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  1. Aslan

    Why have the Clapton, Beck & SRV Strats lasted this long?

    I own two of the EC Strats, they are my favorite guitars to gig with. They are versatile, easy to play, great neck carve and just have a great feel and balance. I carry them in a Mono double gig bag. The active electronics match well with my Jim Kelley amp, there are times that I only play...
  2. Aslan

    Louis amplifier HD12-anyone try one?

    I would be interested in the HD12 if they put a switch so you could go from fixed bias to cathode bias, that way you would have a true tweed Deluxe and a true tweed Harvard in one amp.
  3. Aslan

    Whoa! I didn't see this coming!

    This Radio Shack is in Derby, Ks and has A fairly large amount of old tubes.
  4. Aslan

    Whoa! I didn't see this coming!

    Yes, out here in Kansas we still have a few Radio Shacks. But I doubt that they will last much longer.
  5. Aslan

    Whoa! I didn't see this coming!

    I have a Fender 57 Custom Champ that I dearly love. It sounds very good with the stock tubes but like all class A, single ended amps it had a hum when turned on but no more than any other single ended amp I've owned. Today I found a RCA 6V6GT tube at a local Radio Shack in the junk box. The...
  6. Aslan

    Did you move to a lighter rig?

    I sometimes just take my Clapton Strat, a tech 21 fly rig 5 version 2 and a Fender 57 Custom Champ. I stick a Sennhiser 609 in front of it and everyone is usually surprised at how good it sounds.
  7. Aslan

    Fender Vintage Noiseless Pickups...Any Good?

    I have the Fender vintage noiseless in both of my Strats, for the gigging musician they are excellent. A player who is OCD about his/her tone will find differences between these and regular single coils but the audience at a gig will never be able to tell any difference.
  8. Aslan

    How would you build your ultimate 5-pedal board?

    Not trying to be funny but I would choose a Tech 21 Fly Rig version 2 , I have two other traditional pedal boards with boutique pedals but I find that using the Fly Rig 5 ver. 2 just makes all my amps sound better. I would add a wah pedal & tuner pedal and I’m good to go.
  9. Aslan

    one guitar and one amp - an entire pop/rock gig

    Guitar: PRS Hollowbody II with Piezo Amp: Jim Kelley reissue Effects: Tech 21 Fly Rig 5 (version 2)
  10. Aslan

    PRS hollowbody II.....

    I gig with two PRS Hollowbody II with piezo guitars and they sound like the best ES335 you ever heard, they weigh next to nothing, the piezo sounds excellent through my Fishman Artist amp. These are very versatile instruments and perfect for when you have to cover a lot of different musical styles.
  11. Aslan

    Are Mesa-boogies hard to get a good sound on???

    Get a 50 caliber Mesa, easier to dial in than most other Boogies.
  12. Aslan

    What's your favorite light combo for rock?

    Victoria Ivy League ( tweed Harvard) or the new Fender 57 Custom Deluxe, perfect gigging amps.
  13. Aslan


    I own several PRS guitars and have to agree with Tag, their the best.
  14. Aslan

    How Micro Cube sounds in headphones?

    They sound great through headphones or ear buds. Probably the best practice amp ever produced.
  15. Aslan

    Kustom Tuck And Roll. One of my favorite amplifiers.

    In the late sixty’s I played in a four piece band (guitar, bass, drums & organ), we all had black tuck & roll Kustom amps. Each cab had three 15” speakers. The PA system was Kustom also, it made for a dramatic look when the stage was all set up. People on the TGP are critical of the amps but...
  16. Aslan

    Guitar Video I would like to be made.

    I admire players like Joe Bonamassa who are talented beyond the rest of us mere mortals. I wish though, that Bonamassa would do a video on where he played a Fender Eric Clapton Artist strat or a PRS 513 models. I would love to hear him apply his skills to a more modern, multi-useful...
  17. Aslan

    What pick are you currently digging? Herco Flex 75 Heavy here. :)

    V-pick medium rounded, once I tried one I have never looked back.
  18. Aslan

    Tweed Princeton speaker swap?

    Consider a Weber Sig 8 (4 ohm) alnico
  19. Aslan

    Tweed Deluxe Owners; What Are Ways to Get More Breakup at Lower Volumes?

    I wouldn’t change the speaker quite yet, I would consider two things: 1) If your V1 tube is a 12AY7, switch to a 12AX7 2) Consider a Klon type of boost, I have a Ceriatone Centura that gives a nice boost to my strat and works very nicely with my 5E3 combo.
  20. Aslan

    Best single guitar for acoustic and electric sounds

    PRS Hollowbody II With piezo, the acoustic sounds are just amazing!
  21. Aslan

    Signature guitars you'd rock even if you're not a huge fan of the guitarist

    Although I am a Eric Clapton fan, love his music, I bought my two Fender EC Artist Strats because they sound and play awesome. I remember listening to a Joe Bonamassa video discussing his instruments (huge vintage collection) and he said that he plays an instrument because it is a tool to make...
  22. Aslan

    when you find a neck shape that fits...

    For me it was when I picked up a Eric Clapton Strat, the neck was so easy to play and the satin finish was so silky to touch that it was love at first touch! I gig with two EC strats and with the special electronics I can get a huge number of tones with no hum. My second choice is the PRS...
  23. Aslan

    Ampless Bass Rig

    Tech 21 VT character pedal, works very well.
  24. Aslan

    Going direct to PA

    Yes, it is designed to go straight to the pa board.
  25. Aslan

    Does Electric Guitar Pickup Output Matter with Pedals?

    You really notice this when you play with a Eric Clapton sig. Strat, the active electronics puts out a hotter signal and I have to adjust all my pedals to get the same sounds as with my other guitars.

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