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    Peavey Ultra 112 60watt tube

    I have 2 Ultra 1x12 60W. I mostly use just the clean channel with the volume nearly full on and Master to taste. Great slightly broken up tone for pedals. I also dig the Gain channels with the Gain pretty low and the "more gain" switches out. I can't seem to get sounds I like on all 3 channels...

    Lead Dress question?

    The screen resistor is 470-ohm 3W.

    Lead Dress question?

    My question is driven by a malfunctioning amp. I built an Allen Accomplice Jr last Xmas. A screen resistor has burnt on 3 different occasions; 1st V6 then V5 then V6 again. The 1st time I blamed the 16-ohm cab I was using (amp is specified to use an 8-ohm cab) or just a bad tube. I replaced the...

    Lead Dress question?

    So could a lead dress issue cause screen resistors on the output tubes to burn up? Or are we only talking about increased noise floor?

    Peavey Ultra 112 still squealing, some fresh thoughts into why

    Is the Volume on your clean channel up high? The bright switch has less effect the higher the volume pot. This is how I run mine.

    Allen Accomplice Jr Troubleshooting

    When the failures happened, I had biased the tubes around 23mV and 25mV. Now I have the biased at 20.0mV and 24.3mV. Here are some other voltages at idle with VOLUME and Master on 0. Voltages of both 6v6 tubes very similar. I measured at tube sockets. Plate V = 416.5V Screen V = 414V Grid V =...

    Allen Accomplice Jr Troubleshooting

    The Gear Page, I built an Allen Accomplice Jr. head December last year. I think it is a fantastic sounding amplifier with a feature set that is a good match for me. However, I have had 2 issues with this amp that I would appreciate opinions for the cause. 1. Before its first gig, I cranked it...

    Allen Accomplice Jr, purchased used, is this normal?

    I built an Accomplice Jr head this past Christmas vacation. It sounds stellar. I have found the bright switch to be of no value to me. With the bright on, the amp is similar to what you are describing. Check the bright switch or see if it has been altered.

    Vintage Sound 22 vs Fender 64 Custom Deluxe Handwired

    I just built an Allen Accomplice Jr. It sounds incredible and the feature changes from a Fender Deluxe Reverb are excellent. (MID control, RAW control, 1 channel instead of 2, no tremelo, bias points, ability to run 6v6 or 6l6 tubes, footswitchable RAW)

    Fender "The Twin" Red Knob Volume Pots

    Thank you for replying. Please PM me with prices so I can pass them along to the amp' s owner.

    Fender "The Twin" Red Knob Volume Pots

    Thank you for replying. I will contact the amp's owner tomorrow with your questions. Thank you again.

    Fender "The Twin" Red Knob Volume Pots

    A guy I work with has a red knob Fender The Twin that has failing volume pots for both channels 1 and 2. Fender no longer supplies these pots. Kevin Silva from Uncle Albert's amp repair in Indy was not able to find replacement pots. I do not have the pots but I believe I can get them if needed...

    Friedman BE-OD noise issue

    I bought a used BE-OD today and found the same awful hum when I 1st connected it into my pedal board. I ran a separate power supply to it and it is dead silent. My pedal board runs on a Pedal Power supply. Must not be isolated.

    Seymour Duncan Lil '59 Tele

    I wrote them today. Thank you for the suggestion.

    Seymour Duncan Lil '59 Tele

    I love the sound of the Lil '59 in my '96 USA tele. However, this pickup always seems to become microphonic, and therefore, unusable live. I have installed 2 Lil '59s so far and both becamse unuseable. I have barely used this guitar for years due to this pickup. Is there a way to repair the Lil...

    Music related "To do" in Norfolk, VA

    I find myself in Norfolk, VA this week and will be many more weeks over the next couple months. Is there anything music related to see here? Gear manufacturers, good stores, venues, anything else?

    What to do in San Diego?

    I am from Indy but I am in San Diego this week and most of next week. Where are the music/gear related things I must see while I am out here? Thank you for suggestions,

    Indiana Guitar Show This Sunday!

    I found a cool custom amp builder, GR Amps, that is based 4 miles from my house! I will definitely be in contact as his amps sounded terrific!

    Is it possible to fix a circuit board trace?

    I agree. A correctly ran jumper wire, of proper size for its current load, would work well.

    60 Cycle Hum

    I actually 1st built the amp a year and a half ago. I didn't have the noise problem until this year (I think). Today I found that when I turned the amp ON it was quiet; just like before. This time I tapped the amp in different places with a pencil. When I got to the output EL84, I could hear...

    60 Cycle Hum

    I have a Mod 102 that I built from a kit. It works and sounds pretty good but I have a 60 cycle hum problem. The amp is silent when I 1st power it on but once I plug a cable into the input, the amp begins humming. Then even if I remove the cable the humming continues. Anyone have any ideas...

    Taylor T5 Electric sounds

    I've been thinking about a T5 for about a year now. They are always in the acoustic rooms at the shops I've visited and they sound great in there. But I wondered how it sounded electric. I think your clip sounds fantastic! I'm sold. Thanks!

    A bigger MOD 102?

    Hello Everyone, Last summer I built a MOD 102 guitar amp kit. It is a small 5W tube amp with a single 12AX7 and single EL84 tube compliment. I installed the amp into an old combo cabinet and put a new WGS 8" speaker into it. I think it sounds REALLY good! The problem is that while the amp is...

    What's your favorite rock trio?

    I'm digging The Winery Dogs these days.

    Sweetwater music price question

    I haggled with them on a pedal earlier this year but I was in the store.

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