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    Have owned and played a lot of guitars. I finally found a killer 335 (63 Memphis), after years of searching and to me there is a enough overlap to warrant one over the other. I do not play high gain but more on the edge of crunch. I like to use the knob to clean things up.
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    Jazz Guitars Sound Test - Gibson L4 Ces vs Gibson ES-335 Custom through DV Mark Little Jazz

    the L4 has a bigger bottom end. The 335 is a tad thicker in the middle. For those lines I prefer the L4.
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    Martin 000 decision, advice if you can

    I bought this modern re-imagined a few years back. I tried the EC and though I love the sound (I went looking for an EC), when I came across this 000-28 modern version I preferred the neck and the nut width. It has forward shifted and scalloped bracing and is very open sounding. After a pro set...
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    For those chasing proper intonation...

    My experience has been vintage style three barrel Teles can have really god intonation. PRSi generally have excellent intonation. Sadly Gibson's even high end 335s or LPs in my hands often have buggy intonation - even when set up with strobe and meticulously adjusted. I have tried feiten...
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    Humbucking sized p90s...???

    Phat cats or P-94s both are awesome
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    Which are your guitar manufacturers in your collection? List them here.

    PRS Fender Gibson Martin Honorable mention - I often have one, but not at the moment goes to Guild.
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    I wish I had A guitar

    I wish I had one ...more.
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    Do Gibsons really deserve the price tag?

    They are market valued. Meaning that is what people are willing to pay.. they have brand recognition. They hold value. Can you get a better made guitar for less? Yes.
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    who knows 335s?

    I looked for years before I bought a 63 Memphis. Mine was used and had been custom ordered with a oversized neck (basically a 59 shape), and extra grade top... very flammey and straight. the pups are amazing and I love the sound of the guitar. It had a horrible set up and needed some fret...
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    New Paul Reed Smith TCI pickup video

    I have owned three PRSi. A Ted Soapy a decade ago, an SCT artists from 08 and a new CU24. I swapped pups in the Ted a few times and hated the stock pups - they sounded strident; settled on a custom set of min-hums that were pretty sweet. I hated the stock SCT pup that I think were VIs or 6s...
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    Truss rod adjustment. This normal?

    I wrote tents not tenths but you are correct.
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    Truss rod adjustment. This normal?

    .05 to .10 tenths of an in. .10 tenths is .010 of an inch.
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    Truss rod adjustment. This normal?

    1/32 sounds high for relief; .05 to .10 tenths of an inch is a typical recommendation. This is a little less than business card and more like two thicknesses of regular paper.
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    Dave's Guitar Shop?

    ask for Laun
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    PRS guitars and age of player poll....

    I am well over 50, been playing guitar for over 40 years. I have owned probably 70 guitars, including vintage guitars from the big manufactures from the 50s and 60s, boutique builders and some custom shop modern guitars. As well as three PRSi. In my youth I worked in a music store, went to Namm...
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    Sold Victoria 20112

    The bell of the speaker sticks out so far and its circumference makes it very near one of the 12AX7s - I had to pull the chassis and instal the speaker then put the chassis back but the little aluminum tube cover doesn't fit over the tube. It isn't necessary. It never developed a rattle or...
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    Sold Victoria 20112

    In fact I have a Red Fang in a small older Top Hat club deluxe.
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    Sold Victoria 20112

    the one it came with I think it was a re-issue. The Red Fang was superior in all ways and much louder which meant that you could get some shimmy clean tones too. It was a tight fit and the tube can couldn't be used because the bell was so close. It never had any issues though and worked...
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    Sold Victoria 20112

    Red Fang. I blew the Jensen the first day I had my 20112. I replaced it with a Red Fang and mine was a monster and I should never have sold it. That little combo and a tele served me for many years.
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    Sold Victoria 20112

    With the right speaker these are tone monsters. IMHO better than the originals.
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    Who else has given up the heavy string ghost

    I use 10s on my Tele, 11s on my 335 (always used 11s on Les Pauls too). I use 12s on my Martin 000-28, I used 9, 9.5 and 10 on all of Strats or PRSi that I have owned. I think it's a choice for each guitar. I have had a few Guilds that I put 11s on they played so easy that people were always...

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