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  1. Kappy

    TGP Collective Super Chops Thread (Course Started 02/01/2010)

    Bummer. Villanova took down my personal web site. I thought that would be there forever. Here's the file that was posted, which looks to be the same one as on Scribd. I also updated post #1 in this thread with the updated link. Happy 20 weeks of 8th notes playing!
  2. Kappy

    "How does it feel...? I don't know, ask ______."

    Today I heard it attributed to Eric Clapton, who purportedly said "I don't know. Ask Prince." My ******** detector immediately fired off, and while searching for a credible citation, I found this thread.
  3. Kappy

    New Mick Goodrick book imminent

    Does anyone have a copy of this book? I'd like to get my hands on a copy and I'm not finding any sources for it online. Willing to work out a trade/purchase or something. I have a pretty vast musical library. Thanks!
  4. Kappy

    City Dweller Question: Storing guitars/amps in the least amount of space

    Hadn't thought of the temp/humidity. That puts another wrinkle in things, esp. with high end guitars. The wife and I have settled into the W. Village. Anyone who knows this area knows how small the apts in the W. Village are. I love the neighborhood though, so I'm willing to make some...
  5. Kappy

    Uncanny Valley

    Pretty! Thanks for sharing it. I like the title too, though I don't feel like it's got an uncanny valley feel. ;)
  6. Kappy

    City Dweller Question: Storing guitars/amps in the least amount of space

    I'm in the middle of a move from a house in the burbs to NYC. I've been able to pare down to about a dozen guitars and about a half dozen amps. I like keeping the guitars in their cases since they stay in great condition that way, but the cases take up way too much space and look like ****. I'd...
  7. Kappy

    TGP Collective Super Chops Thread (Course Started 02/01/2010)

    I think the voicings are a guide/suggestion, not required for the course. I think I got more out of learning the voicings than I did from the single note playing. ;) But I do remember being slowed down by the voicings myself. It was a bitch! But toward the end, I started to get pretty...
  8. Kappy

    Looping for Guitarists: An Open Letter to FX Manufacturers

    Great read! Thanks, Dave! Thanks, Andre LaFosse, for hipping me to it on the social networkz. Dave
  9. Kappy

    TGP Collective Super Chops Thread (Course Started 02/01/2010)

    I know, imagine have to read 56 pages to get the rudiments of a demanding discipline like Jazz guitar! ;)
  10. Kappy

    TGP Collective Super Chops Thread (Course Started 02/01/2010)

    Nice idea. I might be game for another pass.
  11. Kappy

    TGP Collective Super Chops Thread (Course Started 02/01/2010)

    I'd like to join you, Andy, but I'm focusing on other things at the mo. My first successful pass through was rewarding. I'd be up for doing it again in a few months, after I've gotten some stuff worked out. Either way, I wish you the best of luck! Dave
  12. Kappy

    Hello Gear Page

    Welcome, Dave! Nice to see you up here. The kappa is healing nicely. ;) Dave
  13. Kappy

    Neal Moser Basilisk

    Great piece, Dave. Can't wait to see the 7-string version! Dave
  14. Kappy

    A few live video clips from last week - killer bandmates

    Very nice, Scott! I echo all the "it's good to hear you in a band context" sentiments. Great to hear people are playing music like this in our neck of the woods too. Would love to come out and see you guys if you play again. Dave
  15. Kappy

    Standards help

    Who says that, and in what context? And what is meant by "stunted"? Does it somehow imply that reading charts is detrimental to one's playing? I guess if reading charts is done in a vacuum it's not as good as listening to the tunes. But that was most certainly not what I was advocating or...
  16. Kappy

    Standards help

    If memory serves, it's just WM's transcriptions of some classic jazz recordings. As a reference against which to check your own transcriptions, cool. But IMO it's not a good book for learning jazz, really. I'm with JonR, though. I don't think books are the way to go. It's tempting, but learning...
  17. Kappy

    TGP Collective Super Chops Thread (Course Started 02/01/2010)

    Really glad to see people are still using this thread. Hope you guys get tons out of the course! Best of luck to you all! Dave
  18. Kappy

    Nice melodic structures to transpose into a jazz impro

    melodies from standards
  19. Kappy

    Sadowsky Guitars - Hmmmmmm?

    This one's really grown on me...
  20. Kappy

    Jazz etudes Super Chops has example solos for each week's lesson. They're worth checking out. Good reading practice too.
  21. Kappy

    Best practice device that you own?

    Somewhere between Transcribe!, a looping pedal, and a metronome (as someone above has said, a music stand is a nice thing to have too, so is a bookshelf or a few).
  22. Kappy

    Instructors-students recording lessons?

    As a student, I always (politely) ask and have yet to be denied permission. It's great to be able to listen back to remember things that were covered but weren't written down. It's also great to chart progress, hear my playing in a different context. FWIW, I'm not sure I'd stick with a teacher...
  23. Kappy

    Sight Reading Material

    Email sent. Enjoy!
  24. Kappy

    Playing lead in time

    Spend more time with the metronome. Work on the simple things you aren't good at keeping time with. Spend time making a singing melody with a rhythm of one note for every couple/few beats if you have to. Bottom line, if you have bad timekeeping skills, you should have the metronome on pretty...

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