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  1. jpervin

    Blue glow from 6v6

    I do have another 6v6. Plug the other 6v6 in, hit power and standby, and see what happens?
  2. jpervin

    Blue glow from 6v6

    I got an opinion from Jim Nicholson at Lil Dawg and this is what he said... Your information regarding the blue is spot on as that color in that amount just shows the tube is happy as is. The other is definitely red-plating though & needs to be disposed of. You can keep the “blue” tube as a...
  3. jpervin

    WTB Walrus Audio Julia v2 chorus/vibrato

    Looking for a v2 Julia with box and paperwork.
  4. jpervin

    Is this Squier Strat Mini worth salvaging?

    My wife and I were coming back home from seeing the grandkids a couple of days ago, and we had just pulled into our neighborhood when I look to my right and see a guitar neck sticking out of someone’s trash. Despite my wife’s rolling eyes, I parked the car, got out and fished it out. It looked...
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  12. jpervin

    Sold Strymon Flint - $240 Shipped

    Great pedal and great price! Should sell quickly.
  13. jpervin

    NGD Les Paul Junior

    What a gorgeous Junior! Nice score! Play it in good health! It must have been played out at least a few times, given the condition of the case. Yikes! :omg
  14. jpervin

    Group Buy: Who's in?

    That puzzle pattern would look so cool on a Tele!
  15. jpervin

    Celestion Gold 10 or GA10-SC64

    I've had both the 10" Celestion Gold and the GA10-SC64. The Gold was in a tweed Champ clone that I have, and the GA10 was in a 1x10 extension cabinet that I recently sold. The Gold sounded really good in the Champ, but not quite the Fender-y sound that I love. The Gold had it's own thing going...
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  17. jpervin

    FSOT Walrus Audio Julia / Jupiter

    PM’d on Julia
  18. jpervin

    Esquire pickup suggestion

    Zhangbucker Paul Bunyan is another great Esquire pickup.
  19. jpervin

    Tele Pickup suggestions.

    Cavalier Pickups
  20. jpervin

    Blue glow from 6v6

    What causes that to happen?
  21. jpervin

    Blue glow from 6v6

    Are you talking about the thin orange line inside the tube on the left?
  22. jpervin

    I dinged my 52 reissue pretty good...

    Think of that ding as weight relief. ;)
  23. jpervin

    Blue glow from 6v6

    As I was playing thru my Lil Dawg D’Lux earlier today, out of nowhere it started to hum, and the hum got louder until I shut the amp off. I did some 6v6 and 5y3 tube swapping from another Deluxe and it was fine. I then put the original 6v6’s (JAN Phillips) back in the Lil Dawg but put in a ‘50s...
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