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    So, this little JMI Amps AC-100 head, what do you know about them...

    I don't have much to contribute, but these amps were probably modeled after the original Vox/JMI AC100 Mk1 or Mk2. You might want to check this out for information and clips:
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    Love my vox, but...

    Could be the speaker. What's in there right now?
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    1970s AC30 good things???

    There were lots of different AC30 models in the 70's, incl. a solid state amp, one with reverb, one with a large single PCB etc. plus the Vox name was used by I think at least three different companies. So there really isn't a typical "1970s AC30".
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    Vox AC4TV gut shot request

    Thanks! Please keep us posted about the bitmo mod.
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    ehx DMM overload light

    As long as you don't *hear* any distortion, you're fine. The light on my DMM is on pretty much all the time, whether I play clean or with extreme gain (Rx Overdriver>DMM). Overloading the input is supposed to be one of the typical DMM problems. FWIW, my pedal is completely stock. I've never...
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    Vox AC4TV gut shot request

    What is the bitmo mod? Couldn't find it on their web page.
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    1965 Vox AC-10SRT

    Rare bird indeed. I suggest you get in touch with Jim Elyea: He will probably have more info.
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    1973 G12H 30 55hz ???

    Wow, I didn't know that. The last reconed and working G12H30 I bought was about 40 euros if I remember correctly. (This was three years ago.) Anyway, all I'm saying is these speakers have been reconed, so don't pay too much. If it's done right, of course. I have a reconed T1234 and T1088 that...
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    1973 G12H 30 55hz ???

    That's no Celestion or Pulsonic cone number, so I guess those were reconed at some point. If that's the case, I wouldn't pay more than $50.
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    AC4TV Combo Upgrades

    Thanks for sharing your impressions! I would agree that the speaker and the cab are the biggest limitations. I recently ran my AC4 combo through the speakers in my AC30 (G12H30/Silver Alnico mix) and it sounded very similar to its bigger brother. I will probably upgrade the stock speaker at...
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    Russian 6p14p / EL84M users

    I have a vintage AC30 and a brand new AC4TV combo, and I love those old soviet tubes. Make sure you get the ones with the EP or EB designation. Regular 6p14p's don't sound as good. Plus, EB's and EP's are a lot tougher and will last longer. I would definitely say that they extend headroom...
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    Are Your Celestion Blues Wired in Series?

    On the other hand: In series, you will know that something is wrong the instant it happens (no sound). In parallel, the sound will change a bit, but on a noisy stage, you may not even realize it and just keep playing while your amp sees a potentially dangerous impedance mismatch. Which of the...
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    Are Your Celestion Blues Wired in Series?

    If you're planning on using your cab with different heads, you could add a series/parallel switch. My AC30 cab has one, and I find it very useful. This would also make it a lot easier to determine which setting you prefer.
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    Tell me about CCCP Tubes

    Well, the name Terry Kilgore has already been mentioned. I got my last quad from him, too. It's important to get these tubes from a trustworthy source as the quality apparently varies a lot. Some years are better than others etc.
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    I have no idea and frankly I don't really care any more, as I've already wasted too much time thinking about all this stuff. Neither I nor Stephan have been able to get in touch with him lately. Last time I spoke with him on the phone was sometime last fall. At that time, he was still telling...
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    Following up on this, my dispute with Telenordia, or rather with Matthias Hahn, has been resolved. Stephan bought a functioning DeltaLab Effectron and sent it to me as a permanent replacement for the unit that Matt was supposed to repair for me almost two years ago. I'd like to thank Stephan...
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    How best to mic a 2x12 combo with two different speakers?

    I would let the sound engineer decide. You might also want to record each speaker at some point so you have some kind of reference as to what they might sound like. FWIW, I have a Celestion G12H30 and a Celestion Silver in my AC30 and I usually have the G12H30 mic'd when I play with my rock...
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    MXR Carbon Copy - Dry-Kill installed!

    The Deluxe Memory Man can do 100% wet and modulation. It's not as dark though (at least not on the first two repeats).
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    Just a heads up: Matt is indeed no longer with Telenordia. Anyone waiting for a pedal should *not* email Matt, as he will not respond. Get in touch with Stephan who is currently trying to get the company back on track. (Email address is on the website.) He did set things straight for me at...
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    NOS tubes

    I get mine from Terry Kilgore (aka the tube tramp). He posts on the metro amp forum. Email is: terry_kilgore2003[at] Great prices and quite a character.
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    Wanted: AC30 tips and tricks

    I don't know how they did it, but the CC series AC30s don't have that "problem". The channels are in phase. Regarding all prior AC30s, I'm with you about the phase issues. To the OP: Lots of people clip the bright cap which makes the brilliant channel much more usable.
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    Distortion advice for Vintage AC30TB

    I'd start with the classics: Crowther Hot Cake for lower to medium gain. Inexpensive, works great. Older Proco Rat or a clone for heavier sounds. (I don't remember which one, but one of the Foo Fighters records was apparently just Rat>AC30.) Big Muff works fine, too. You might want to try a...
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    What speaker sounds like a Blue/G12H30 combo?

    Celestion Gold might work.
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    Show your PA amps!

    Here's my '65 Vox MC50. It's basically an AC50 with four channels and a beefier output transformer (by Partridge). Got it for a steal a few weeks ago. So far I've used it to track vocals in the studio, but I'm planning on getting one of the channels modded for guitar if it can be done...
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    why no DEFINITIVE SS "Tape" pedal?

    It doesn't meet all of your criteria, but the Boss RE-20 Space Echo gets pretty close, at least to my ears. (Yes, I have heard and used the real RE-201.) I think it might replace or at least complement my DMM. You can't control the vow and flutter or modulation, but it still sounds convincing...

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