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  1. Blue Tile Fever

    Which rumored Ozzy guitarist would you have liked to see in the band....

    John Christ or John 5 might've been interesting.
  2. Blue Tile Fever

    Album Mixes that Frustrate You?

    I hate how Dinosaur Jr went back to their lo-fi sound once the original lineup reunited. You guys have money and better technology now, let's hear how you sound with good production now. If i want retro i can listen to YLAOM and Bug.
  3. Blue Tile Fever

    How to be heard in a two guitar band?

    HB or P90 equipped semi hollow, tweak mids with eq pedal, add volume.
  4. Blue Tile Fever

    Craziest thing you've seen at a concert?

    I was there to see this, we thought he'd killed himself.
  5. Blue Tile Fever

    Gin blossoms play amp entire set of goo goo dolls songs

    GGD have become increasingly poppy, commercial, and wimpy with every new album. But if you go back to early stuff like Hold Me Up, Superstar Car Wash, and A Boy Named Goo they had some pretty hard rocking tunes, with killer, modded Marshall tones. The albums before those were pretty punk rock...
  6. Blue Tile Fever

    Worst album cover art?

    Not familiar with their other covers but i think this one is awesome.
  7. Blue Tile Fever

    THE END machine... Dokken without Don

    Really weird seeing Lynch playing a Gretsch.
  8. Blue Tile Fever

    Who was the best Judas Priest drummer?

    I liked Dave Holland the best, plus he used cowbell!
  9. Blue Tile Fever

    Is Anthony Kiedis the best Gen X lyricist?

    Jay Farrar of Son Volt gets my vote.
  10. Blue Tile Fever

    Most Spinal Tap-like real song?

    Grim Reaper, was never sure if they were for real or just a parody.
  11. Blue Tile Fever

    Greta Van Fleet - The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon performance just now

    Tight band, energetic performance, cool guitar riff, and the audience dug em. Vocals are pretty brutal though, i'm hoping the singer refines his voice or they outright replace him. Rooting for them otherwise, rock cannot die!
  12. Blue Tile Fever

    Horrible accusations against Dean Deleo

    Dude's one of my favorite players, i truly hope this is all BS. Apologies if it's already been posted, i just found out about it now.
  13. Blue Tile Fever

    New Pumpkins Single: Solara

    I didn't think it was possible to make Chamberlin sound crappy but Rubin somehow managed to. I hate Billy's post-Machina vocals and they should at least be buried deeper in the mix. Generic riffing and not even a guitar solo? They're dead, RIP.
  14. Blue Tile Fever

    So what did Izzy play?

    He played lots of cool, tasty rhythms, that's what.
  15. Blue Tile Fever

    extremely unpopular albums that you love from great bands

    I love Guns n' Roses 'The Spaghetti Incident?'
  16. Blue Tile Fever

    1995: The Bends, Mellon Collie or Morning Glory?

    Three of my favorite albums. Damn, 1995 was a great year!
  17. Blue Tile Fever

    Yikes....DinoSaur Jr. "Start Choppin"....

    Great solo and tone, but the outro solo to 'Get Me' is even better IMO. I greatly prefer hi-fi J to lo-fi J.
  18. Blue Tile Fever

    Big Smashing Pumpkins news that’s all but been officially confirmed

    Would've preferred D'Arcy, but Melissa would be just fine as well!
  19. Blue Tile Fever

    Your two favorite metal albums from 1988?

    AJFA and.........Cinderella "Long Cold Winter'
  20. Blue Tile Fever

    Anyone see Bon Jovi on Colbert last week? (QC, Phil X content)

    His voice was livin on a prayer, time for last rites.
  21. Blue Tile Fever

    The definitive voices of heavy metal

    Not my cup o' tea but i always thought Blackie Lawless had a great, distinctive metal voice.
  22. Blue Tile Fever

    The Fender Bandmaster - it seems like it's ignored these days....

    Blind Melon's debut album was blackface Bassman (dirtier) and Bandmaster (cleaner), both great tones that complimented each other perfectly IMO.
  23. Blue Tile Fever

    Did anyone else dig The Power Station in '85?

    'Get It On' is one of the best songs to air drum along to (air guitar also!)

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