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  1. Bogner

    "Amp on a board" pedalboard build

    Gotcha! I am not normally a fuzz pedal user but that pedal has me curious and what I have heard from it sounds fantastic. The other goodies it does is icing and awesome to have in one box.
  2. Bogner

    Do EBS flat patch cables have a lightning bolt on them?

    Yes but a black Sharpie fixes that if you don't feel like rubbing the graphic off the cable. It isn't noticeable on board. YMMV
  3. Bogner

    Wetter Box Configurations

    Multiple delays to get a reverb effect.
  4. Bogner

    Noise Gates: Their knobs?

    ISP is what you need. Nothing else touches their products. I have been using their various pedals and rack units since they came out.
  5. Bogner

    "Amp on a board" pedalboard build

    Looks great! How are you liking the Constellation?
  6. Bogner

    Which amp(s) to keep?

    Sell them all and buy a Suhr PT-15 and some headphones.
  7. Bogner


    Of course you are wrong. You know this. The real issue is do you like the amp or not? If so, pay to have it fixed and enjoy the amp. You got a decent deal on the amp as is. Amps are going to require some maintenance over time, would you be upset if it needed tubes? If you like the amp, fix it...
  8. Bogner

    Thinking about taking the plunge. Refinishing my Strat?

    Once that color ages a bit and you play that guitar it will look even better. I would leave it as is but that is me.
  9. Bogner

    To plek or not to plek?

    Not a fan of the Plek. I would put John Suhr @Husky up against a plek machine any day of the week and twice on Sunday.
  10. Bogner

    High Gain Pedals w/ a Deluxe Reverb

    You are very welcome. I would think the Revv G3 would be something that you really like sonically. The Revv pedals dial back very nicely as well. Something that has a lot of sweep that hasn't been mentioned that could work well for you is a Boss Metal Zone Waza pedal. I usually cringe anytime...
  11. Bogner

    High Gain Pedals w/ a Deluxe Reverb

    It is impossible for me to answer that because the amp, pedals in question, your guitar & pickups, etc all effect things and the pedals can be dialed many ways. They can be bright, they can be dark and in between. Everything works together in the chain. All the pedals I listed will give you good...
  12. Bogner

    High Gain Pedals w/ a Deluxe Reverb

    The AT+ is a great pedal but is nothing remotely close to high gain IMO. I guess we first need to define what the OP calls high gain. Based on his initial post, I would say boost pedals and many overdrive pedals are not what he is looking for. It sounds like he is seeking more of a distortion...
  13. Bogner

    High Gain Pedals w/ a Deluxe Reverb

    If I got a BE pedal I would get the BE Deluxe pedal. Out of the pedals I listed, the Friedman wouldn't be my first choice personally but I could easily live with all the pedals I mentioned and be happy with the results. YMMV
  14. Bogner

    Another delay search (clarity, self oscillation ...)

    Meris Polymoon Providence Chrono Delay
  15. Bogner

    Pedal Board recommendations

    Schmidt Array hands down. It's not even close.
  16. Bogner

    Time For A New Delay

    For something different I would go Meris Polymoon. Fantastic pedal full of glorious sounds.
  17. Bogner

    High Gain Pedals w/ a Deluxe Reverb

    This should be enough to get you happy and in good trouble Revv G3 Revv G4 Friedman BE-OD Deluxe Rock Fabrik Mind Abuse Empress Metal KSR Ceres Horizon Devices Apex Bogner Überschall Suhr Eclipse Suhr Riot Reloaded Airis Effects Savage Drive
  18. Bogner

    POLL: Which is your go to cabinet? 1x, 2x, 4x? Why?

    4X12 for life. As many as possible.
  19. Bogner

    NPD: Thorpy Heavy Water

    Sounds nice!

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