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    When I started playing I wanted to emulate Eric Clapton's Cream-era vibrato. I could get it sounding OK pulling a string down, but pushing upwards and trying to apply vibrato was unnatural and sounded bad. I kept at it however and gradually it came.
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    Best vacuum cleaners for families with young kids

    'Golden Brown' by the Stranglers has some nice odd time segments. The intro is 3-3-3-4, so I guess that makes it in 13, and is a reasonable response to the famous line "You can't groove in 13, m*****f****r! That's why you broke!". It seems the composer, Dave Greenfield, was inspired by Dave...
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    Albums that may not been as good if it wasn't for the Producer

    Anybody who’s been through the process of recording an album will know the enormous importance of having a good producer, someone with vision and the technical knowledge and persuasive skill to make it happen.
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    Albums that may not been as good if it wasn't for the Producer

    Jagged Little Pill was absolutely made by the production. Producer was Glen Ballard.
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    Albums that may not been as good if it wasn't for the Producer

    I totally agree. The sounds, playing and arrangements are spectacularly good, even more so because there is no overplaying. The album hangs together beautifully, and the songs, which I don’t find particularly outstanding on their own, are made to sound like perfect gems.
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    The Heaviest ( in terms of weight ) amp you owned and the misfortune of lugging it around ?

    The heaviest amp I have now is a Marshall Bluesbreaker combo. It's ridiculously heavy by modern standards and huge, too.
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    Jolene is a rare song, one that has moved from where it could be seen as corny or kitsch to the point where it's beyond criticism. Anybody and everybody can cover it, as shown in the posts above. It always gets a great reaction if you play it live, and the guitar part is very cool. I wish there...
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    Minor Turnarounds

    Moanin’ also has one of the great shuffle rhythms!
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    I put a 5U4GB rectifier tube in Super Reverb Reissue...

    If you use a copper cap, I recommend you keep a spare rectifier tube in case it melts down on a gig, like happened to me.
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    Minor Turnarounds

    I don’t know of a resource for minor turnarounds but, leading on from the Moanin’ references, I’ll tell you a couple of my favourites...Please excuse any dodgy chord names but I’m sure you get the idea. im7 - bIII7 - iim7b5 - V7(can be alt) im7 - bIII7 - #V9 - V7#9 im7 - bIII7 - #V9 - bII7 All...
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    New ideas for a 1-6-2-5 turnaround... to me anyway. I came across gypsy jazz guy Sven Jungbeck demonstrating these ideas based on the ‘Ladybird’ turnaround - new to me but very cool, but I’m certainly going to steal them shamelessly to use when I play in a jump blues setting. Thought others here might like them too. And a big...
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    Your favorite minor blues guitar (or other instrument) solos

    There’s several different types of minor blues: - 1, 4 & 5 chords all minor - 1 is minor, 4 & 5 are dom7 - 1 & 4 are minor, 5 is dom7 or 7b9 - jazz minor blues Depending where your playing is at, I’d recommend finding out how to play a jazz minor blues and as an example I’d give ‘Baby’s Minor...
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    Watkins Rapier 44. Clean refurbished example. And a lot of info.

    My first guitar in ‘68 or ‘69 was a red Watkins Rapier 22. It sounded quite sweet. It didn’t have a truss rod so string height was a bit of an issue. it wasn’t bad as a first guitar for £15 second hand. I see there’s one up for sale on Reverb with a somewhat hopeful price tag...
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    Exploring Magic Sam's Boogie Pt. 1

    That sounds great! The video of Magic Sam playing his boogie is one of the treasures of the blues world. His playing is fabulous and his sound through that Sound City stack is incredible. I’ve also spent some time trying to work it out. I came to the conclusion that Sam played the first section...
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    Blonde Archtop - brand information and value

    Well the date on the guitar sale is over two years ago. Maybe I misunderstood your meaning.
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    Blonde Archtop - brand information and value

    That was over two years ago.
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    Thicker Wound Strings Improve Rhythm Playing

    The 10-38 set you mention is very light on the bottom. A regular set of 10s with 26, 36, 46 on the bottom would be better.
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    How Is He Doing This?

    How about this?
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    How Is He Doing This?

    A band I play in covers ‘One More Night In Brooklyn’ - wonderful song - and the studio version has a similar but different vibe going on, sounding like two guitars at once. We just play it with two guitars and it sounds great.
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    Vaughn brothers poll - Jimmie or Stevie

    I’m enjoying the book. I liked the advice to the band from Dr John which goes something like ‘Hold it fellas - play with some Dynamicals!’ - SRV’s instinct was to play at full bore almost all the time. You must have seen a show like this at the Rome Inn:
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    Must-know songs for improvement...

    Great spot, thanks!
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    Must-know songs for improvement...

    This is a terrific workout for picking:
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    Must-know songs for improvement...

    Southbound (ABB) - Dickie Betts guitar part sounds like one take and covers lead guitar, funky rhythm, and a nice alternate picked riff before the solos.
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    Vaughn brothers poll - Jimmie or Stevie

    I’m currently reading the SRV biography ‘Texas Flood’, which puts it in good perspective.
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    Sounds of the Gibson SG

    A very distinctive SG tone. Neck pickup I believe.

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