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    Laney vc 30 V Blues Deluxe

    The Laney VC30 is a great amp and is underrated in my opinion. Clean tone is amazing and there are so many options on the gain channel. Plus a great verb. The blues deluxe has a solid clean tone but the Laney cleans are special.
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    Dating of a VOX AC30 Top Boost "Red Panel" from the 60's...???

    Looks like a Rose Morris 1991-2 30th anniversary edition with a JMI badge attached. Will have a red or green circuit board with tubes mounted on the board and preamp tubes clamped in with a metal bracket. Most had two green backs though some had Fane Alncios. They were built by the audio...
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    Fane A60

    And now there is an A90! so many options. I have paired an F90 and an A60 in an open back cab, which isn't necessarily a natural combination, but it sounds amazing!
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    Speakers with Mesa TA-30?

    Have tried it with a closed back Vintage 30, a closed back VHT Chromeback, open back 2-12 with one one Fane alnico 70 watt and one Fane F90, 2 celestion blues in a Vox cab. Sounds really great with all of them. Like the Fane cab best and then second the chromeback probably in that order. The...
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    Bugera V22

    What they sound like for the money is incredible. Long term reliability is an open question.
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    Why shouldnt I buy a Bugera BC30

    Reviving this thread. So I was in Canada and in Canadian dollars I saw a new dc30 selling for 5200 bucks! Where I come from that's a used car. Anyhow, I have owned a few from before the madness. Forward to bringing a BC30 home from before they were discontinued. 400 bucks and channel 1 is so...
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    10 watts or less, tube combo, great "edge of breakup" sounds, under $500 used???

    Vox AC10 and Laney VC15 are two amps that blindfolded you would think could cost triple as much...
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    NAD: Vox AC10C1

    The Vox AC10 in my opinion is the best bang for buck Vox product in the Korg era including Korg UK. And any of its limitations can be cured by simply plugging into a 2-12 open back cab loaded with Alnico blues. I have just come out of an afternoon with the AC10C1, AC15C1, AC30CCH and a AC30...
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    Vox 60th Anniversary...

    Or I could buy 15 MV50 heads...these do look sweet I must say. I remember the Bruno designed Vox HW series were a pretty penny back before the move to China/Vietnam.
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    Finally Scored my 1st Vox AC30 tube amp!!

    great deal and a great amp that stacks up really well in the AC30 pantheon. The vintage filtering gets you close. The Caldwell mods get you closer. To what? To JMI Woden goodness!
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    Vox AC30CH vs AC30CCH - any strong preferences?

    I vote CC - for the vintage filter values and tube rectifier...
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    Welagen Tribute Wreck amps

    V-Verb has heard more amps than just about anyone I have met. The first time I heard a T-wreck style amp was back in 2004 or so and it was V-Verb who had it, so I am just saying, he is not listening to this amp with virgin ears. As I recall, he had several Kanewrecks, Komet amps etc and many...
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    NAD - Laney VC15 "Old English White"

    The VC15 is the best kept secret in North America (they've cracked it in the UK). Slays any other 15 watter within 300 bucks. Has its own signature tone imho - a little bit of a cross between fender and vox, but all Laney when cranked...and yeah you can find them for that 270 -300 range if you...
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    NAD - Vox AC4C1-12 - the mini AC30

    A Celestion blue won't fit in the ac4C1-12, unless you take off the bell cover...
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    Am I the only person on Earth that cannot bond with Mesa amps?

    I get where the anti Mesa camp comes from, but after spending some time with some models with the EQ and moving several guitars in and out of the settings, you can pretty much get a Mesa Mark or Plus model to sound like any amp with similar tube compliments. For instance a 5:25 plus can sound...
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    NAD: AC15

    They AC30CC is great for around the house - great master and with the vintage filtering can get some good tones at low volumes! The CC has more compression and more flexibility. Both really great amps though
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    NAD: AC15

    OK just had time with the AC15C1 - amazing tone imho!
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    Dallas era Vox amps

    Nice! I think that is an early Vox Sound model and is probably stocked with leftover JMI parts! Looks like a score!
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    NAD: AC15

    I just took the plunge on one too - I hope it sounds as good as your experience!
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    Dallas era Vox amps

    awesome - what colour is the grill and the faceplate? Enjoy!
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    AC15C1 - The Best Clean Amp EVER?

    The AC30CC gets flack but it still sounds closer to an old AC than the C1 and it is because they got the normal channel right and also provide the right filtering options on the back. They get a bad rap because the AC15CC was kind of off the mark, but the AC30CC with blues was probably the best...
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    Dallas era Vox amps

    You are much less likely to see a tube rectifier and the brown grill cloth or red control faceplate, and the trannies may be not the usual by this point. It still should be a fine amp. Early ones should still be fibreboard handwired style - I think it was late 70s they moved to thick trace PCB.
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    Vox AC30 head - which one?

    The Tony Bruno HW AC30 and the New AC30HW couldn't sound more different. The Bruno is darker and smoother. The new HW have more edge and don't have verb or trem. The CC AC30 heads can sound great if you keep the filtering low and use alnico speakers. The newer C series also sound great but...
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    Man, I can't 65 Amps to return my calls/messages...advice?

    Exactly, the local techs can't service stuff that the shop doesn't sell or where a schematic is hard to come by. I took my London to 3 techs who all either charged money or spent weeks without doing anything to fix the amp. I was so bailed out by 65amps when they agreed to take it in. On...
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    Man, I can't 65 Amps to return my calls/messages...advice?

    I bought a used London Pro head that needed significant work to get back to stock and no local tech would touch it. It was hard to get a hold of 65 amps but I did after emails and facebooking, and I then shipped it to them all the way from Canada (I really needed their help because the techs I...

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