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  1. CJReaper

    No More Barber Pedals????

    Amen to that! My favorite OD by far, nothing else makes my Marshall sound so sinister.
  2. CJReaper

    No More Barber Pedals????

    I don't care if they triple or more in price on the used market, my DDSS, Tone Press and Launch Pad aren't going anywhere!
  3. CJReaper

    No More Barber Pedals????

    Just saw a post on Facebook from Dave stating that as of September 2020 their pedals are no longer in production. Sounds like an issue with finding a vendor for enclosures. He didn't say they were gone for good but it sounds like that's a definite possibility. That sucks, I LOVE his pedals and...
  4. CJReaper

    Variacs (off Amazon)

    Dave Friedman seems to think the Chinese ones on Amazon are fine, don't know if he has a preference for anyone in particular other than it should have a digital readout.
  5. CJReaper

    What is the most inspiring High Gain amp you ever played?

    Soldano Avenger, We had a used one at a shop where I used to work, that thing roared! I prefer single channel, less-is-more amps so it was right up my alley. Had a great midrange growl that was familiar but still had it's own thing going on, if I had the cash I'd own one for sure.
  6. CJReaper

    Boss SD-1 has changed a lot recently...

    I'm just an ignorant layman but I swear I read that NASA and the military use SMT because it's more rugged/reliable/consistent, etc. I used to work at Rane before they were sold to InMusic and we all lost our jobs (Seriously, f*ck that company). We built everything to the highest standard, had...
  7. CJReaper

    Urinal encounters with famous people

    Oh man I remember Jeff, he gave me a killer Iron Maiden Live After Death poster while I was there. Ah Shivaun, LOL! She was "interesting" to work for, LOL! Lots of jokes played on her via Joe Barresi and Gggggarth Richardson, good times!
  8. CJReaper

    Any Of The Metal Fans Here Remember Chastain?

    A band I used to roadie for opened for Chastain way back in the day in San Diego, I think he was playing old Ampeg heads at the time. From what I remember he was clearly in charge of the band and cracking the whip, chatted a bit with Leather Leone, she was cool.
  9. CJReaper

    Songs about Friday

    DAMN! Beat me to it! ;)
  10. CJReaper

    Urinal encounters with famous people

    I was there at Sound City working on that session as a runner, in fact that was the first session I worked on. If you remember a long haired metal head taking food orders and making coffee that was me. ;)
  11. CJReaper

    Anyone know Toni Iommi / Heaven and Hell live recording setup?

    I think he was using Laney and Engle amps on that tour. I bought the DVD when it came out and noticed the backing guitar tracks during the solos, that bummed me out and I've only watched it a couple of times since. I just don't expect or like to hear that stuff with bands like this, YMMV.
  12. CJReaper

    Genesis - Supper's Ready (Illustrated Video)

    I just found this the other day and hoped it might help to make more sense of the lyrics... it didn't. Still, it's pretty cool and a lot of work went into this. Also, while I like Genesis and this song, I can totally understand how this stuff set off the Punk Rock movement... ;)
  13. CJReaper

    Amps – Let’s see your WALL of AMPS!

    Those Laney AOR amps are really under rated, definitely on my wish list.
  14. CJReaper

    Been a lot of talk about Tull lately

    I love everything from "This Was" to "Storm Watch", can't really get into "A" or anything that came after, doesn't suck just not my thing. Stand Up, Benefit, Aqualung, Thick as a Brick and Songs from the Wood are my favorites but I really love the whole 70s catalog.
  15. CJReaper

    Chase Tone - Secret Preamp....How are you using it?

    I got mine a few weeks ago and tried it against my Dunlop EP Preamp, pretty noticeable difference. It's obvious they are both going for the same thing but the SP definitely sounds bigger, the "3D Sound" marketing isn't hype, it really does sound that way. The Dunlop just sounds flat in...
  16. CJReaper

    "This Was" by Jethro Tull

    A couple of months ago I did a deep dive into their 70s catalog and was blown away by how much awesome music I had missed by them, now they are one of my favorite bands.
  17. CJReaper

    Treble Boosters: All Highz On Me

    I just checked out the Cherry Bomb, add one more TB to my must have list...
  18. CJReaper

    William Shatner ft. Ritchie Blackmore “The Thrill Is Gone”

    This whole "joke" ceased to be funny once Shatner got in on it. When it was unintentional humor it was priceless (Tambourine Man, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, etc), now that he "gets it", not so much (IMHO).
  19. CJReaper

    NGD: New Suhr Pete Thorn Signature in Garnet Red - WOW!!!!!!!

    If I could afford a Suhr it would be Pete's model, I really like the specs and that he designed it so anyone can play it without feeling like a "Pete Wannabe", lol. I mean if your playing an EVH striped guitar we all know who and where that came from, Pete's is just classy and unless you know...
  20. CJReaper

    Prince borrows some guitars then breaks them

    I don't care how "talented" you are, there's no excuse for that kind of behavior, what a jerk! And if one of those instruments had sentimental value then no amount of money is going to make up for it or replace it. I was never a Prince fan but I respected him as a musician, now I have zero...
  21. CJReaper

    Crazy EMF Interference from Power Plant?

    I recently moved to a new house and when I plugged in my small practice rig I got some of the worst EMF buzz I've ever heard. It's definitely coming from the guitar/pickups (Humbuckers) because when I roll down the volume it's quiet and it's not a grounding issue because touching any metal part...
  22. CJReaper

    THD Hot Plate Takes a High Dive, Safety Issues????

    Had a bit of an accident with my THD Hot Plate and not sure if I should use it with my amp before testing it first if that's even possible. It fell about five feet onto a cement floor and landed on the front top edge of the housing. The knobs are fine and still turn normally, the only damage is...
  23. CJReaper

    Who is your favorite Punk bands!?

    Never mind the Sex Pistols, Here's The Damned!
  24. CJReaper

    1986 - Heavy Metal Teen & Mom Disagree

    Ironically his mom looks like Abaddon from Venom with those glasses...

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