed or Ed & Sammy were forced. They're up there doing what they love, for people who love them for doing it. It's a feel-good atmosphere, as most performers know...
  4. Birddog

    Anyone ever go through a hard reset, guitar wise?

    I stopped gigging a couple of years ago and sold a bunch, and then a year later actually sold off ALL of my electric guitars, in part to fund some good photography equipment. I love to play still, and have not yet ditched the pedalboard, but these days I just pick up one of my two acoustics...
  5. Birddog

    How many people here are all dirt?

    I'm an OCD (v4) guy with an unmodded BD-2 set at noon or less for my cleaner tones. Purely clean? Rarely. I've played in bands where I could have played cleaner but, as with my last trio, I was covering so much ground and so many different parts, true clean just didn't work out usually...
  6. Birddog

    The Simple Joy of “No Phones Allowed”

    I've started to put my phone at the other end of the house lately where I can't hear it ding, ring, or buzz, not take it into restaurants or concerts at all, and not constantly look at it. When I'm out in my kayak, I'll keep it with me for safety reasons, but shut off. I check it...
  7. Birddog

    EVH was an eventual dead-end for electric guitar technique.

    Huge fan of Queensrhyche and Degarmo here, too.
  8. Birddog

    EVH was an eventual dead-end for electric guitar technique.

    No, that wasn't my intention at all. I've watched him and he's wildly talented. I can only have my own impressions, but I just don't think he's as widely known and embraced as EVH, simply on the merits of who got more radio play. My ignorance on YJM is mine and mine alone, lol.
  9. Birddog

    EVH was an eventual dead-end for electric guitar technique.

    Well, that's a fair question except that I don't really consider VH "heavy music". Sure, some of it is. Unlike you, I wasn't ever a huge metal fan. More of a classic rock guy, who went as far as Metallica, Judas Priest, Ozzy, and the like. My taste for heavy music now extends only about...
  10. Birddog

    EVH was an eventual dead-end for electric guitar technique.

    If we're singularly talking playing style, the OP makes some points. But taken as a complete musician, what EVH did was brilliant. He combined poppy rock with virtuoso stylings and his rhythm playing was uniquely his. VH had a SOUND. I can name lots of VH songs, but not a single one...
  11. Birddog

    The Ibanez DE7 thread

    No, I only own one. My post started self-oscillating.
  12. Birddog

    The Ibanez DE7 thread

    Big fan. Big fan. Big fan. Big fan. Big fan.
  13. Birddog

    I have found the best high gain pedal. It's here

    Always nice to stumble onto a nice, contentious thread about something that's completely subjective. I've been hanging out in The Pub lately, and have missed this kind of lively discourse. "It's the best ever. If you don't like it, post some clips of YOU doing better with YOUR crap...
  14. Birddog

    Why isn’t Eddie Van Halen playing Marshalls?

    You had me at "Why isn't Eddie Van Halen playing..."
  15. Birddog

    OK, Let's Be Honest...Worst Concerts You Attended

    I saw that in Buffalo. Having seen VH tight and fierce several times, I was completely bummed. Eddie was a wreck. I mean, in another world. I saw Alex point his drumsticks, obviously yelling at Eddie to get his **** together. I had new respect for Sammy Hagar after that night...
  16. Birddog

    $100 tip to play "Wagon Wheel?"

    My favorite band in recent years, a trio, was invited to play a local motorcycle club. It was out in the woods, and we were encouraged to play as loud and as long as we want. The payout was $500. We agreed and, though it was an odd place and an odd crowd, we had fun. We were regularly...
  17. Birddog

    Keeping the Rush subject going: If you had to pick ONE Rush song

    So many good tunes. Subdivisions really defines Rush to me, though. Yeah, you have the dated synth-sounds, but you also have very clever lyrics and then it devolves from a synth song into a down & dirty guitar solo that fits perfectly in the song while still making it turn a corner into...
  18. Birddog

    Narrow legged trousers???

    One of my work colleagues, who is far younger than most of the rest of us, has earned the nickname "Skinny Jeans". These aren't anywhere near as skinny as Skinny Jeans' jeans.
  19. Birddog

    Going to see Joe Boamassa next week. Never heard a note from him .

    When I first saw him, probably 12-13 years ago, I was in the same boat as you. I was aware of him, but hadn't really paid any attention. My brother-in-law is a huge blues-guy and bought a ticket for me. I wasn't looking forward to it (plug your ears Tan Pants & Fedora guys) because I'm NOT...
  20. Birddog


    +2 on the Boss GE-7. I used it as a solo boost for many years of gigging. Then I discovered I could use my BD-2 and OCD v4 as boosts for each other, and the GE-7 found its way off my board.
  21. Birddog

    Stuck at home with a foot of fresh snow-NAD

    You can't get out...because of a foot of snow??? Bahahaha. I had to check your location. Thought you might be in Bermuda or something....'re waiting on a guitar. Okay...Nevermind.
  22. Birddog

    Does Neil Peart dislike Rush fans?

    I'm a recently converted Rush fan. When I lost my daughter in 2016, someone pointed me in the direction of "Ghost Rider" and I ate it up. I highly recommend it if you want to see what the real guy is like. "Ghost Rider" is about his solo trip across Canada, through the US, Mexico and...
  23. Birddog

    Rush breaks up

    I came to appreciate Rush late in life, and am sorry to see that I caused the band to break up. Time is still the infinite jest.
  24. Birddog

    Bad guitar leads in popular songs...

    Oh I guess you're's not the 82 version, but the remake.

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