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  1. SteveO

    Who Likes Clown Core?

    Celibacy Rock...
  2. SteveO

    80s metal amp

    He said 80s metal, which was the OTHER sound back then. Boosted/modded JCMs, mostly. And no, Def Leppard don't count. Hysteria marked their departure from rock/metal and entrance into Bon Jovi-ville.
  3. SteveO

    80s metal amp

    The DSLs do 80s metal quite nicely. I wouldn't look to an Origin for those gain levels, unless you run pedals in front of it.
  4. SteveO

    NAD Boogie content

    Those amps run pretty hot as well, something to keep an eye on. I run a fan into the rear of mine, pointed at the EL84s, to help keep the temperature under control.
  5. SteveO

    Prince Playing

    I'm pretty sure that Clapton has just as much input from Harrison on what to play as Prince did-which would be none for either of them. Clapton came in and did his thing, and so did Prince. Whether I like Prince or not is pretty irrelevant to the discussion, really. Compared to other things...
  6. SteveO

    If you're in a cover band and not using a modeler...

    "Modeling" as we know it today didn't even exist when I starting working full time in a cover band. A few digital units had "amp simulators" in them, but they were all slightly worse than horrible. I got by just fine with a three channel amp (clean, crunch, dirty) with a delay in the loop that...
  7. SteveO

    FM3 - New issue?

    Perhaps the latest firmware is so advanced, so much "realer" than everything before it, that FM3 has achieved self awareness and has come to the conclusion that even though it is a Fractal product it is more comfortable identifying as a Helix.
  8. SteveO

    Prince Playing

    Eric Clapton was playing someone else's song when he played the original solo, too.
  9. SteveO

    Eric Clapton: John Mayer is a Master guitarist....

    Men want to be him, women want to be with him, and the TGP collective cannot handle this.
  10. SteveO

    Talk me out of an H9 Max

    I have two on my board.
  11. SteveO

    New amp for a future new Dad

    My dad is a keyboardist, and when I was a wee little munchkin he had a very large Guilbransen organ (three keyboards and a full pedalboard). I used to fall asleep every night to the sounds of that beast shaking the house.
  12. SteveO

    Komplete? Kontakt?

    It's always preferable to run all of your virtual instrument libraries on a separate drive(s), keeps your main internal drive from trying to do too much at once.
  13. SteveO

    I finally get the Beach Boys

    Surfing, cruising, and girls: The Beach Boys Drugs, cruising, and girls: Motley Crue
  14. SteveO

    David Foster Doc: You Can Have Him

    More like the music in the elevator on the way to the lounge...
  15. SteveO

    One thing I have noticed about COSM modeling

    It's just BOSS' proprietary marketing term for their amp modeling, though they have moved on from "COSM" and now call it "AIRD".
  16. SteveO

    Low output from Kemper

    Check your levels in the output menu (accessed by holding down the output button). There are settings in there for main, monitor, SPDIF, and headphones.
  17. SteveO

    PRS CE24 vs Custom 24

    I've got two CU24s and a 2019 CE24. Aside from the bolt-on maple neck (and the tonal differences it brings), the other main difference is that current model CEs have PRS USA pickups in them, but the rest of the hardware and electronics are imported. The fit and finish is on par with the Core...
  18. SteveO

    What happens to a thread...

    A general rule of thumb is that a few offending posts will generally result in those posts being removed, but if the subject matter is such that things are bound to continue going sideways then the thread will usually be either locked or deleted.
  19. SteveO

    NAD. Mesa Mark V. Not your typical country rig

    Use the graphic EQ for channel three, it makes all the difference in the world. Most of the modes in channels one and two don't really need it, though Mark 1 mode benefits from it if you're pushing the gain up.
  20. SteveO

    Line 6 HXFX screen issue

    One of the scribble strip screens on my Helix has been screwy for a few years now. It's fine on initial startup, but after a short period of time starts flickering and then blanks out entirely. Sometimes it turns solid yellow, but usually it just goes dark.
  21. SteveO

    If you were offered a bar gig, would you take it?

    I gave up that life back in the 90s-when "silent stage" meant somebody in the kitchen turned on the microwave and blew the breaker that the amps were also plugged into.
  22. SteveO

    If modeling is “just as good as the real thing” these days, why is analog still super popular?

    I wouldn't say one is better or worse than the other, but they're definitely different. Much in the same way that a Marshall is different from a Boogie is different from a Vox is different from a Twin Reverb.
  23. SteveO

    NAD!! Mesa Stiletto!

    My Deuce II is a keeper, even though it doesn't get a whole lot of playing time. I know I would regret it if I let it go.
  24. SteveO

    Brad Delp Vs. Steve Perry

    What the hell, let's just throw Dennis De Young into the mix as well and run this train straight into the trees...
  25. SteveO

    Steve Vai vs Ralph Macchio Epic Guitar Battle

    Congratulations-you have just displaced Max Weinberg to become the Luckiest Man On Earth.

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