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  1. atomicmassunit

    Muff Style Fuzzes

    Ive been out of the loop for a while. What's the new cool muff fuzz? I've got a spot for one.. Pumpkins are a favorite. What's the tgp current consensus best muff?
  2. atomicmassunit

    Vintage Gibson Firebirds

    What's the most desirable years and models? They're so rare, I haven't been able to spend time with one, but the new ones have me curious what I'm missing!
  3. atomicmassunit

    List your CD here

    Give a listen, friends.
  4. atomicmassunit

    Truss Rod Nut Sizes - missing truss rod nut for Epiphone

    Thank you Ayrton! Ordered one! Much appreciated. Next time I'm in Atl, I will gladly buy the beer!
  5. atomicmassunit

    Truss Rod Nut Sizes - missing truss rod nut for Epiphone

    Yes, I do see threads, and it doesn't look broken off. It's a nice clean rod, just larger threads than I have seen before!
  6. atomicmassunit

    Truss Rod Nut Sizes - missing truss rod nut for Epiphone

    The rod is deeply recessed, so I'm assuming it would be a barrel type with the 4mm wrench, just need thread size so I can retap the nut for it and it'll be good to go.
  7. atomicmassunit

    Truss Rod Nut Sizes - missing truss rod nut for Epiphone

    Korean made, somewhere between 1998-2002. Looks exactly like this one.
  8. atomicmassunit

    Truss Rod Nut Sizes - missing truss rod nut for Epiphone

    Hi All, I just did a really cool headstock repair on an epiphone Les Paul Signature (looks like half 335 half les paul) and it's missing the truss rod nut. I ordered the standard 10/32 barrel with allen key size I see on import guitars, and the nut is too small for the threads. Tried nuts...
  9. atomicmassunit

    Guitar Shows

    I've been attending Dallas or Arlington every couple years for quite a while. Prices were extremely optimistic, and boy you are right about dealers being confrontational. Only a few we spoke to were nice. What is the deal with these guys?
  10. atomicmassunit

    Fender Mustang users who play solos?

    Wow guru... that is super nice!
  11. atomicmassunit

    Fender Mustang users who play solos?

    Over dinner a friend and I were talking about Mustangs and couldn't think of many soloists or blues rockers who play them. I'd love to hear one used for that if you can hip me to some players...
  12. atomicmassunit

    PAF Style Pickups for a PRS Standard 24

    Any recommendations? I'm thinking Lollar Imperials. I had a set of Tom Holmes in a Custom 24 before, and that was the benchmark tone for me, but I can't shell out $800 for a set now, especially in a plain jane gold Standard with moons... I want to stay away from Duncan/Dimarzio.
  13. atomicmassunit

    My Minimalist Gear = Maximum Playability

    Beautiful picture! El84? Isn't that a tweed champ?
  14. atomicmassunit

    whose band plays Muse

    My old band did Starlight. Always killed. Hysteria and Uprising didn't get that big a reaction most of the time.
  15. atomicmassunit

    What's Your Craziest Gig Story?

    I had a really good one a few weeks back. Overworked and exhausted, didn't want to play, and we had a gig in Baton Rouge. Our drummer called in the AM, sick, absolutely can't make it. So we found a replacement drummer the other guitarist has played with before. Only catch is, he wants us all...
  16. atomicmassunit

    Bands without a bassist

    I run a rig with a Strat, where the middle pickup has only 2 poles in it and runs to a separate jack->Octave->Bass rig. That way only Low E and A go through the bass amp. Takes some adjusting, but our trio (2 gtrs, drums) sounds like a REALLY tight 4 piece, and you have the option of just...
  17. atomicmassunit

    What the loudest amp you've played?

    Ampeg V4... hands down.
  18. atomicmassunit

    NGD: Teisco WG-2L ******NEW*******Clip added

    Great tone, sounds like old records! Nice playing too!
  19. atomicmassunit

    Amps Used on Matthew Sweet's Girlfriend Album

    Anyone know what they used? I hear a lot of Stratocaster, but not sure what amps. EL84s?
  20. atomicmassunit

    Rhythm Guitar Drive Pedal, Similar to Direct Drive

    I need a really good drive pedal that will be close in sound to my direct drive, without just buying another one. The direct drive is the right amount of gain, and it's smooth and not harsh. What else is similar? I just don't like the idea of having the same exact pedal on both my boards...
  21. atomicmassunit

    What is your smoothest playing guitar?

    My 68 Es-335. Combination of slim neck and vintage frets, super smooth and easy.
  22. atomicmassunit

    It's time...Most overrated guitar.

    Ok.... I'll say it. Telecaster. Only because it is revered as the god of guitar by some... it's a good sounding sturdy axe that is WAY WAY overrated.:hide

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