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    Need help replacing the switch on a Morely Distortion One Pedal (DPDT to 3PDT)

    Yeah, thanks. No, my friend just wanted it back to its original function. Just so happens the site where I got the switch was out of 2 poles, that's why I got the 3.
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    Need help replacing the switch on a Morely Distortion One Pedal (DPDT to 3PDT)

    Well after reading a bit more about how these switches work, I ended up being able to simply ignore the middle row of the new 3P switch and treat it as a 2 pole, just as I read. It works great. My multimeter was indeed put to use, you're right. I made a bad assumption about which direction the...
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    Need help replacing the switch on a Morely Distortion One Pedal (DPDT to 3PDT)

    This is for a friend. I am pretty good with soldering work, but don't know much about pedal circuitry. The orig switch is 6 pin and is wobbly inside so I want to replace it (see photos). I bought one of the ubiquitous blue 9 pin switches and am a little confused about what goes where. Some...
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    "Distortion" vs. "Overdrive" pedal with JCM800

    Former 800 user here. The only problem I had with the twp classics you've used the level of compression and, like you said above, that they perhaps impose too much of their own character & take over the tone. I'll add that this is only a problem for rhythm work imo. For leads, these...
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    Martin 000-15M will be my next

    cool. it's not the saddle i'm nervous about for some reason, it's the slots. no man, i plowed right into that saddle, lol. i feel like it's easy to measure and assess a saddle as you're making changes. but using slot files just always feels like flying blind to me: am i at the wrong angle? going...
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    Martin 000-15M will be my next

    ime things like lemon oil have a more temporary effect, while mineral oil seems to last considerably longer. haven't tried it on this fretboard though. i too lowered my saddle and reduced the relief. action is now quite low and not a hint of buzz or sizzle. plays like a dream. the only thing i...
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    00-15m or j-45

    being in full honeymoon phase with my brand new 000-15M i would choose it again and again over anything :). but GAWD that Gibson looks stunning! (and i bet it smells as sweet as my Martin too). anyway, an impossible choice. if it were me i might consider the primary intended use. home hobby...
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    JCM 800 Head Questions

    i had a 1980 2204 for a while (older box) and played a small handful of others while shopping. the only thing i'd say is stick with the single channel versions and you should be happy. i tried one 2 channel (2205 i believe) and it just didn't do it for me -- the clean channel was very meh and...
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    Martin 000-15M will be my next

    Thanks, man. And boy it sounds right to my ear. Not too bright, not too deep. I was a little worried because so many recommended not getting a hog top as your only acoustic. But I think it's gonna work out fine because I don't like bright things (speakers, headphones, amps, etc.). And what a...
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    Martin 000-15M will be my next

    I got one! Just arrived today. I'm letting it come to indoor temperature before I open it (I plan to baby this new wood for a year or two).
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    Speaker Recomendation for my Orange OR50

    i have no experience with GB's or vintage Oranges, so i can't help you with the tone issues. but since it sounds like you're concerned about safe operation, you should know that no matter the wattage rating of the 2nd speaker your cab will be rated at 50W and your GB will be vulnerable. cab...
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    Martin 000-15M will be my next

    that's awesome, people. glad to know i'm not the only one who had a love at first sight reaction. it's validating.
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    Martin 000-15M will be my next

    Have been looking into candidates to replace my only acoustic, which is a Seagull SWS Folk. The Seagull sounds very nice and seem solidly built, but my smallish hands just can't deal with that 1.8" nut for one more second. Serves me right for buying without trying - oh well. So after some...
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    Dumble on Reverb for $930,000

    I think it was just a price reduction. When it hits $9300 I'm going for it.
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    Budda SD 18 Series 1 vs 2

    in case it wasn't clear, Series 2 came pre Peavey. but i don't know what might have changed post Peavey.
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    Early 80's Marshall JCM800 4010 combo rebuild by FUSIONBEAR

    yeah ok, that's what i thought. so it related to the preamp setting and not the master, therefore gain not volume.
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    Early 80's Marshall JCM800 4010 combo rebuild by FUSIONBEAR

    ok, so what do people mean when they talk about removing the "bright cap"? it's probably the most commonly recommended easy mod for this amp and iirc everyone recommends it to remove the ice pick at low volumes (low master settings). but this is incorrect, right? it's really about the preamp...
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    Need help in choosing a proper amp for my band..

    assuming your other guitar player doesn't run his amp wide open, then AC30 with any speakers should be perfectly fine, even Greenbacks. here's a little secret: for typical gigs all tube amps are about the same volume and it doesn't really matter whether it's 30W or 100W. cuz no one cranks amps...
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    Carol ann amps Effects loops noise

    i really do believe what Alan and everyone is saying, i mean the evidence is clear. it just really surprises me and bums me out that my Diamond Trem one of the culprits. it's all "sh-sh-sh-sh . . ." when i engage it. :mad:
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    2x12 Vertical Vs Diagonal

    interesting. i never heard about this difference in dispersion planes before. part of the reason some like to set their 2x12 vertically is to get the speaker up higher so they can hear themselves better, but maybe this is counterproductive considering the phenomenon you describe. hm. for me...
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    2x12 Vertical Vs Diagonal

    I always do two sets of feet for my 2x12 cabs too. No reason not to. It's often more stable for transport and load-in to set it horizontally. Then set it vertically on stage. Best of both worlds imo. I like the height of in-line 2x12's vs diagonal. And oversized does seem to provide a bit more...
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    Carol ann amps Effects loops noise

    I have this issue with my OD2 and have had some discussions with Alan about it. He insists it has to do with noisy components in certain pedals, and that certainly appears to be true because there is no noise when in bypass. But the two biggest offenders in my loop are the Diamond Trem and...
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    Old Marshalls, preamp tubes, tube guru opinions needed!

    definitely try some NOS to satisfy your curiosity and maybe find a life-long mate. but also try some new production Tung Sol too. i was convinced by Doug to try them a while back when i got my 1980 2204 and loved it. now i just always put one in V1 for all my rock amps and never even consider...
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    though i have never tried one in person, if i ever wanted a single channel Marshall voiced MV amp, typing "Fargen" into the Amp & Cab classifieds is the first thing i would do. i would buy one without trying with no hesitation.
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    Is it better to have 2 amps or 2 guitars?

    yes, the best of all solutions imo, though i prefer a small SS backup amp to going direct. i bring a Crate PowerBlock to gigs. if that's too big for you, the EH Magnum 44 is the size of a pedal. i personally think string breaking is more likely than amp break down, but either will stop a set...

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