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    Just got back from Derek Trucks Band

    I saw them in the Ridgefield Playhouse, which is a converted high school auditorium, feels like maybe seats 1500. We were in the 10th row a little right. We could see really well until the last couple tunes by which time the entire audience was up dancing; we could then see pretty well, but to...
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    Just got back from Derek Trucks Band

    A: Derek Trucks is the man. B: His band is incredible. C: Sounded like they are working up material for a new album. D: My mind is blown for the forseeable future.
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    Buying the same amp multiple times

    I have some extra copies of some amps for spares.
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    Recommend a 2 channel 100+ watt heavy amp

    Or just the Tre. Or KII. Or old Knucklehead with the gain mod. Or that OD-100 some have suggested. But not so much the Knucklehead Reverb.
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    Super Champ XD footswitch....ridiculous!

    I was just thinking the same thing.
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    I got a ? re: straight into amp vs. pedals.

    Back in the days when I played live a lot (as a keyboard player) the guitar players I worked with all used pedals. That was back in the 1970s and into the 1980s. These days I actually come across more guys in the course of recording, and here, there is a lot of not using pedals. If you have a...
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    Who amongst us CHOOSES to have V30`s in their Cab / Combo ?

    I completely agree. The Dual Professional is enough reason to keep making V30s even if there were no other reason.
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    Rivera Clubster vs. Fender ?

    It compares to the Super Champ; it is an evolution of that amp. These days you might compare it to the Super Champ XD. And for the money, that Super Champ XD is not a bad deal. Dunno if it has the clean sound that the Clubster does though. By the way I agree that the Clubster is nicer than the...
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    Category 5 Tempest

    Yes that was me. My relationship with Michael is that Baryon Records put out his two albums and a promo live album. The previous time we went with him to Memphis we recorded both at Hopson's Commissary and Rumbottom's but for reasons of a rental vehicle screwup in Newark at the beginning of that...
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    best modeling amp?

    Yes indeed.
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    Category 5 Tempest

    I was wondering about when Cat 5 was going to start hitting the Gear Page. A couple years ago I asked the guy why he didn't have more of an internet presence, in particular the Gear Page, he said he wanted to build the reputation through artists.
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    Rivera Jake vs. R-55

    I have an EL34 Shiva, and a couple Jakes. It's no contest, I'd rather have the Jake any day.
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    Rivera Jake vs. R-55

    The Rake/Jake has a smoother, sweeter Channel 1 than the R55/12. The R55/12 is a nice amp, but the Jake is usually nicer. The R55/12 is slightly more portable. If you are interested in jazzy jazz/fusion clean-ish tones then the R55/12 can be preferred. This might also apply to traditional...
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    Best Weight/Tone Ratio

    I really do recommend learning to lift weights as a preventive measure for daily life lifting. I started lifting at age 45 so it's not just for kids. It's pretty normal for men to progress to where lifting twice their bodyweight is well within their ability; even a 4x12 loaded with EVM-12Ls is...
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    Fender Twin Reverb Owners ???

    Reverend Alltone 1250s. These work really well for the classic clean sounds for the Twin. The previous owner (who put these speakers in) was a country player. He also added beam blockers.
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    CAA OD-100: HELP with dialing in smoother tone!!!

    I'm surprised about the harsh comments for the OD-100s, but mine is a Classic, so I guess the early ones were really a lot different. The clean channel on mine is far from harsh.
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    Fender HotRod Deville (4x10), good for country?

    Yes, this amp has a decent clean channel which can be used in that way. Fred Tackett was touring with that for a while.
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    Compare Dumble style clean to blackface

    It's more like those "you know it when you play it" deals. It has something to do with dynamics and articulation as well as tone, so you almost feel it while playing as much as you hear it. I would normally say it has to do with sag, but it isn't confined to slow amps. It is typically a very...
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    Compare Dumble style clean to blackface

    Don't assume that the Dumble is "better". It's different. We have a nice 1965 Twin Reverb here which I like a lot. It has a lot more extension in the bass, and some more in the treble, and it is scooped in the usual Fender blackface way. We also have a Dumble ODS (100 Watt EL34s). The Dumble...
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    Best Weight/Tone Ratio

    I would go with Jake over that, which is about the same weight and more tone in my opinion (although the Chubster is a very good amp). I was actually hoping that there would be mention of some enormously heavy amp which has a huge amount of tone. In my inventory, the thing that fills that bill...
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    Dumble head vs. combo?

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    Need your Opinions! Black Cat 1x12 vs Kingsley vs Metropolis 30.

    Metropolis 30 Reverbs are great. I lent one to my producer friend and it's been like four years he is still making records with it. I eventually got another. Watch out for the volume though - these can be incredibly loud. I also like the UG30 but I never played one. I used to play with a really...
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    Picked up a Rivera Jake Studio last night

    It lets you change the level from the preamp to the power amp. It's like a master volume for the preamp. So you can increase the amount of power amp distortion without increasing the volume level. This is one of those where you should just try it and see. You get a little more noise from this...
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    Speaker suggestion for Rivera Knucklehead 100

    Yeah the volume thing is really important. A pair of Vintage 30s can actually sound wonderful with this amp, as long as you are beating the living beejeezus out of them, and you have a handy concrete bunker.
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    Rivera Knucklehead 55: old or new models?

    Can someone get that please? I have too many amps already.

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