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  1. longgonedaddy

    Harmonic Tremolo

    for 300. Bucks it better be the best trem ever. And make me a burrito, too.
  2. longgonedaddy


    New 68 vibrolux, or the early 2000s?
  3. longgonedaddy

    Harmonic Tremolo

    Look for a tremolo. You’ll have better luck, since there are more tremolos available than tremelos. that being said, Surfy is awesome, and if you’re only interested in harmonic, and not other tremolo types, check out the Flint.
  4. longgonedaddy

    Flat patch cable roundup

    M-maka on Amazon been using them for 2+ years, no more or less signal loss than any other cable, and have been durable after many, many board reconfigurations. I’m not afraid of them breaking and needing to repair. for their price, and estimated life, no need to repair.
  5. longgonedaddy

    I'm over tuners taking up space on my board

    I’m surprised that this thread is still going and simultaneously surprised that it’s not locked
  6. longgonedaddy

    TGP approved??

    Looks like you spent the minimum. But just the minimum. get yourself a $600 drive pedal that you have to wait seven years for, and a $1100 tone bender, and you’ll be ok.
  7. longgonedaddy

    Memphis Sun

    I’ve been avoiding gas for this pedal since it came out, but this thread pushed me over the edge :beer
  8. longgonedaddy

    Keeley Roto Sonic

    Dumb reply, maybe, but it sounds like Keeley‘s other Leslie sims. I have the Verb o Trem workstation, and had the Dyno my Roto. I think it’s a great emulation of a Leslie. There‘s a feel it has, like a real feel, that others don’t catch. And it might just be a trick my mind is playing...
  9. longgonedaddy

    Keeley Roto Sonic

    I got mine In the last batch, love it!
  10. longgonedaddy

    Gear needs purpose

    I see both sides of it. I’ve been steadily honing my core pedals, to the point that I’m feeling that if I suddenly find myself, in a position to no longer be able to get any new ones, I’m very good with what I I have. So given a scenario like in the OP, if I need to sit down and make music...
  11. longgonedaddy

    One guitar? Two guitars? 27 Guitars?

    Thanks everyone. All your answers have been insightful and helpful. going to do a lot of thinking and playing over the next few days. one of the things that has been pervasive in buying the non teles was the thinking That I needed the Gretsch for rockabilly, the Jag for surf, and...
  12. longgonedaddy

    One guitar? Two guitars? 27 Guitars?

    Lots of varied opinions, exactly what I was hoping to see, as they support my pros and cons for both sides. and confirms I’m not going nuts
  13. longgonedaddy

    One guitar? Two guitars? 27 Guitars?

    i am a confirmed Tele guy. I do not ever see me not owning a Tele, or a Tele not being my go to guitar. That being said, I’ve acquired a few other models, like a lot (most?) of you. Along with my two teles, one standard, one Bigbsy, I have a strat, a Jaguar, a p90 LP, and a Grestch hollow...
  14. longgonedaddy

    Throaty/growly wah?

    kind of defeats the goal I put in the initial post of having growl without having to engage a drive pedal.
  15. longgonedaddy

    Throaty/growly wah?

    owned several through the years, never felt it growled without a gain pedal.
  16. longgonedaddy

    Modulation - What's currently on your board?

    Fulltone Supatrem Jr on the warble wave setting Keeley Roto Sonic on the Leslie setting Keeley Verb o Trem workstation, univibe set to a slow, mid depth, wash looking for a simple mutli mod with flanger, chorus, and phaser for when I get the itch I play plain old Rock’n’Roll and Americana...
  17. longgonedaddy

    Good Tremolo Effect

    voodoo lab is always one of recommendations for simple, affordable tremolo. But lately, I’ve really been digging my Fulltone Supatrem Jr. you can probably find one for around $100 used. and I’m with @Johnny Fuzz in that the flint isn’t all that special. It is very good, but I don’t...
  18. longgonedaddy

    Baby's In Black Tremolo

    right, because it’s tremolo. ;)
  19. longgonedaddy

    Baby's In Black Tremolo

    Seems a bit too non-uniform/random for any pedal I’m aware of. Doesn’t have a consistent feel. i agree a volume pedal is your best bet
  20. longgonedaddy

    What's wrong with this Pedal Board?

    No Klone, no Timmy, no chase bliss, no $900 tone bender, no catalinbread, no Flint, no what else am I missing that are the TGP darlings?
  21. longgonedaddy

    Throaty/growly wah?

    thats exactly what I’m looking for And I’m pretty sure that’s the one I’ll eventually get thanks everyone for suggestions.
  22. longgonedaddy

    Replacement for fender vintage switch?

    looking for a replacement for my vintage style fender two button footswitch, like common found on blackface amps to turn on/oof the reverb and tremolo. Looking for something a little more aesthetically pleasing thanthe original, that will look more at home with the other pedals. obviously...
  23. longgonedaddy

    WTB Keeley X series Tri mod

    thanks for the well wishes!
  24. longgonedaddy

    What is the main difference between optical, bias and harmonic tremolo?

    Opto and bias do the same exact thing through different methods. Harmonic uses a different process to get similar, but distinctply different sounds I’m sure someone with more technical knowledge will gladly tell me all the things I got wrong here, but here’s a good layman’s explanation: opto...

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