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  1. Rocktrans formed

    Line6 Helix

    Can anyone help me figure out what the deal is with my Helix's volume pedal? On patches with a volume pedal, backing off the pedal does NOT reduce the volume to zero; sound still comes through, roughly equivalent to 20% or so on the guitar's volume knob. On the pedal settings, the minimum...
  2. Rocktrans formed

    Line6 Helix

    I just updated to the newest version of the firmware and it no longer lets me stay on snapshots... instead, it flashes and goes into the pedal settings for that snapshot, and if I want to change snapshots, I have to stomp the two Preset up/down buttons again. This is probably a setting that can...
  3. Rocktrans formed

    P&W Rigs/Pedalboards

    I was recently playing with a group where the leader joined a small-ish church, pretty much took over the whole music situation, and spent what must've been a lot of the church's money on a new mixing board, wireless tech, flashy lighting, and other stuff, only to leave a few months later when a...
  4. Rocktrans formed

    P&W Rigs/Pedalboards

    I played for the first time at my new-ish church yesterday and it went great. Here's what I used: Revelator Tele -> Line 6 Helix: Deluxe Comp, Klon, Tube Screamer, Swirl (more below), AC30 w/IR. I wanted to escape the typical worship cliches, so no delay, minimal reverb, no volume swells. My...
  5. Rocktrans formed

    Today's Wash. Post: "Sorry, rock fans. Hip-hop is the only genre that matters right now."

    Typical WaPo pablum. It's less about hip hop vs rock than it is about the author writing a self-aggrandizing monument to his own sense of superiority, lived vicariously through the achievements of people (hip hop artists) who have little in common with him. No wonder newspapers are dying when...
  6. Rocktrans formed

    Guitars that were "big" when they came out, but have since disappeared

    Gretsch has had a huge resurgence in popularity because guys like Michael Guy Chislett from Hillsong United and Jeffrey Kunde from Jesus Culture started playing White Falcons and Duo Jets about ten years ago. It doesn't hurt that the guitars Gretsch makes nowadays are quite nice, but the main...
  7. Rocktrans formed

    Unpopular Opinion: Instagram's Pedalboard culture has become fashion over function

    Man, this resonates with me 1000% as somebody who's into both guitar gear and fashion. The flat layouts of Viberg and Rogue Territory clothes are basically the same thing as the Strymon/Vertex/other trendy pedal worship guitarist pedalboards all over Instagram. They're both large communities...
  8. Rocktrans formed

    Line6 Helix

    My volume pedal is squeaking like crazy after just a few days of use :( Not really acceptable... how do I fix this? I'm not too keen on unscrewing the thing completely and being told I have to replace a particular part like in that Line 6 video. Also, I'd just use my Boss volume pedal instead...
  9. Rocktrans formed

    Line6 Helix

    Thanks for the explanation Unnecessary, that's actually the clearest breakdown of the pros/cons of IRs that I've seen so far.
  10. Rocktrans formed

    Line6 Helix

    I bought a Helix this weekend (got a great deal on a new one!) and I'm really liking it so far. Night and day difference from my old HD500x. Dialing in great-sounding tones is almost effortless, especially compared to the POD (on which I got about two or three I thought sounded decent... ever.)...
  11. Rocktrans formed

    Line6 Helix

    I'm interested in the Helix, here's my main hangup: I usually play at home through headphones (Sennheiser HD-555), though I recently got some Westone UM 30 IEMs, using a Pod HD500x. Reading about the Helix, I see so much about how playing through headphones is terrible and if, say, I play at...
  12. Rocktrans formed

    Why are Fender Jaguars so heavy?

    I've noticed this too. My MIM Jazzmaster is very lightweight and comfortable, but Johnny Marr Jaguars feel like bricks.
  13. Rocktrans formed

    Rush breaks up

    Kind of sad, but I'd figured they were done for a while now. They had a great run and went out on a high note, and hopefully the guys can get some nice rest/work at their own pace from now on.
  14. Rocktrans formed

    New Revelator - Telecaster with a Jazzmaster Soul

    This is a beautiful guitar and I bet it sounds awesome. I owned an early-60s style Revelator Tele about ten years ago, and it's the only guitar I've ever regretted selling. (Among many other things, I really miss how that guitar smelled.) I am looking into having a new one built for me soon...
  15. Rocktrans formed

    Genuine Question: What do you love/hate about youtube demos?

    I don't like or play blues. I don't like or play shred metal. So please, don't bother demoing pedals with these styles of music when a pedal is clearly not aimed at people playing this stuff. If you play a part from Wilco, The Smiths, The War On Drugs, recent Ryan Adams, etc. then I'll have a...
  16. Rocktrans formed

    Do you NEED a compressor pedal?

    When I finally bought a compressor it was like a light switch flipping on, and I realized right away how much I'd been missing it. Here's the thing guys: guitar forums/discussions are dominated by guys who play blues or blues-influenced music. Blues greatly benefits from the dynamics of hitting...
  17. Rocktrans formed

    Is the Big Sky still the undisputed king of reverb?

    I have the Empress Reverb and love it. The Spring mode is bad, but my Fender Pro Reverb has that covered. The Hall settings aren't amazing, but the Ghost, Ambient, Swell, etc. make up for it. The Plate is also quite nice to my ears. The weaker modes will probably get updates in the future so no...
  18. Rocktrans formed

    Empress Echo System Dual Engine Delay **update w/clips**

    I got my Echosystem on Monday and I'm blown away by this pedal. I wanted to avoid the stereotypical BigSky/Timeline setup for the board I'm building, and opted to go the Empress route. Got the Reverb recently and I absolutely love it, tons of great, immersive tones and very inspiring. The...
  19. Rocktrans formed

    Why do you like reverb so much?

    I love 90s emo/shoegaze/dream pop/etc. so reverb is a crucial part of those sounds. To me, reverb is far more essential than delay.
  20. Rocktrans formed

    Pedalboard Building Guides?

    Thanks for the replies guys! Will dig through all of this stuff.
  21. Rocktrans formed

    Pedalboard Building Guides?

    Hi dudes, I'm preparing to build myself a high-quality pedalboard and find myself pretty discouraged by how few comprehensive guides there are toward putting together a high-quality flat pedalboard, in terms of how to prepare, set up, measure stuff, organize power/patch cables, etc. By...
  22. Rocktrans formed

    Anyone else into DIIV and Beach Fossils?

    I love these bands, although Wild Nothing is my favorite playing in this kind of style - really excited about their new album coming out in February. I really wish there were more artists playing in the style of those three bands.
  23. Rocktrans formed

    Atlanta Discount Music is moving?

    I've been to the new store - it's great! Although a little bit harder to find. Love all the Ricks, Oranges, Dr. Zs, etc.
  24. Rocktrans formed

    In praise of The Police.

    Hah, I knew it was going to be that video before I clicked the thread! What a great performance. What's really impressive to me about The Police is how fresh they sound over thirty years later, their first album sounds like a blueprint for pop punk and alternative rock. I love how they broke...
  25. Rocktrans formed

    I Want a Guitar That Looks Like a Tele, Feels Like a Strat, and Sounds Like a Les Paul

    Can't believe nobody's mentioned Gustavsson, I don't know about playability but it's basically a Les Paul (scale, woods, pickups) with a Tele shape. Seems like it'd be pretty close to me.

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