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    Help me understand how multiple frequencies co-exist in a cable

    Some guitar amp and speaker combos are faster at translating each string/pickup noise than others.
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    Matchless Lightning Seeks Partner for Running Stereo

    Psh. Pro Jr. all the way.
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    Pete Cage contact info?

    Does anyone have contact info for Pete Cage? I'm eyeing a used Cage 18/00. It's got a power scaling system installed and I want to know if it's stock or not. Also, the normal channel is very dull. If anyone has a way to get in touch with him, please post here or PM me. Thanks in advance. -Jon
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    To die for tone in Reese's commercial Reminds me of this.
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    Amps So Ugly They Make You Mad!!

    Best post ever.
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    Got myself a Telesonic!

    My ultimate dream guitar with a cherry on top taking her clothes off is a Stratosonic refinished in 54 Goldtop Gold with some of that ugly green around the edges. Your guitar is beautiful! Congrats!
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    NGD - Not diggin' it. Damn. Next...

    We'd get along. I traded my PJet for a Silvertone 14 something something. I never got along with the stop tail but dang, I do miss it... My Ash Tokai AST62 still has my heart.
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    Best strat tones from a non-strat?

    I've been looking for an Ibanez AT300. Seems like it'd be fun through a cranked up Twin Reverb.
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    Share your experience on a guitar that you bought immediately after your first strum

    My Tokai AST-62. I had my incredible 60's Classic MIM stolen a few months earlier and thought I'd never find another Strat that felt as nice without spending an arm and a leg on a CS. I walked into Nashville GC and there she was. Trans Blonde over Ash, Rosewood neck. I really didn't even...
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    Snarky Puppy, Anyone?

    Interesting. I was born in Dallas but the rents moved us away when I was three. I've been considering a move to New Orleans but had a trip to Dallas planned for early 2012. I'll be sure to explore the scene when I'm out there. If it's a better place to get work as a musician, it'd be a viable...
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    Snarky Puppy, Anyone?

    Little John Roberts if I remember correctly. Freakin badass. Where do people learn to play on a level even close to these guys? -Jon
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    Snarky Puppy, Anyone?

    Very cool story. At the last gig they played a few new songs that were extremely technical. Not one of the 7 people on stage ever lost the dynamic intensity they always deliver much less thought about missing a beat. The one before that, they played with a drummer who they'd never rehearsed...
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    Snarky Puppy, Anyone? Sorry it's not posted as a clickable as I'm on my Blackberry from under a Hotel desk in DeathTrap, FL. I'm weird. Please check out the other videos they have posted as well. Also look for them in a city near you. The awe...
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    Snarky Puppy, Anyone?

    My whole group of friends (myself included) seem to have rallied around these guys. It's funny to watch kids from 17 to 24 crowd surf to what most people would call Jazz fusion. If you're looking for some of the freshest, most innovative music you've ever had the privilege of grooving out to...
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    Money no object - speakers for BF Vibrolux Reverb

    I have three pairs of 1964 Jensen C1OQ's never removed from the original cabinet that I would sell. PM me if interested. -Jon
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    Quinn SSS Texas Steel

    Nice score! I've been looking at the 5O watt Red Plate SSS style amp. Do you still live in Charlotte? I'd love to come AB cleans with my Bassman. -Jon
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    Your Favorite Modern Day Bluesmen?

    Chris Duarte, Anthony Gomes, Tab Benoit, Eric Sardinas, Jonny Lang, Anders Osborne, Coco Montoya. They all fall under a generally traditional style of playing the blues. Then there are cats like Dan Auerbach and Jack White and John Mayer who are very much inspired by the blues and show...
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    New "vintage sounding" albums

    As mentioned before but never by name, Jack White's Third Man Records cuts everything to analong machines and wax. Outrageous sounds from Nashville. Can you dig it? -Jon
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    What amp for Silvertone 6x10?

    Oh don't worry about that. The shop I got the cab from has a Silvertone 212 rig with a matching SS head I'm getting next week for 200 bucks! It's super clean with the cheap footswitch and it's more vintage Jensen gear to throw in the pile. Keep the suggestions coming. It's a buyer's market...
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    What amp for Silvertone 6x10?

    I'm confused only because this thing has SIX Jensen C10Q's putting it at around 210 watts. Whatever I get will be next to a pair of Princeton Reverbs. I'm looking at a JTM 45 or something in that vein but I wonder if it'd be enough to get all that vintage Jensen goodness out. I'm a bit...
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    KT77 in orange

    I had KT77's in a Rocker 30. I'd say it was a definite improvement over the stock EL34's. After the switch, that amp had more headroom and volume and more pronounced harmonic awesomeness past six on the volume knob. I also noticed a tightness in the low mids that the EL34's didn't have. I know a...
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    What single-coils in Explorer for Hendrix?

    I got a 122. That's still all fairly experimental. There's a good Hammond tech twenty miles north on 85 I might drop my pride and take her to. The cab is in nice shape after some Old English and time but I think the amp stage and mechanicals might be out of my comfort zone. I still don't know...
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    What single-coils in Explorer for Hendrix?

    Morning(?) bump. Had a spirited all-nighter with some old friends and LOTS of new ones. I feel like a lot of creative people all over are finally somehow getting quiet time in the midst of all the turmoil we've been presented as of late. This has nothing to do with Hendrix tones and an Explorer...
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    What single-coils in Explorer for Hendrix?

    I know it sounds odd but that's exactly what I want. I'll be pairing it with two PRRI's and a 50 watt Plexi. I've got a Leslie I'm getting in shape for the live rig. I like wild tone. I'm looking for hum-sized drop in's. The only ones I've seen are the Eastwood Single Coils. I figured I...
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    show your fugly les pauls!

    This cat just called that guitar a flamer? Lol. Carry on.

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