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  1. smallbutmighty

    Question to those that gig or play out regularly.

    I keep all my gigging gear completely separate from my home-noodling gear. When I'm packing up for a show I don't want to have to remember every capo and speaker cable. I want to be able to grab all the cases and throw them in the van, knowing everything is just as I left it after the last show.
  2. smallbutmighty

    Fender, uh, mistake?

    I worked in a music store in the 80's and we got a brand new Stratocaster that had a Telecaster decal on the headstock, from the factory. Stuff like that happens from time to time.
  3. smallbutmighty

    Is natural "relic" really possible?

    Relicing is not only possible, but unavoidable. Entropy, and all that. I think the real question is "will my guitar look as aged and cool as I want it to in my lifetime?" The answer, to quote Indiana Jones, is "it ain't the years,'s the mileage." It takes a lot more mileage to wear...
  4. smallbutmighty

    Is the honeymoon over for the Fender Acoustasonic?

    I've seen this same thing attempted many times, going back to the Kramer Ferrington. Never seems to catch on. People don't seem to have much need for an instrument that is a bad compromise between two things.
  5. smallbutmighty

    ESP E-II quality control\build quality?

    This is the same guitar I have, but mine is green with an IR fretboard. I agree with everything you said. But, as I noted above, the figured maple is a veneer, not a solid lam top. Not a corner I expected to be cut on a $1,700 guitar. The only other misstep: the really, really poorly executed...
  6. smallbutmighty

    ESP E-II quality control\build quality?

    Yep, I personally don't care either. I'm always glad to scoop up good deals on killer guitars that people turn their nose up at, for whatever reason. Despite my quibbles, the one I own is a one of my favorite playing and sounding guitars. :D
  7. smallbutmighty

    ESP E-II quality control\build quality?

    My EII-ST2 is one of the best sounding and playing guitars I own. It's not without it's failings though. For one, the LamTop is a veneer over a plain piece of 1/8" Maple. That's kind of lame for a nearly 2k guitar. I don't have a ton of experience with the Prestige line, but based on the ones...
  8. smallbutmighty

    Is this good Ad Copy? Or....

    If you ignore the awkward sentence structure and focus solely on the horseflop.
  9. smallbutmighty

    Small Band Liability Insurance

    Sounds like your insurance agent is doing her job: trying to sell you more insurance. Get some property insurance through a company that specializes in musical instruments. This is who I use: Don't worry about liability insurance.
  10. smallbutmighty

    Big Wreck LIVE at the El Mocambo, TO

    Other people play there besides SRV?
  11. smallbutmighty

    Why don't more women like hard rock and metal?

    Haha! Well, we've both been to many other concerts with equally scary-type lyrics, and been OK. We even saw Schindler's List in the theaters and felt pretty safe the whole time. You just never know....the world is a strange place.
  12. smallbutmighty

    Toontrack EZdrummer 2 vs. Superior Drummer 3

    If you choose not to decided you still have made a choice...
  13. smallbutmighty

    Why don't more women like hard rock and metal?

    My wife came with me to a Steel Panther show. It was a mistake...on both our parts. Many of the male concert-goers assumed the women in the audience were as willing to be objectified as the women on stage.
  14. smallbutmighty

    Why don't more women like hard rock and metal?

    Not sure I agree with the premise in the OP. IMO, people and music are way too complex to make such a generalization. I've seen plenty of ladies at Maiden, Priest, Scorps, Metallica, AC/DC shows. (Rush is another story, admittedly.) Last big show I went to pre-covid was Ghost, and the ladies...
  15. smallbutmighty

    I just spoke to Al Di Meola over the phone... it did not go well

    "I can't pretend a stranger is a long-awaited friend...."
  16. smallbutmighty

    How a 7 pound maple guitar is made (Godin tear-down)

    As soon as I saw the squared wiring channels I knew it was either chambered with a lam top or a sandwich body. No other way to get 'em square.
  17. smallbutmighty

    NGD Gibson Les Paul Classic "Lite"

    Sounds great, until you fall. Then you've got real mess to clean up.
  18. smallbutmighty

    Prs test your wood knowledge

    24/30. The various burls are what tripped me up.
  19. smallbutmighty

    What each channel on Marshall DSL mimics?

    In terms of features, the newest iteration of the DSL line is miles away from the old JCM2000 series. In terms of sounds it's not miles away, but it's still off yonder just a bit. You might could hit it with a rock from here, if'n you have a strong arm.
  20. smallbutmighty

    Who's your favorite YouTube and Social Media Guitar Influencer?

    The ones I enjoy most are: Tim Pierce Leon Todd Phil X Rabae
  21. smallbutmighty

    Someone built a Guitar Out of 50 Pounds of Salt wow.

    If you're a slug or a snail this is not the guitar for you.
  22. smallbutmighty

    How are the ergonomics of a Les Paul played while sitting?

    My wife is keeper, but she isn't without flaws. Ditto my kids, extended family, and close personal friends. Heck even me, believe it or not. It's possible to love something dearly while acknowledging it has flaws. I have two LP's that I absolutely love, but I hate playing them sitting down...
  23. smallbutmighty

    Does anyone here know how I can get in touch with Michael Angelo Batio?

    If you can get in touch with him I bet he would be happy to do it.

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